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Andrew Gross [Sept 2011]
Chosen by columnist/reviewer Bev Rowe


I discovered Andrew Gross because of a promotional campaign from They offered The Dark Tide free in a Kindle edition for a limited time. I jumped on it....and discovered a fantastic writer and became a serious fan. Andy didn't start out as a writer, but worked in sports apparel and ended up president of HEAD Ski and Tennis and then later, a French sports apparel line. But writing was to be his destiny, and he began writing in earnest. He has best sellers worldwide now including Reckless, The Dark Tide, Don't Look Twice, The Blue Zone, and Killing Hour. His newest novel, Eyes Wide Open was published in July. It is a psychological thriller that has been described as "A truly terrifying descent into evil." My favorite character, police Lieutenant, Ty Hauck is in some of these books, and Andrew promises that he will be back in a future story.

Andy's novels are riveting thrillers that keep you reading from page one to the very end, the suspense escalating to near unbearable climaxes and giving you surprising endings for a rewarding and entertaining read.

He has also co-authored six books with James Patterson including the popular Women's Murder Club series: Judge & Jury, Jester , 1st To Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree, and Lifeguard.


The Blue Zone [book]
Don’t Look Twice [book] [book]

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Judge & Jury [book] [audio]
Jester [book] [book] [audio]
1st To Die [audio - boxed set]
2nd Chance [book]
3rd Degree [book] [audio]
Lifeguard [book] [audio]


You can read the first three chapters of most of Andrew's books on his web page.

Follow Andrew on Facebook and Twitter and interact with him there. I'm going to Amazon and order the ones I haven't read....he's that good.


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