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I was first introduced to the writing team of Miriam Pace and Jackie Hamilton when two books from the “Cupid” series arrived to be reviewed. I noticed that it had Mythology, and since I’ve been fascinated with Greek and Roman Mythology since I discovered it in grade school, I jumped at the chance to read them. From the first sentence, I was hooked! I loved the way they mixed romance with a kind of humor that everyone can laugh at and had characters that you could easily and instantly feel a connection with. There wasn’t (and still isn’t) enough space to praise these two wonderful, talented, and truly down-to-earth women. When I was asked if I knew an author that’d be great for the Author! Author! Page, I knew who instantly that I was going to pick. 

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Here are the questions I sent and the answers they gave.

C.W.: When did you realize that you wanted to write?

Jackie:  I was in college and my English professor told me I should try writing instead of law school and I'm thinking to myself, 'oh my God, I want to eat.

Miriam:  I didn't know I wanted to be a writer until I wrote my first book.  I'd always written when I'd been school.  Used to psych out my teachers, they thought I was taking notes when I writing stories.

C.W.: What gave you the idea to write together?

Jackie:  Miriam was telling me about this story and I really, really liked it and I thought we should work on it together and she thought it was a joke.  Sometimes, Miriam has no sense of humor!

Miriam:  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Jackie has an abundance of humor.  Basically, she just horned in on my action and history was made.

C.W.: How did you get the idea for the "Cupid" series?

Jackie:  Miriam wanted to write a book about a kelptomaniac and a woman named Amber.  I just wanted to write something funny.

Miriam:  I have always loved stories about mythology.  I loved Hercules and Zena and thought it would be fun to update the Roman gods to modern times.  They spent so much time meddling in human lives.  I started to wonder what the Roman gods would be like if no one believed in them any more.  Would they still have a job?  The more we talked about it, the more the ideas started to form and hence, the Cupid series.

C.W.: Are you planning on writing any more "Cupid" books?

Jackie:  We have one more in the can.  So to speak.  As long as there is an audience out there for Cupid and Venus, I'm all for writing them.  I love Cupid like a relative and Venus is me with a better body.  What an ego boost!

Miriam:  I would love to continue the series for as long as readers want to read them.  They are fun to write.

C.W.:  If so, what can we expect from Venus and her Cherub son, Cupid?

Jackie: Hand to hand combat and small arms training.

Miriam:  We're not going to war.  We're going to body guard school in the next story.

C.W.: Is there a meaning behind the female lead characters in your books being half Italian if not completely Italian?

Jackie:  I come from a bi-racial home.  My dad is southern, black and comes from Louisiana.  My mother is German.  That has always created interesting situations.   Family is important to our characters that it gives them contrast, a place to grow and a base to explore in the story.

C.W.: Will you be branching out into other genres like you did with "A Dangerous Love"?

Jackie: Hopefully, Yes.  At the moment, we're working on an historical and a couple of dark paranormals.

Miriam: We approached Genesis with an idea for an anthology and they liked it.  We're working on that now.  I'd like to get into longer paranormals.  We're also continuing our Case Case Unit series which began in A Dangerous Love.  The next book, A Dangerous Deception, is a September 2001 release from Genesis.

C.W.: If you could be anyone in the Entertainment Industry, who would you be and why?

Jackie:  I'd be Steven Spielberg.  He's at a position in his life where he can do anything, attempt anything on his own terms.  Even fail.

Miriam:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she get's cool clothes and can kick butt all she wants.  All right, her private life is in the toilet, but she smart and will triumph in the end.

C.W.: Can I be in your next book? (laughs out loud) I'm kidding. I just thought I'd throw that one in there. But really though, Can I? *Cheesy grin*

Jackie:  Since we're working on a vampire book would you like to be a blood-sucker or do you want to pack heat and be a detective.

Miriam:  Sure, Jackie is on all our books.  I renamed her Venus. And confidentially, between you and me, she has the ego to do the part justice.  She kind of hogs the limelight anyway.  I'm the silent one.

C.W.:  When I read this interview, my mouth literally dropped to the keyboard. The energy and attitude these two have is amazing! I can definitely see how the characters are able to be as witty and funny as they are. Not being able to contain myself, I replied to the last comments on their interview. Here’s what I said:

“If I had a choice between sucking blood and packing heat…I’d rather be holding the remote.”

And just for the record, if I could be anyone in the Entertainment Industry, I’d be Britney Spears just so I could say that I’m dating 1/5 of ‘N Sync! Thank you, ladies for the wonderful interview and totally making my day! Keep the books coming!

Miriam: Thank you for spotlighting us on 

Book List

Cupid Fantasy Series

Cupid : The Amorous Arrow (October 1999) 

Cupid : The Bewildering Bequest (January 2000) 

Cupid: The Captivating Chauffeur (February 2001) 

Contemporary Romances

A Dangerous Love  (October 2000) 

Road Tested (DiskUs, Sept 1999) eBook
Marilyn Nesbitt (Editor)

A Bride To Treasure  (Sept. 2000)  eBook

Moving Violations (Miriam Pace, Awe-Struck) eBook

Book Reviews

CUPID: The Amorous Arrow by J.M. Jeffries
Imajinn Books -October 1999
ISBN: 1893896013 – Paperback
Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks

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Jacqueline S. Hamilton and Miriam Pace are the masterminds behind the pen name of J.M. Jefferies.

Cupid is in trouble, and there’s no escape. He’s put on probation and has to fix the problem that has had him in trouble for 40 years. It’s not his fault that Cecilia and her husband didn’t work out. Fortuna had stepped in and ruined it once again, and all because she wants to be the new Goddess of Love and soon reign over the entire universe in Jupiter’s place. She’s desperate to keep her nephew and her sister, Venus, from succeeding in repairing the relationship between Cecilia Luna and Fredrick Barrett, and that meant sabotaging their plans of love for Cecilia’s plumbing niece, Amberlin O’Rourke, and Fredrick’s grandson, Jeremy Barrett. 

Amberlin, the plumber by day / starving artist by night, niece of the Sicilian hot-head Cecilia Luna, is in for a roller coaster ride that she will never forget. She and Jeremy plan to get her aunt and his grandfather together so the “feud” between them will end, but they don’t count on the attraction that is growing fast between them. Will she go with her feelings and pursue Jeremy, the blue-collared, computer software designer from San Francisco, or will she stay in Brooklyn as a plumber/artist?

This is a great romance! The story is adorable and the characters are so well defined and life-like that the comedic conversations that go on are even funnier. The love scenes between Jeremy and Amberlin are very hot and passionate, but not extreme. The love and passion that is shown between them throughout the book is enough to make anyone breathless. It’s definitely a great read for hopeless romantics such as myself.

CUPID: The Bewildering Bequest by J.M. Jeffries
Imajinn Books - January 2000
ISBN: 1893896064 – Paperback
Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks

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Jackin Hamilton and Miriam Pace have done it again with their cupid book series.

Cupid and Venus are up to their love tricks again, only this time, they're up against the most powerful god--Jupiter. Jupiter is planning on seducing a mortal woman by the name of Merrill Prescott, a southern belle lawyer, only Venus and Cupid have other plans.

Construction worker, Jason Stravos, is having a hard time finding time to date, or even find the right kind of girl. When Merrill becomes co-guardian of a dog worth $75 million, she has to move in with the handsome construction worker and deal with many obstacles including some money hungry relatives who want the dog gone.

Will Venus and Cupid be able to stop Jupiter from destroying their chance to be together?

This book was just as adorable as the other one. The characters are very life-like and the humorous conversations kept me snickering throughout the book. The love scenes are a bit risque, but not as bad as most of the other romances I've heard about. 

This definitely worth the read.

A DANGEROUS LOVE by J.M. Jefferies
Genesis Pr Ltd - October 2000
ISBN: 1585710261 
Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks

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Elena Jackson is the envisionment of every guy's perfect girl. She's strong, independent, and very stubborn. When she gets moved from the Sex Crimes Unit to Cold Case Unit with her TV star father's associates for a boss, she is asked to investigate the murder of Mary Lynn Warner-Elliot, who was the wife of Adam Elliot, a famous football player who played for the Phoenix Scorpions. How was she to know that she'd end up meeting her match in Adam's Attorney, Reardon North.

Reardon knows that his friend, Adam, didn't kill his wife by choking her with her own wedding veil. He just passed the Bar and uses his rookie attorney skills to prove Elena Jackson wrong. Who knew that he'd be fighting his feelings for her more than fighting her accusations against Adam.

More murders have happened since the murder of Mary Lynn and all of them have happened to new brides. Are the murders of the other women and Mary Lynn connected? Did Adam really kill his wife, and if he did, does that mean he killed the other women?

This is an awesome book! I had a hard time putting it down so I could go to class. It's wonderful. I'm so impressed with the talent these authors have of mixing the romantic tension between Elena and Reardon with the suspense-filled mystery of who killed Mary Lynn. The characters are so realistic, you could easily compare them to anyone you know and find that they're a lot a like them. Elena is the epitome of the independent woman. This book does have couple of sex scenes. They are tastefully done, but I do not recommend this book for anyone under 17. I definitely recommend this book.

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