December 2001's Author of the Month

Dr. Alma H. Bond
(Chosen by Jen Oliver)

Dr. Bond



A Reader's Delight

Dr. Alma H. Bond writes in a humanistic way; in a way that anyone can understand and relate to what she iswriting about. She is a former Freudian psychoanalyst who recently has done research on what happens to the love in a marriage. She has written books from biographies to psychological and sociological studies. She is a delight to read and has had some wonderful insight on the subjects. She enjoys art, the opera, and theatre events.



America’s First Women Warrior: The Courage of Deborah Sampson
I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde: Or What Happens to Love
Who Killed Virginia Woolf: A Psychobiography
Profiles of Key West
On Becoming a Grandparent: ADiary of Family Discovery
Dream Portrait: A Study of Nineteen Sequential Dreams as Indicators of Pretermination
Is There Life After Analysis
The Autobiography of Maria Callus: A Novel

I Married Dr. Jekyll and Woke Up Mrs. Hyde by Dr. Alma Halbert Bond
Or What Happens to Love
ASJA Press - November 2000
ISBN: 0595140459 - Paperback
Subject of Divorce

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,

What a fantastic book that looks at divorce from a woman's point of view! Dr. Bond's book takes a look at 71 individual stories of women that were divorced and looks at what they had in common. Dr. Bond had asked women to participate in answering a divorce questionnaire for the study via email, newspaper ads, and telephone contacts. Dr. Bond did make a note in the introduction stating that she would like to eventually do the same study but with divorced men.

Dr. Bond looked at the reasons why the women fell in love with their husbands, if they were even in love with them, their childhoods, when they fell out of love, who initiated the separation, and many other factors that are involved in marriage.

This book was great. Dr. Bond tried to categorize the stories and told each woman's story. At the end there were her conclusions from what she found out and the statistics of the stories. She also included a copy of the questionnaire that she asked the participants to fill out. A very interesting read, especially for one that is not married! Anyone who is thinking about getting a divorce or is already divorced, should take a look at this book and see what happened with these marriages and then take a look at their own and see if they see themselves.


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