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Accepting: Book reviewers and e-Book reviewers

Wanted: Columnists || Editors || Reviewers

Reviewers for all reading subjects.
eGalleys and Hardcopies.

We're not strict here.. We want reviewers who are able to keep track of their own work and willing to keep in contact with the site.

  1. Meet monthly deadline. (20th of each month).
  2. Keep in contact w/ MyShelf concerning book requests
  3. Find eGalleys to review via 2 popular egalley sites or accept books via Myshelf.
  4. Follow up & view posted reviews each month
  5. Follow up with Forthcoming reviews still due
  6. Reachable by email
  7. Join MyShelf contact list at Yahoo (books for review posted on yahoo list)

Email your resume!Please read before applying:

    1. Person must have proof of who he or she is, an address (to send books), and an email (to keep in contact).
    2. Send a resume type email with sample writings or links to work, reviews.


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