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Karen Robards
[JUne 2007]
Chosen by columnist and reviewer, Tangela Williams, MyShelf.Com

I chose Karen Robards as my Author of the Month because I love her books plus I recently met her at the RWA Heart of Dixie Luncheon in Huntsville, AL. She is just a nice as you could imagine. She was the speaker at the luncheon this year and she was just as entertaining speaking as her books are. Her most resent book is OBSESSION and I can't wait to get my copy as soon as I can. I have read just about all of her suspenseful romance books and have loved them all. They are sure to keep reader engrossed and maybe a little on edge from beginning till the end.

ISLAND FLAME, historical, 1981 (my first book - I was so thrilled!)

SEA FIRE, historical, 1982, sequel to ISLAND FLAME

FORBIDDEN LOVE, historical, 1983

AMANDA ROSE, historical, 1984

TO LOVE A MAN, 1985 (this, my first romantic suspense novel, was written on a yellow legal pad in the ladies' room of the orthodontic office where I worked on my lunch hour; I was inspired by my surroundings, so check out the opening scene - it takes place in an outhouse.)

DARK TORMENT, historical, 1985 (Publishers Weekly called this one "spellbinding")

WILD ORCHIDS, romantic suspense, 1986 (don't miss this: it's wild, funny, and hard to get; the heroine is a teacher, and my working title for it was "How I Spent My Summer Vacation)

LOVING JULIA, historical, 1986 (everyone loves this one )

NIGHT MAGIC, romantic suspense, 1987 (this was supposed to be my spy novel, and I have always had a particular soft spot for it; it features a burnt-out spy named Jack, Clara the romance writer, who is probably the most like me of all my characters, and Puff the cat. My sister inspired it, my cat became Puff, and its working title was a tongue-in-cheek Some Kind Of Hero. If you read it, you'll understand why. Also, it won a "Wally", from Waldenbooks, for the best-selling contemporary romance of the year)

DARK OF THE MOON, historical, 1988 (okay, I love this one, too; if I didn't love them, I wouldn't write them, right? Connor d'Arcy, Lord Earl of Iveagh, is one of my very favorite heroes)

DESIRE IN THE SUN, historical, 1988

TIGER'S EYE, historical, 1989 (I'm really trying not to write a comment about every book, but I just can't help myself with this one: Publisher's Weekly called it "a delightful tale" and it's another one of my favorites)

MORNING SONG, historical, 1990

GREEN EYES, historical, 1991

THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN, historical, 1991

NOBODY'S ANGEL, historical, 1992 (my first hardcover; it won another "Wally" from Waldenbooks, for the best-selling hardcover debut romance in 1992; I love the story, and Susannah is one of my all time favorite heroines)

ONE SUMMER, romantic suspense, 1993 (my first contemporary hardcover features Rachel, a prim and proper teacher, and Johnny, her bad boy former student; it's steamy)

MAGGY'S CHILD, romantic suspense, 1994 (the setting for this is Louisville, my home town)

WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT, romantic suspense, 1995 (this one features a ghost, it's funny, and is a favorite with fans and - ahem! - its author)

HUNTER'S MOON, romantic suspense, 1996 (The Literary Times called this one "Exciting... A real thriller and the most wonderful story...." Of course, I'm too modest to agree, but....)

HEARTBREAKER, romantic suspense, 1997 (this is an action-packed adventure novel; it is scary - and hilarious)

THE SENATOR'S WIFE, romantic suspense, 1998 (very steamy!)

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, romantic suspense, 1999 (paranormal elements and a "hold-your-breath" story)

GHOST MOON, romantic suspense, 2000

PARADISE COUNTY, romantic suspense, 2000 (this one is set in Simpsonville, Ky., very close to home; "You'll find this thriller hard to put down. Don't miss it." The Old Book Barn Gazette

SCANDALOUS, historical, 2001 (this, my first historical in a decade, was written purely for fun; it was a gift to myself - and my readers; "Robards.... presents longtime fans with a story to savor....Scandalous will delight regency and mystery readers as well." Romantic Times

TO TRUST A STRANGER, romantic suspense, 2001 (I love these characters: Josephine the poodle, Julie, a former beauty queen turned pageant gown designer whose biggest problem was clients getting boob jobs before their final fitting until someone started trying to kill her, and Mac, also known as Debbie, also known as our hero. Here, in Julie's words, is a description of him: "When a six-and-a-half foot tall transvestite crosses his arms over his eye-popping chest, gives you an impatient look, and starts tapping his pointed patented leather toe, the effect is galvanizing...." The Old Book Barn Gazette said of this one, "It's dynamite."

MANNA FROM HEAVEN, from the anthology WAIT UNTIL DARK, romantic suspense novella, 2001 (And, yes, 2001 was definitely a prolific year for me; sometimes these things just happen. Anyway, this is hard to find and definitely worth looking for. It's fast-paced and "flat-out hilarious".)

IRRESISTIBLE, historical, 2002 (this won the Reviewers' Choice Award from Romantic Times Magazine for Best Historical Romance of 2002)

WHISPERS AT MIDNIGHT, romantic suspense, 2002, ("One of Robards' best....." The Columbus Dispatch)

BEACHCOMBER, romantic suspense, 2003 ("Riveting." Cosmopolitan)

BAIT, romantic suspense, 2004 (this is another one I absolutely love; Publisher's Weekly called it "....another hold-your-breath drama." Zelda the prize-winning pooch is a character dear to my heart, and Maddie Fitzgerald is one of my favorite heroines. Don't miss the excerpt on my home page.)

SUPERSTITION, romantic suspense, 2005 - It's funny and suspenseful, with great characters including a hunky police chief who may or may not be cracking up, a beautiful TV reporter trying to save her career, a pot-bellied pig, a medium with "psychic's block" and a judicious sprinkling of ghosts. "Karen Robards is one of the best writers of romantic suspense available today. Fans...will love Superstition.... Ms. Robards always delivers a thrilling reading experience." Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews.

VANISHED, see excerpt.

OBSESSION, see excerpt.

So, friends, there you have it: my life so far. Thirty-three books and a novella. And counting, as I'm starting on book number thirty-four even as I write this. Let me know which one is your favorite, and why! I'll post the results on-line.

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