Author of the Month
Latrivia S. Nelson
[May 2008]
Chosen by reviewer and columnist Carol Ann Culbert Johnson , MyShelf.Com



I chose Ms. Latrivia S. Nelson because she’s a very talented writer, and I was instantly hooked to her storyline. The book is over six hundred pages, and each page is captivating and interesting. I like the characters, the conflict, the interracial and the romance. The cover is superb and it drew me in. I am hooked. This talented self-publish author will make a splash very soon...


I don’t have an interview, but I was blessed to have spoken with this talented author through email.

Hi Ms. Nelson.

I have to say that I am in love with your debut novel. I am also glad you self-published it too. I admire you for doing that. This book is the bomb and then some. I am almost finished with it, but I had to stop and email you. I love interracial love stories. I was attracted to your book for three reasons:

  1. The cover is green.
  2. It's an interracial romance.
  3. Its 612 pages.

I am not disappointed, Ms. Nelson. I am glad the babies are Nicola's and not Grey's. I don't like Grey at all. I am loving the romance between Ivy and Nicola, Trina and Emerald. I am sorry Brooks had to die, but things do happen for a reason. Grey is too self-centered for me. He needs to leave Ivy alone and continue with his harem of women. I don't really care about his character.

I love this book, and I haven't been able to put it down. It's a page turner for sure.


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