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William Matthews
The fullest instruction, and the fullest enjoyment are never derived from books,
till we have ventilated the ideas thus obtained, in free and easy chat with others.

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Personal Review requests have been coming in fast and furious...

We are overwhelmed.... Please check back w/ us at a later date to see if we are accepting review requests, again...




We are getting repeat requests for books already reviewed. Please click here to search our site for your title before requesting.

Publishers/Publicists only: email with requests...

Authors: please continue below . . .

If you have a 2012 title and would like an honest, no-nonsense review, please read on.


In requesting a review, it's understood that you will send a review copy to the reviewer assigned. (Sorry, we cannot contact your publisher/publicist/editor for a review copy, nor do we pay for copies.) Once you've been contacted to send a book, watch our newsletter for review updates.

What we DON'T accept:

  • Erotica material. (Will not accept ads)
  • Books without a publisher or publishing date.

What we Do accept:

  • 2012 titles.
  • Books or Advance reader copies.
  • eBooks in various formats or print form -- depending on the reviewer.

Filling out the Form:
Copy/paste the form info to your email and fill it out.

Once the information is received, it will be posted to the reviewers. If a reviewer is available, either the editor or the reviewer will contact the requester with a mailing address. Because we get so many requests per week, it is impossible to fulfill them all. If your title is current (2012) it will go on a waiting list.


We're not accepting review request at this time...