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Conn Iggulden
[January 2009]
Chosen by reviewer Beverly Rowe, MyShelf.Com

    My Choice for Author of the Month for November is Conn Iggulden. I discovered his books quite by accident, but he certainly got added to my favorite author list. Formerly the Head of English at St. Gregory's RC High School in London, Iggulden is a full time writer and lives in England.

I read Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the first volume in the series about the great Genghis Kahn. It simply blew my mind away. I immediately ordered everything else by this talented author. How exciting to find that he had written a series about Julius Caesar, too. I have read many books about Caesar, and though Conn did take a bit of literary license in a couple of things for the sake of the story, this series was totally engrossing...the best I have read about that period of history. You simply cannot read just one of his books. He recently wrote his first young adult book; A Dangerous Book For Boys , which became a huge bestseller in England, and then in the United States.

Iggulden has very ambitious plans for his upcoming book list:

Dangerous Heroes, is written with his brother, David Iggulden, and is due out in 2009. It will be a compendium of Extraordinary stories, such as the five in the original Dangerous Book for Boys.

Tollins will be a collection of three stories for children to be published in the fall of 2009 and will be Iggulden's first attempt at writing humor.

Genghis: Bones of the Hills will be published in the US in March, 2009. He intends to follow it with three more and will tell the stories of Genghis Kahn's sons and his grandson, the great Kubla Khan.

One more book in the Emperor series is in the planning stages, and will cover the aftermath of Julius Caesar's assassination and the rise in power of Augustus.

Conn says on his website, "There are just too many stories to be told in the world, and so few hours in a day."

He is a master storyteller.

Emperor Series:

The Conqueror Series: (Reviewed for Myshelf for November)

Young Adult:

  • The Dangerous Book for Boys [Amazon]


And his Website:

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