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Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban [JANUARY 2010]
Chosen by MyShelf.Com reviewer and Before the Title Columnist Willie Elliott

Author Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban Being a first time writer for author of the month, I took a slightly different approach than the question and answer approach. With the Christmas season in full swing, both reviewer and author were working on busy schedule. I asked Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban to mail me some basic information about herself and her novel Two Moon Princess which I had reviewed earlier, and she supplied enough information to answer most of the questions I would have asked.

I find the author's subject matter and approach to the subject very entertaing and provocative. She uses the fantasy elements of the story to explore issues that are of concern to young readers today. Yet, the message doesn't get so pendactic as to harm the basic fantasy elements of the story. I look forward to her new novel and hope it is of the same high quality as Two Moon Princess. I would recommend this book to junior high students for reading enjoyment and discussion.

Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban, author of Two Moon Princess, which was reviewed on MyShelf.Com, was born in Galicia (Northern Spain) and while in college moved to Castilla—the land of the castles. While there Ferreiro-Esteban did not write but rather did research in biology in Madrid and at the University of Davis in Northern California.

Her writing career began when when she moved to Pennsylvania. Two Moon Princess was her first book, and she is presently working on The King in the Stone, a sequel to her first novel.

Ferreiro-Esteban bases the novel on a personal experience. The author stated,

"I arrived at the University of California from the Old World (Spain). I tried to capture in the book the sense of wonder I felt during those amazing first months in California and the shock of finding myself an alien in my own country when I went back."
She did indeed capture that spirit in her main character in the book

The author took her own experience and added the fantasy adventure that takes place in Xaren-Ra, a mythical world reminiscentof Medieval Spain that exists in a universe parallel to Earth. Even though the idea of a parallel universe may be far-fetched, the idea works fine in this delightful novel.

The story is told from the point of view of Andrea, a headstrong princess, who is unhappy with her parents' expectations for her. She escapes from their castle and finds her way to California. Where else in the United States could she place her character, with a better chance to lead an exciting life?

While not making a major production about the matter, the author leaves a subtle suggestion to young girls (and boys also) that they do not have to conform to traditional stereotypes—in this case girls can handle positions normally thought to be for males only. They can not only handle these seemingly unsuitable roles, they can excel at them.

Even though Ferreiro-Esteban takes the story about Don Alfonso, her own ancestor and the founder of the House, coming into Xaren-Ra from another world as just a legend, she uses it effectively as part of telling her story. You can visit the author's web site for additional information about her life and writing career. Those wishing to know additional information about the legend that is the basis for the story can find that at the same web site.

For a brief excerpt from her sequel, visit the web site and see how the author plans to continue the story. Now we fans will just have to wait for the publication of this new novel.


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