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Kathleen Walls [April 2003]
Chosen by Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Emails from the Edge and No Lady and Her Tramp

 Kathleen Walls is such a multi-talented person that it is very hard to know where to begin. She writes fiction books, non-fiction books, and travel books. She is the publisher of a monthly online travel magazine, American Roads. Her travel and food related articles have been published in Woodall's Publications, Family Motor Coaching, Amateur Chef, Georgia Magazine, North Georgia Journal, Georgia Backroads and others. She is an excellent photographer with many of her original photographs appearing in her travel magazine as well as other publications. She also teaches classes on travel writing at

Ms. Walls is the Head Publisher for an exciting new co-operative publishing company, Global Authors Publications. She is also the Technical Director of a public relations firm, MG Associates.

All in all, Kathleen Walls is a very innovative woman who makes the most of her God-given talents.

Ms. Walls divides her time between her cozy North Georgia Mountain cabin and her St. Augustine, Florida home. She shares her space with husband, Martin, her dog, Romeo, and two cats, Smoky and Spice.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of Ms. Walls' books.


Last Step
By Kathleen Walls
Writers Club Press
ISBN: 0595170471
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Reviewed by Kristie Leigh Maguire, MyShelf.Com

The Gritty Underworld of Drug Addicts

Kathleen Walls has created a poignant tale of the gritty underworld of drug addicts in Last Step. She draws you into the story from the very first page and does not let you go until the last page is turned; and even then, you find yourself flipping back through this compelling novel hunting morsels that you might have missed because you just do not want to let it go.

Vickie's daughter is dead. Just another dead druggie down in the slums of Jacksonville, Florida; nothing unusual for that area of town. Open and shut case.

Vickie isn't buying it. If her daughter hadn't been a drug addict, if her death had occurred in another area of town, the police would be investigating a murder instead of closing the book and calling it a case of death by drug overdose.

Vickie decides to leave her safe home and move into the very same slum house where her daughter was living when she died. She is going to prove that Karen was murdered if it's the last thing she does. It could very well end up being the last thing she does as she is drawn into the dangerous underworld of drugs, addicts, prostitution and crime.

Last Step paints a very realistic picture of the life of a drug addict. It is a nitty gritty page turning thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Vickie and Karen's story is revealed. You may find out more than you ever wanted to know about this blight on modern day society - the world of drugs and the people addicted to them.

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Georgia's Ghostly Getaways
By Kathleen Walls
Global Authors Publications
ISBN: 0-9728513-0-5
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Reviewed by Kristie Leigh Maguire, MyShelf.Com

Shades of Scarlet O'Hara!

Georgia's Ghostly Getaways by Kathleen Walls gives the reader a most remarkable look at what has got to be one of the most beautiful of the Southern states - Georgia. Not only does Ms. Walls show us Georgia as it is today; She presents the history of the area as well -- while throwing in lots and lots of ghostly tales for good measure.

Georgia's Ghostly Getaways takes us through Georgia from one side of the state to the other and from top to bottom. It starts off with the coastal city of Savanna, Georgia's Hostess City, and ends with New Echota, once the Capital of the Cherokee Nation. After each location, Ms. Walls lists helpful contacts of places to see, to stay and to dine.

Even though I am from the South and have been to Georgia many times, it took reading Georgia's Ghostly Getaways by Kathleen Walls to make me realize just how little of Georgia that I have really seen and understood -- and what I have missed by sticking to the interstates and main highways as I drove through the state.

I highly recommend this book. For those people who are planning a trip to Georgia, it is an invaluable source of information. For those people who will never have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and colorful state of Georgia, it makes an excellent armchair excursion.

Read an excerpt of Georgia's Ghostly Getaways at:


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