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Vera Kaikobad
[March 2007]
Chosen by columnist and reviewer, Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com

The Stars Reveal What the Future Shall Hold

Astrology has always played an important part of my life. It has revealed facts about myself that have helped guide me sp ritually, mentally, and physically. It's use has been around for centuries and has been consulted as far back as the B.C. age. I knew I had discovered true talent the day I was presented my first Vera Kaikobad book. From page one I was immediately hooked by the wealth of advice and guidance she shared with her readers.

With each book that I have the privilege of reading/reviewing I find out something about myself and my friends I would have not thought possible. To truly discover all that the cosmics have to offer add Vera Kaikobad's name to your MUST HAVE list.

Ms. Kaikobad lives in the Southwest and practices astrology, numerology and acupuncture. She is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, and has authored three relationship and dating guides: The 12 Moon Signs In Love: A Lover's Guide To Understanding Your Partner, The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide: Unlock The Secrets Of Your Boyfriend's Heart and Numerology For Relationships: A Guide To Birth Numbers. Happily I can report that I have experienced all this author has to offer. Not only has she become my one and only author I have found a true friend to confide in. It is my greatest pleasure to honor her as March's Author of the Month.


Suzie Housley : First of all, welcome to  I am thrilled that you took a moment out of your busy schedule to stop by and discuss what is going on in your writing career.  Let us begin by asking how you started out writing.

Vera Kaikobad : Thank you for having me. I've enjoyed writing since I was in my early teens. I began by writing poetry and was encouraged when some of my early work was published. After I discovered the accuracy of astrology and numerology, I became more involved in using my writing skills to interpret both disciplines. Many years later, I decided to write books in order to better answer all the questions people asked me about using astrology and numerology in their relationships.

Suzie Housley: I just finished Numerology for Relationships. I must say I am so impressed with the talent you so effortlessly displayed. I feel honored that this is the third title I have had the privilege of reading and reviewing. Can you tell us how you developed an interest in numerology and astrology?

Vera Kaikobad: Thank you, Suzie. I've practiced numerology and astrology for nearly 12 years, but both are a lot more mainstream now. When I started being approached by people who had serious questions about life, career or relationships, I found that they responded very well and eagerly to this ancient astro-numeric guidance. When we occasionally hit a rough patch in life, or when things get a little crazy, people don't want to be told “Oh, don't worry, things will get better.” They want to know when things will get better. Astrology and numerology simplify issues for us because they give us a good sense of the time-line of events, thereby giving us more control over the outcome of major life events. Flowing with your best planetary cycles gives you an edge, which is why when something good happens, people say: “I thank my lucky stars!”

Some of the most famous astrology users were England's Queen Elizabeth I, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, billionaire industrialist J. P. Morgan and entertainment mogul Walt Disney. The wisdom is available; those who reach out to it reap tremendous rewards. A skilled astrology and numerology practitioner can pin-point the best days, months and years for you for any phase of life. More importantly, they can tell you when not to act and wait for more favorable days to arrive. And favorable days always arrive for everyone. Knowing when is the key.

Suzie Housley: What was your source of inspiration for Numerology for Relationships and what gave you the idea for this book?  How long did you work on it? 

Vera Kaikobad: This book took me many years to envision and two years to write. I was inspired by the people who contacted me for guidance, as these were folks who were interested in numerology, and were eager to get all they could out of it in a short amount of time and in a simple format. They didn't want to remember lots of numbers or do elaborate mathematical calculations. That's why I wrote Numerology for Relationships, as it helps the reader absorb the true essence of their personal Birth Number very quickly. I wanted this book to be different than any other book on numerology; I wanted to offer my readers something extra; the chapter on the male and female Birth Numbers, the 108 comprehensive Sun-sign and Birth Number matches and the children's numerology chapter are good examples of how I wanted this book to stand out.

Whether you're dating someone new, or are in a long-term relationship, numerology can help you in getting a very accurate picture of your partner's temperament and relationship needs as well as your own. Numerology can be instrumental in spilling the numeric beans on someone, so to speak. If you're cautious about money, try dating a responsible 8 female; she is most likely to be careful with your cash. If you love to chit-chat late into the night and love books, go out with a 1, 3 or 5 person; these are cerebral, intellectual Birth Numbers and make excellent conversationalists. If you are family-oriented and old-fashioned, date a 2, 6 or 7 lady; these are very emotional and sensitive Birth Numbers that thrive on close, family ties. Looking for someone strong, honest and sporty? Date a pretty 9 female; she's athletic, smart and passionately loyal.

Suzie Housley: In Numerology for Relationships, there is a section that features astrological signs matched up with numerological numbers. How is that useful?

Vera Kaikobad: Astrology and numerology blend beautifully together. Readers who have become familiar with my work don't just say: “Oh, my boyfriend is a 9.” Or “My wife is a 6.” They are more likely to say: “My boyfriend is a Taurus 9.” Or “My wife is a Scorpio 6.” (Advanced students might say: “My boyfriend is a Taurus with a Birth Number 9 and a Destiny Number 2.”)

If you only see your partner through their astrological sign, you're getting an incomplete picture of them. Similarly, if you only visualize your soul mate through their numerological Birth Number and disregard their astrological sign, you're leaving out huge chunks of valuable information. If you're desperately in love, every little bit of information brings you greater levels of understanding and therefore, a smoother, glitch-free relationship. I have presented 108 different Sun sign and Birth Number profiles in this numerology manual to help you get the best of both worlds (astrology and numerology), all in one book.

Suzie Housley: How will readers benefit from learning about the male and female numbers?

Vera Kaikobad: The gender-specific Birth Numbers or the male and female Birth Numbers are an absolutely essential tool for anyone's dating life. Before you head out on that next date, read up on your lovely companion or dashing suitor; you'll know exactly how to make an excellent impression! I wanted to familiarize my readers with not only their Birth Number, but also get a look at each Birth Number's male and female personality. Men and women often have very different and interesting views on love, relationships and romance.

Looking at your boyfriend or girlfriend through these male and female Birth Numbers allows you to understand the core of their nature; you'll click with them on multi-levels. Dating a gentle 6 female will soften up your emotions and make you more sensitive to all around you. Going out with an 8 or 1 male may make you feel safe and protected, as they are naturally quite take-charge. Sharing a relationship with a 2 or 7 man will prove to you that males can also be emotional, sensitive and drawn to children and a comfortable home-life. Having a relationship with a 4 man will make you see the world as you have never seen it before; this is a very unconventional number but has a pronounced humanitarian and non-superficial side.

Suzie Housley: What is a Destiny Number?

Vera Kaikobad: In the numerology system that I practice, there are two key numbers: one is the Birth Number, which is the number of one's day of birth and the second is the Destiny Number, which is sum of our entire date of birth. Numerology for Relationships introduced readers to the power of their Birth Number. My next book will introduce readers to their Destiny Number, which you can read more about on my website. The Destiny Number plays an incredibly major role in relationships, marriage and attraction. Both numbers are extremely important in determining whether a new date can be compatible with us, or if we should be investing our time and interest in someone else. Knowing how to compare Birth Numbers makes it easy to spot the most compatible match for us according to deeply ingrained planetary influences in each of us. Our Destiny Number shows us if we are destined to be with someone or not, as well as what kind of karmic past they are bringing with them into the relationship. Your partner's Destiny Number affects not only you, but colors your entire relationship.

Suzie Housley: Visitors to your web site can obtain their free astrological moon sign and rising sign. Can you tell us what these two signs will reveal?

Vera Kaikobad: Yes, I have made it very easy for anyone to get their free personal Moon sign as well as their free Rising sign on my site. One can simply send in their birth data by filling out a convenient form on my homepage, and both signs will be sent to them by email at no cost. Your Rising sign is your “first impression sign” and your Moon sign signifies your private, emotional temperament. Your Rising sign comes into play in the beginning phases of your dating life, when things are new and both people are at their best behavior because they are trying to impress their date. When you begin developing real feelings for someone, then their emotional or lunar nature is important to familiarize yourself with quickly. Your lover's Sun sign is a window into their mind, but their Moon sign is a window into the very private corners of their heart.

Just like there are 12 astrological Sun signs, there are also 12 astrological Moon signs. Ancient astrologers have pointed out that studying a person's Moon sign is a very accurate way to understand their true, emotional nature. If this is done, then a person is better able to gauge a partner's long-term emotional compatibility, because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of coupling. Once you commit your heart to a person, there will surely be lots of love, excitement and romance, but there will also be a lot of adjustments to make and lessons to learn in developing a certain flexibility of nature, so that you can weather those relationship storms as they come and go. If your partner's Moon sign is compatible to your various signs, you will be making fewer adjustments than most, as well as celebrating many wedding anniversaries for years to come. The 12 Moon Signs in Love , a 435 page relationship manual, offers 144 comprehensive combinations that you can use to understand any relationship, past or present. You can match your Moon sign to your lover's Sun, Moon or Rising sign. You could also match your lover's Moon sign to your own Sun, Moon and Rising sign, thereby benefiting from 6 separate levels of deep, emotional compatibility.

Suzie Housley: In your second book, The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide, you talk about two special marriage chapters. What is that about?

Vera Kaikobad: A lot of my single readers have shown a strong interest in how astrology can point out what their future marriage partner will be like. This is why I wrote two chapters on this topic, as it has been very popular with the public. All of us have our own astrological chart, and each chart contains the 7 th House. When this sector is analyzed, it reveals valuable information about our marriage partner's temperament. If the reader does not know anything about their astrological chart, their 7 th House details can be emailed to them for free on my site. All they have to do is send me an email with their birth data and ask for it. It's that simple.

Suzie Housley: For someone who is new to astrology what would you suggest their starting point be in learning more about their mate?

Vera Kaikobad: There is a very easy four-step process. The first step is to get a Personal Astrology Report (which is available on my website) done for each of the two partners. This reading helps them clearly understand themselves before they can venture deeper into their relationship. The second step is to get a Relationship Astrology Report done for both of them. This report combines the birth data of two lovers and explains what both lovers are like in relationship to each other. The third step is to get a Lover's Composite Report, which is most suitable for people who are sure that they are in love, and need to know what it would be like to be in a long-term relationship with their lover or be married to them. This report gives you a chance to see if you share vital Karmic Soul Connections with your partner and gives you a taste of what your joint potential is, or what your relationship is like as an entity that stands apart from the people involved in it. After you have gleaned these astrological compatibility insights, then it is time to match your numerological Birth Number and Destiny Number with your partner's. Venture forth into any new relationship or revisit an old one armed with this information, and you will be able to handle it with greater understanding.

Suzie Housley: In visiting your web site I found it to be beautifully constructed. Were you the web designer?

Vera Kaikobad: Thank you. I have a very talented web designer who takes care of the site for me. The text is mine; the design is my web designer's.

Suzie Housley: There is much advice an author has to share with a fan.  What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Vera Kaikobad: Pick a subject that you love and know like the back of your hand. Read the great masters and poets (Shakespeare, Kipling, Dickens, Neruda, Frost, Rumi) and study their writing styles. Writing is very rewarding, but it takes a lot of discipline and effort. If you can, write about something that can affect a reader's life in a positive way. Long after an author is gone, their words will keep on helping people, and in my genre, helping soul mates get emotionally closer, understanding each other and enjoying the best relationship of their lives. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than this.

Suzie Housley: Of all of the books you have published which one is your favorite? Why?

Vera Kaikobad: All three books are special to me. The 12 Moon Signs in Love helps readers immerse themselves in the ancient mysteries of Lunar Astrology. The Young Girl's Astrological Dating Guide gives male and female readers a chance to see their soul mate from many different angles. Numerology for Relationships opens wide the world of the nine mystical Birth Numbers and the power of attraction between the numbers.

Suzie Housley: What future works in progress can we look forward to seeing?

Vera Kaikobad: In my next numerology book, I will present information on Destiny Numbers and how they affect relationships.

Suzie Housley: How can fans contact you?

Vera Kaikobad: They can contact me through my web site:

Or by mail:

Vera Kaikobad, P. O. Box 11003, Scottsdale, Arizona 85271

Suzie Housley: Do you have anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Vera Kaikobad: Thanks to those of you who read my work and who take the time to send me feedback on my books. Keep those notes and emails coming! I love hearing from all of you.



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