January 2001's Author of the Month

Jude Morris
(Chosen by Mary Lynn)

Jude's Passion



Jude's Passion

Over the past 20 years Jude has published a mixture of freelance articles, features, short stories and corporate histories.  But, her passion has always been for the shadowy secrets unveiled in the mystery novel.  SHADOWS ARE DEADLY and MIKKI'S SONG, the first two novels in Jude' s Indian Creek Texas Mysteries series, mark Jude's emergence as a mystery writer and the realization of a lifelong dream.

Jude hosts the ePublishers Yellow pages and EPPRO eauthor spotlight pages. You can now buy her books at her website.



ML: How long have you been writing and in what genres?

JM: I've been writing since the 1970's; initially as a reporter for a small newspaper, and then later as a freelancer for various regional publications.  I eventually moved into writing profiles and features for corporations and Sunday supplements.  In 1995 I started jotting down character studies and a rough outline for what would become the first of my Indian Creek Texas Mysteries--Shadows Are Deadly.

ML: Where you do get your inspiration?

JM: While working and studying in the Fort Worth area, I spent a lot of time in rural Texas, where I met some of the warmest, friendliest and most eccentric people I've ever had the pleasure to know.  I always said that if I ever fulfil led my dream of writing mysteries, the "creek rats" would be at the heart of the stories.

ML: Tell us about your mystery series.

JM: The best way to describe the series is to share a bit of my review from Elizabeth Dearl, a fellow mystery writer, and author of the extremely popular Diamondback"

"Welcome to the world of Indian Creek, Texas, where you'll meet some of the most amazing characters to ever grace the pages of fiction.  Ms. Morris writes with charm and style, drawing you into this small Texas community so vividly that you'll swear you've been there.  By the time you reach the end of this incredible novel, you'll already be wanting more.  Fortunately, Shadows Are Deadly is the first book of a series!

ML: Can readers look forward to more Indian Creek Mysteries?

JM: Book three is already in the works, and since these Indian Creek characters tend to be addicting, I'm sure there will be several more.

ML: Tell us why you chose to publish electronically.

When I first started writing, I researched the publishing industry and was aghast at the shabby treatment accorded to new authors by the print publishers.  I spent a couple of years as section leader for TW Authors forum on CompuSer ve, where I heard hundreds of horror stories.  An initial unsuccessful stint with a literary agent, further reinforced my resolve to ignore the publishers and write my mysteries for my own and my family's enjoyment.  After th at I completely turned away from the marketing aspect and concentrated on writing the first two books in the series.  Meantime, my very good friend and fellow mystery author, Elizabeth Dearl, published her first mystery, Diamondback, wi th Avid Press.  Her excitement was contagious, and after spending some time researching  electronic publishers, I decided to submit my work to eBooksOnThe.net.  They liked Shadows Are Deadly, and a couple ! of weeks later I received a contract.  The electronic version of Shadows Are Deadly was published in July, and the paperback was released in November.  The electronic version of Mikki's Song, the second Indian Creek Texas Mystery w as released in October and the paperback will be released in January.

ML: What are your hobbies and interests?

JM: My writing and the internet take up pretty much all of my spare time.  I confess to a fondness for playing bingo when I get the chance, and I love to travel.

ML: What does the future hold for you?

JM: I am currently working on "Murder In Paradise" the third Indian Creek Texas Mystery, and book 4 just naturally grows out of book 3.   I also have another mystery series set here in Vancouver, but for now I'm trying to keep focused on finishing that third book.



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