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Peace, Love and Chocolate - Benny Aabamadamabaa
Little Blessings from a Big God - Michelle Medlock Adams
90 Days of God’s Goodness - Randy Alcorn
True Meditation - Adyashanti (new age)
This I Believe - Edited by Jay Allison & Dan Gediman
Be The One!
- Charles R. Ambroselli
Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way - Dr. C. Thomas Anderson (money)
Heart of My Heart - Kristin Armstrong
Fatal Distraction - Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson
Spiritual Warfare - Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson
I Thought there was a Road There...- Lynn Assimacopoulos


101 Cups of Water - C.D. Baker
Field Notes on the Compassionate Life - Marc Ian Barasch
Wild Goose Chase - Mark Batterson
Girl Seeks Bliss - Nicole Beland
The Echo Within
- Robert Benson
What Women Want - Lisa T. Bergren & Rebecca Price
How to Respond When You Feel Mistreated -John Bevere
Driven by Eternity - John Bevere
The Busy Mom's Devotional - Lisa T. Bergren
Beautifully Pinned Promises - Mary Grace Birkhead
Pearls from Heaven - Mary Grace Birkhead
Teacups Full of Treasures - Mary Grace Birkhead
The Day Christ was Born - Jim Bishop
Unlimiting God - Richard Blackaby
Everything Christmas - David Bordon and Tom Winters
Pray Like a Gourmet - David Brazzeal
Peace and Plenty - Sarah Ban Breathnach [audio]
God Never Blinks - Regina Brett [audio]
Be the Star You Are! - Cynthia Brian
Live, Laugh, Love Again - Michelle Borquez, Connie Wetzell, Rosalind Spinks-Seay and Carla Sue Nelson
Life on the Other Side
- Sylvia Brown
God's Creatures - Susan Bulanda


The Artist’s Way Every Day - Julia Cameron
The Power of Focus Tenth Anniversary Edition - Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen
Chicken Soup for the College Soul - Jack Canfield; Mark Victor Hansen; Kimberly Kirberger; Dan Clark
Life Messages - Josephine Carlton
Gifts of the Spirit - Cate Cavanagh
Common English Bible - CEB
Manual for Living - Seth David Chernoff
You Are Made for More! - Laura Osteen Comes [audio]
Live Long, Finish Strong - Gloria Copeland [audio]
The Twelve Gifts in Marriage - Charlene Costanzo
Make a Difference - Melvin L. Cheatham, M.D.
Power Freedom and Grace - Deepak Chopra  
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra
Power, Freedom, and Grace - Deepak Chopra
Mending Your Heart in a Broken World - Patsy Clairmont
After the Locusts - Jan Coleman
Never Better
- Sally A. Connolly (2nd review)

Ruth A Portrait - Patricia Cornwell 
Serenity Prayers - June Cotner
Miracles of Motherhood - June Cotner [review 1]
Miracles of Motherhood - June Cotner [ review 2]
Mustard Seeds - Lynn Coulter

Raising the Dead - Chauncey W. Crandall IV, MD
Touching Heaven - Dr. Chauncey Crandall / Kris Bearss – [audio]
In Search of Paul - John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed


Seek His Face, He Will Provide - Gayle L. Darhower
360-Degree Life - Billy Joe Daugherty
The Book of the Shepherd - JoAnn Davis
Things My Mama Told Me - Olga Samples Davis
The Slumber of Christianity - Ted Dekker
Your Legacy - Dr. James Dobson [audio]
You're Supposed to be Wealthy – Creflo Dollar [audio]
Winning in Troubled Times - Dr. Creflo Dollar
The Holy Spirit, Your Financial Advisor - Creflo A. Dollar [audio]
You're Supposed to be Wealthy – Creflo Dollar [audio]
Why I Hate Religion
– Dr. Creflo Dollar – [audio]
To Bless The Space Between Us - John Donohue [audio]
Naked on God's Doorstep - Marion Duckworth
Listen Well - Margaret Dulaney [audio]

A Golfer's Day with the Master - Dorothy K. Ederer
Communion-Cating with God - Stephen Edwards
Completely Blessed - Shannon Ethridge
Completely Irresistible - Shannon Ethridge
Man of Valor - Richard Exley

Abraham - Bruce Feiler
Amish Proverbs - Suzanne Woods Fisher
The Best Year of Your Life - Debbie Ford 
More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul - Arielle Ford
Prayer - Richard J. Foster
Greater - Steven Furtick


The Diamond in Your Pocket - Gangaji
Soul Matters for the Heart - Mark Gilroy Communications
Joshua: The Homecoming - Joseph F. Girzone
Lessons for the Living - Stan Goldberg
Lists to Live - Gray, Stephens, VanDiest
What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality - Diana L. Guerrero
If Grace is True - Philip Gulley and James Mulholland
If God is Love - Philip Gulley and James Mulholland

Making the Case - Kimberly Guilfoyle
Parables for Life in the 21st Century - Stuart Gustafson
Scarred But Healed - John Gwatney


Buddhism Is Not What You Think - Steve Hagen
Small Miracles of Love & Friendship - Yitta Halberstam, Judith Leventhal
Dug Down Deep - Joshua Harris
Thrilled to Death
- Dr. Archibald D. Hart
Seasons Of Love - Karen Hardin
The Charismatic Century - Jack W. Hayford and S. David Moore
Soul and the City - Marcy Heidish
Evangelism Without Additives - Jim Henderson
Closer Than Your Skin - Susan D. Hill

Living Successfully and Joyfully Every Day - Sheri Kaye Hoff
The Sweet Breathing of Plants - Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson
Giver of Gifts - Jerry Camery-Hoggatt
Daily Readings from Live Love Lead – Brian Houston
Invoking Mary Magdalene - Siobhan Houston
The Secret Doorway - Paul Hutchins

Christ at the Coffee Shop - Nathan Ingram
Perfecting Your Purpose - David D. Ireland
Sister Wit - Jacqueline Jakes[Audio ]
Sister Wit - Jacqueline Jakes [Hardcover]
Beside Every Good Man  - Serita Ann Jakes
Simple Hospitality
- Jane Jarrell
Countdown To The Apocalypse - Grant R. Jeffrey
Touchstones to Remembering Your Spirit - Norma Jennings
The Coming Economic Armageddon - David Jeremiah [audio]
He's Gonna Toot & I'm Gonna Scoot - Barbara Johnson

Soul Sanctuary
- Jason Miccolo Johnson
Looking For God in All the Wrong Places - Marie D. Jones
The Laws of Thinking - E. Bernard Jordan
The Transparent Life
- Naomi Judd
God is My Success - Larry S. Julian
Life Is A Test - Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis [audio]

Every Good Gift - Linda Baker Kaahanui
50/50 - Dean Karnazes [audio]
Reasons for Hope - Carl Kerby
A Knock at Midnight - Martin Luther King
My Heart has Wings - Kris King
A Treasury of Christmas Miracles - Karen Kingsbury [Review 1]
A Treasury of Christmas Miracles - Karen Kingsbury [Review 2]
Like Dandelion Dust - Karen Kingsbury
Divine Appointments - Rev. Howard Koenig

Patti's Pearls- Patti LaBelle [Audio ]
Patti's Pearls- Patti LaBelle [Hardcover]
The Lost Art of Compassion - Lorne Ladner, Ph.D.
The Merciful God of Prophecy - Tim LaHaye
Soul Cries - Lastmanout
Losers and Winners Saints and Sinners - Greg Laurie
The Problem of Pain - C. S. Lewis
My Jesus is . . . Everything! - Anne Graham Lotz
When God Whispers Your Name - Max Lucado
When Christ Comes
- Max Lucado
Grace for the Moment, Vol. II - Max Lucado
Your Truest Self - Janice Lynne Lundy   

Passion for Your Kingdom Purpose - Dr. Sir Walter L. Mack, Jr.
Knit Together - Debbie Macomber [audio]
The Book on Leadership - John MacArthur
I Can Still Hear Their Cries Even In My Sleep - E. Everett McFal
The Greatest Secret - Ron McIntosh [Christian living]

The Journey of Jesus
- Max McLean
Stand Against the Wind - Erwin Raphael McManus
The 7 Great Prayers - Paul and Tracey McManus
Buttercups for Jesus - Nancy Marie - Religion
Today Matters - John C. Maxwell
Running With Giants - John C. Maxwell [audio]

Intentional Living – John Maxwell [audio]
Daily Bread - Robert Meade, PhD
Choosing to Love the World - Thomas Merton
My Time with God - Joyce Meyer [audio]  
20 Ways to Make Every Day Better - Joyce Meyer [audio]  
Unshakeable Trust - Joyce Meyer [audio]  
Knowing God Intimately - Joyce Meyer
How to Hear From God - Joyce Meyer [audio]  
In Pursuit of Peace - Joyce Meyer[audio]  

Seven Things That Steal Your Joy - Joyce Meyer [Review 1]
Seven Things That Steal Your Joy - Joyce Meyer [ [Review 2]
Seven Things That Steal Your Joy - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Approval Addiction - Joyce Meyer [audio]
The Confident Woman - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Look Great Feel Great - Joyce Meyer [book]
Look Great, Feel Great - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer - Christian [audio]
I Dare You - Joyce Meyer [audio]
New Day New You - Joyce Meyer [audio]
The Power of Simple Prayer - Joyce Meyer [audio]

The Secret to True Happiness - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Starting Your Day Right / Ending Your Day Right Box Set - Joyce Meyer [audio]
100 Ways to Simplify Your Life - Joyce Meyer [audio]
The Love Revolution - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Never Give Up! - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes - Joyce Meyer
Eat the Cookie… Buy the Shoes - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Living Beyond Your Feelings - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Change Your Words, Change Your Life - Joyce Meyer [audio] - 1st
Change Your Words, Change Your Life - Joyce Meyer [audio] - 2nd review
Power Thoughts - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Trusting God Day by Day - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Making Good Habits Break Bad Habits - Joyce Meyer [audio]
God is Not Mad at You - Joyce Meyers [audio]
Power Thoughts Devotional - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Confident Mom - Joyce Meyer [audio]
You Can Begin Again - Joyce Meyer [audio]
The Approval Fix - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Living Courageously - Joyce Meyer [audio]
God's Greatest Gift – Joyce Meyer – [audio]
Power Words – Joyce Meyer – [audio]
Closer to God Each Day – Joyce Meyer – [audio]
The Mind Connection - Joyce Meyer – [audio]
Me and My Big Mouth! - Joyce Meyer [audio]  
Let God Fight Your Battles - Joyce Meyer –[audio]
Living Courageously - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Good Health, Good Life - Joyce Myers [audio]
The Power of Being Thankful - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Get Your Hopes Up! – Joyce Meyer[audio]
The Battle Belongs to the Lord - Joyce Meyer [audio]
Enjoy Your Journey - Joyce Meyer -[audio]
Overload – Joyce Meyer - [audio]
Seize the Day – Joyce Meyer -[audio]
Wake Up to the Word - Joyce Meyer -[audio]
Worry Free Living – Joyce Meyer -[audio]
My Time with God
- Joyce Meyer - [audio]
20 Ways to Make Every Day Better - Joyce Meyer - [audio]
Unshakeable Trust - Joyce Meyer - [audio]
We Make the Road - Walking by Brian D McLaren [audio]
Man Alive - Patrick Morley
God with Us
- Margaret Montreuil
Lit from Within - Victoria Moran
He Shall Be Called - Robert J. Morgan
Jesus Loves Me This I Know - Robert J. Morgan
Sabbath - Wayne Muller [audio]
Daily in His Presence - Andrew Murray w/ Bruce Wilkinson
Your Power to Create - Caroline Myss - New Age [audio]

A Phoenix Rising - Bryan Nash
Signs in Life – Deanna Nowadnick
Buddhism: A Concise Introduction - Huston Smith and Philip Novak

Good Karma - Joan Duncan Oliver - New Age
My Book of Life: Little Pieces of Heaven - Oluwadahunsi
My Book of Life: Nursing Rhymes & Nursery Crimes for Adults - Oluwadahunsi 
Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen [AUDIO]
Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen [BOOK]
Your Best Life Now Journal - Joel Osteen
Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now - Joel Osteen (devotions) [audio]
You Can, You Will - Joel Osteen [audio]
Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith - John Osteen [audio]
Your Words Hold a Miracle - John Osteen [audio]
Power over the Enemy – John Osteen [audio]  
You Can, You Will - Joel Osteen [audio]
Daily Readings from Think Better, Live Better - Joel Osteen -[audio]
Wake Up to Hope - Joel and Victoria Osteen [audio]

Should We Fire God? - Jim Pace
Against Medical Advice - James Patterson and Hal Friedman [audio]
Our Presidents & Their Prayers – Rand Paul [audio]
Saturdays With Stella - Allison Pittman

Up and Running - Mark Patinkin
A Godward Heart - John Piper
Best Friend, God - Jack Prather
Angels - Hope Price   
99 Bible Promises For Tough Times - Randy Peterson
A Godward Heart - John Piper
Radical - David Platt
Radical Together - David Platt
Forget Me Knots … from the Front Porch
- Helen Kay Polaski
Divinely Inspired - Jerry J. Pollock
Messiah Interviews - Jerry J. Pollock

Detox... - David Putnam
A Short Guide to a Happy Life - Anna Quindlen
Hebrew Illuminations - Adam Rhine
Indivisible: Restoring Faith…. - James Robison and Jay W. Richards [audio]
Happiness - Matthieu Ricard
Better Than My Dreams - Paula Rinehart
Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth - Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD    
Perseverance - Carolyn Rubenstein
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris - Humor
The Book of Truth – Paul Selig
The Prayer of Revenge - Doug Schmidt
Bhagavad-Gita - Graham M. Schweig (translator)
The Greatest Words Ever Spoken
- Steven K. Scott
There is Eternal Life for Animals - Niki Behrikis Shanahan- (Animals)
The Instruction Manual for Receiving God - Jason Shulman
Rich Christians in and Age of Hunger - Ronald J. Sider
Saving Adam - L. Smith - adoption
Ten - Terry Smith   
Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mirabai Starr
Saint Francis of Assisi - Mirabai Starr (editor)
Saint Michael - Mirabai Starr (editor)
St. John of the Cross - Mirabai Starr
Saint Teresa of Avila - Mirabai Starr (editor)

A Faith Worth Believing - Tom Stella 
Things I Want My Daughters to Know - Alexandra Stoddard
Sailing Acts - Linford Stutzman
Getting Through The Tough Stuff - Charles R. Swindoll
Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance - Charles R Swindoll

So, You Want to be Like Christ?
- Charles R. Swindoll
Saying It Well
- Charles R. Swindoll [audio]
Out of the Question...Into the Mystery - Leonard Sweet


Buddhism for Non Buddhists - Janet Nima Taylor
The Ultimate Comeback, How to Turn a Bad Night into A Good Day - Tommy Tenney (self-esteem/life)
Give Up Worry Forever
- Dr. Robb Thompson
No Future Without Forgiveness - Desmond Tutu

What Good Is God? - Philip Yancey [audio]  
A Running Head Start - Freda Gower Ward - Humor
An Extra What? - Freda Gower Ward - Humor
Threading the Pointy End of the Needle - Freda Gower Ward - Humor
It’s Ten O’Clock – Do You Know Where Your Keys Are? - Freda Gower Ward - Humor
Can You Tell Me Where I’m Going? - Freda Gower Ward - Humor
Would You Rather Be the Pigeon or the Statue? - Freda Gower Ward
God’s Book – Part 1 & God’s Book – Part 2 - Freda Gower Ward
The Fourteenth Year - Kelly Watt
Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World (Gift Edition)
- Joanna Weaver

With this Ring - Joanna Weaver
Even as Your Soul Prospers - Thomas Weeks, III
Swashbuckling Faith - Tim Wesemann
From Jesus to Christianity - L. Michael White
Beyond the Walls - Paul Wilkes
Secrets of the Vine - Bruce Wilkinson
A Plentiful Harvest - Terrie Williams
The Gift of Change - Marianne Williamson 
The Gift of Change - Marianne Williamson [audio]  
Souls of Steel - Pat Williams with Jim Denney
When God Speaks to My Heart - Rosalie Willis
The Heart of Narnia - Thomas Williams    
The Appearing - Kristen Wisen [Fiction]
The Appearing - Kristen Wisen (Fiction) [2nd review]
In an Instant - Lee Woodruff

Language That God Talks - Herman Wouk [audio]
What Good Is God - Philip Yancey   
Watching the Tree - Adeline Yen Mah
Out of Control - Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams  

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