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Denise Dietz
(Chosen by author and reviewer Robyn Glazer)

Accolades for Denise
By: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com

Denise Dietz has lived in many places. In fact at one point of her life, she lived not ten minutes from me! I was interested in reading her books -- especially her latest, which mentions my hometown. I had heard she was extremely funny so I decided to be bold and ask if I could interview her, and she was more than pleased to oblige! Thanks so much Denise!

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An Interview with Denise
By Robyn Glazer

Robyn Glazer: Did you enjoy writing a book so different from your previous work?

Denise Dietz: Yes. I really did. However, readers have told me my "voice" sounds the same. In other words, it's still a "Deni-book" and there's a ton of humor.

Robyn Glazer: Who was the most fun to write in Fifty Cents for your soul?

Denise Dietz: I could get away easy and say the heroine, Frannie Rosen, inspired by my sister, Eileen Dietz, who played many of the possession scenes in The Exorcist. But, truthfully, it was the sleazy Victor Madison. He's so multi-faceted. And I liked writing about Peggy. Oh, and Frannie's mother, even though we only meet her via phone calls.

Robyn Glazer: Do you think it is possible to turn Fifty Cents for your soul into a series? If so, would you want to?

Denise Dietz: Anything is possible. Frannie's a young actress and I could guide her career <g>. However, I truly think Fifty Cents for Your Soul is the quintessential stand-alone. In any case, I've promised my readers another "diet club mystery" and a sequel to Footprints in the Butter - an Ingrid Beaumont Mystery co-starring Hitchcock the Dog.

Robyn Glazer: Do you prefer to write a series or stand alones? What are the positive and negative aspects for each?

Denise Dietz: I love writing series. But every once in a while I need to take a break (which is why I also write historical romance and short anthology fiction). I admire Sue Grafton and other authors, who can keep a series character going and the Energizer Bunny...and still keep them fresh.

Robyn Glazer: I loved the doppleganger aspect. Did you have to do a lot of research on the subject and what made you choose dopplegangers?

Denise Dietz: I did lots of research, but I also seem to have a "natural ESP." For example, I walked into a Cripple Creek (Colorado) casino and immediately said, "Okay, tell me about the ghost." There WAS a ghost, a little girl who'd become lost during the 1895 fire and was searching for her parents. One reason I chose to use a doppelganger was because, like Frannie, I had a cousin who used to tell me about them -- and scare me to death. Doppelgangers are ghostly counterparts of living persons and many "true cases" have been documented, i.e. Catherine of Russia saw her own doppelganger and ordered her guards to fire their guns at it.

Robyn Glazer: What are you working on now?

Denise Dietz: I'm working on the third book in the diet club series, Tie a Lambchop to the Bed. But I'm also doing a final polish on my next mystery, another woo woo called Eye of Newt. This will be the first book in my third series, and I've combined my love for mystery and history. Eye of Newt takes place in present-day Colorado and 1692 Salem, and stars two witches -- Sydney St. Charles and Chastity Barker. The second book in the series will star Sydney and a brand new historical sleuth (and time period). Although I (along with my readers) will have to solve two mysteries in one book, I'm very, very excited about the concept.

Review Of Fifty Cents for your Soul

Fifty Cents for Your Soul
By Denise Dietz
Delphi Books - April 2002
ISBN: 0966339754 - HC
Supernatural Mystery

Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Frannie Rosen wanted to be an award-winning actress more than anything she had ever wanted before. However, she knows that she must work her way to the top and to do this, she takes a role in Victor Madison's new film as a double. Though, it is not a huge part for her, this role has meat to it. The movie is based around a young girl who is possessed by a demon. Strange things have been happening on the set and the word around town is the Forever Asmodeus movie is cursed. Frannie herself is dealing with odd occurrences but does not even want to consider that her body might be inhabited by a demon. When Victor Madison is murdered, no one knows what to think or who to suspect. Frannie feels her very sanity is hanging in the balance but little does she know that her soul might be in danger too.

Fifty Cents for Your Soul is a huge departure from Denise Dietz's previous cozy mysteries. Dietz is a unique and talented writer. This book is very dark and shows the scope of her writing. All the details in the book are amazingly realistic, which has much to do with the fact that Dietz's sister was a double in "The Exorcist." This is a book that many people will enjoy reading and is sure to have an impact on Denise Dietz's career.


Fifty Cents For Your Soul - Supernatural Mystery
Footprints in the Butter - An Ingrid Beaumont Mysteries (Co-Starring Hitchcock the Dog)
Throw Darts at a Cheescake - An Ellie Bernstein/Lt. Peter Miller Mystery
Beat up a Cookie - An Ellie Bernstein/Lt. Peter Miller Mystery
Dream Dancer - Romance
A Highway Man Comes Riding - Fiction
Journeys of the Heart (Anthology - Dream Angel, by Denise Dietz-- A historical circus story)
The Rainbow's Foot - Romance



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