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Hacks - Donna Brazile
The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan - Stephanie Chandler and Karl W. Palachuk - Publishing
Paths to Pachamama - Joseph De La Cruz, Simon VandeKerckhove
Let Go of Emotional Overeating and Love Your Food - Arlene B. Englander – Self Help / Food
D Is For Doodling - Chellie Caroll, Lauren Farnsworth
Shapeshifters - Gavin Francis [audio]

I Heart Unicorns - Jessie Eckel
Dance Across the USA - Jonathan Givens - [audio]
The World Broke in Two - Bill Goldstein
The Happiness Hypothesis - Jonathan Haidt - Psychology / Philosophy
The Bitch is Back - Edited by Cathi Hanauer
Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? Mark Hyman, MD - [audio]
Let Trump Be Trump - Corey R. Lewandowski, - David N. Bossie - [audio]
Words and Language (10-Minute Brain Games) - Dr Gareth Moore
Logic and Reasoning (10-Minute Brain Games) - Dr Gareth Moore
Outwitting Housework - Barty Philips
The Forgotten Father - Gary Roen
Solve It Like Sherlock - Stewart Ross
The Ardlamont Mystery - Daniel Smith– Forensic / Criminal Law
Superhero Ethics - Travis Smith

Conversations with Coach Wooden - Gary Adams
An Appalachian Poet in San Francisco - M Ray Allen
Stonewalled - Sharyl Attkisson

The Smear – Sharyl Attkisson – politics/media
America's Most Haunted - Theresa Argie & Eric Olsen

The Rite - Matt Baglio
Three Days in January - Brett Baier
Making It In America - John Bassett and Ellis Henican [audio] 
Edgar Allan Poe: An Adult Coloring Book – Odessa Begay 
Landscapes – John Berger on Art -John Berger
Set Phasers to Stun - Marcus Berkmann
Old Wives Lore - Polly Bloom
Wake Up America – Eric Bolling
The Encaustic Art Project Book – Michael Bossom [art]
Peace and Plenty - Sarah Ban Breathnach [audio]

Unthinking - Harry Beckwith [audio]
The Space Shuttle - Piers Bizony
Everything Romance - David Bordon and Tom Winters
How They Croaked - Georgia Bragg

Nurture Shock - Po Braonson and Ashely Merryman
The Great Grisby - Mikita Brottman -dogs / humans]
The Mythology of Supernatural - Nathan Robert Brown -TV related
The Mythology of Grimm - Nathan Robert Brown -TV related
Immigration Wars - Jeb Bush
Grow Fruit – Alan Buckingham
Grow Vegetables - Alan Buckingham


A Brief History of Sherlock Holmes - Nigel Cawthorne
Doctor Who – The Complete Guide - Mark Campbell
Shattered - Kathryn Casey
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine - Andrew Chevallier
Star Trek FAQ - Mark Clark
Original Sinner - John R Coats
War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces - Kyle Cassidy
The Pizza Bomber - Jerry Clark

Touching Heaven - Dr. Chauncey Crandall / Kris Bearss[audio]


World Mythology in Bite-Sized Chunks -Mark Daniels
The Words That Shaped Me - Aliza Davidovit
Calming Art Therapy Colouring Book - Hannah Davies, Richard Merritt, Cindy Wilde
Code Name Johnny Walker - Jim DeFelice and Johnny Walker
Reverie – Mysha Denson
Ten Powerful Phrases for Powerful People -Rich DeVos [audio]
Games from Childhood – Karen Dolby - games
The Rush - Edward Dolnick - history [audio]

Sergeant Rex - Mike Dowling
The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg
Earthquake Storms - John Dvorak


The Infinity of Lists: an Illustrated Essay - Umberto Eco (Author)
Starlette and Saint - Mae Edwards
Buzz - Katherine Ellison [audio] - special needs
Ape-Man - Sean Egan  
Loose Diamonds - Amy Ephron
Gardening Like a Ninja – Angela England
Savage City - T.J. English

Acrocanthosaurus - Russell Ferrell
The Bone War of McCurtain County - Russell Ferrell  
Coconut Therapy for Pets - Bruce Fife
The Corruption Chronicles - Tom Fitton
Patternation - Felicity French and Lauren Farnsworth -coloring

Travel Across America Color By Number Coloring Book - Debra Gabel -coloring
50 Things Liberals Love to Hate - Mike Gallagher

Rediscovering God in America - Newt Gingrich, Callista Gingrich [History / America] [audio]
The Investment Answer - Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon Murray [audio]
The Storytelling Animal - Jonathan Gottschall
Goodfellows: The Champions of St Ambrose - Rick Gosselin
American Eden - Wade Graham
Raising Human Beings – Ross W. Greene

Vampire Art Now - Jasmine Becket-Griffith & Mathew David Becket


Best Job Search Tips For Age 60 Plus - Toby Haberkorn, Elizabeth O’Neal
Mythology - Edith Hamilton [audio]
The End of Absence - Michael Harris- Social Psychology

The Forest Unseen - David George Haskell
In the Arena - Pete Hegseth [history]
And now we shall do manly things - Craig J. Heimbuch
Haunted Places - Dr. Hans Holzer
Figuring Out Fashion – Jay Hunt
God, Guns, Grits and Gravy - Mike Huckabee [audio]
From Here to Absurdity - David Hunter
Unnatural Selection - Mara Hvistandahl

The Global Warming Deception - Grant R. Jeffrey
Twilight’s Last Gleaming - Robert Jeffress
Green River Killer - Jeff Jensen
The Coming Economic Armageddon - David Jeremiah [audio]
What Foreigners Need to Know About America From A To Z - Lance Johnson
Love Illuminated - Daniel Jones
The Science of Everyday Life – Marty Jopson
The Violinist’s Thumb - Sam Keen [audio]
Off the Bookshelf Coloring Book- Samarra Khaja
You'll Grow Out of It – Jessi Klein - [audio]
Hot Guys and Baby Animals - Audrey Kuhner and Carolyn Newman
Oogy - Larry Levin [audio]
Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Health Care - Mike Lee
Lost Britain – David Long - travel
– Beau Lotto

Factory Man - Beth Macy [Business] [audio]
Pen and Palate - Lucy Madison and Tram Nguyen [audio]
Life Below Stairs – Alison Maloney
All the Lives I Want - Alana Massey - essays - [audio]
Fantastic Cityscapes – Mister Maurano
A Million Owls – Lulu Mayo - coloring
The Gestapo - Frank McDonough
What Your Dreams Are Telling You - Cindy McGill with David Sluka
So You Think You Know Rock and Roll – Peter E. Meltzer
The Labyrinth - Richard Merritt and Sabine Reinhart – coloring
Dominion of Giants - Eric Messenger – Coloring book
Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II - Bob Mitchell, John Titor, Jason Quitt [Spirituality/New Age/Science/Paranormal]
RUSH FAQ - Max Mobley
Blue Highways - William Least Heat Moon [audio]  
Ultimate Mazes – Dr. Gareth Moore - puzzles
Anti-Stress Puzzles – Dr. Gareth Moore - puzzles
Ultimate Dot to Dot – Dr. Gareth Moore - puzzles
Modern Elegance Coloring Book – Amanda Murphy


Blue Mind - Wallace Nichols – [science] [audio]
Healing Houses - Sheldon Norberg
Giant George - Dave Nesser & Lynne Barrett-Lee [audio]
Now on the Big Screen - Charles Norton
Why Can’t Elephants Jump? - Edited by New Scientist

Dangerous Instincts - Mary Ellen O'Toole, PH.D. with Alisa Bowman
Don’t Be Such a Scientist
- Randy Olsen
The Unofficial and Unauthorised Blakes 7 The Merchandise Guide - Mark B Oliver

Tangle Wood – Jessica Palmer – Adult Coloring book
Tangle Bay – Jessica Palmer
Tangle Magic - Jessica Palmer
The Arm – Jeff Passan [sports]
Apartment Gardening - Amy Pennington
The Great Detectives - Otto Penzler
Fed Up! - Rick Perry [audio]
Katie Up and Down the Hall - Glenn Plaskin [audio]

Shadows in the Vineyard - Maximillian Potter [Wine] [audio]

Top Secret America - Dana Priest and William M. Arkin [audio]


Celebrating Teachers - Dr. Deirdre Rafferty
It’s Your Business - JJ Ramberg
The Will to Lead - Anders Fogh Rasmussen
The Metabolism Plan - Lyn-Genet Recitas [audio]
One for Sorrow – Chloe Rhodes
A Silent Cheer - Dr. Emily Roback and Faye Roback-Jones
Hard Measures - Jose Rodriquez Jr. with Bill Harlow
Imagimorphia - Kerby Rosanes [art]  
Imagimorphia - Kerby Rosanes
Mythomorphia- Kerby Rosanes - coloring
When Paris Went Dark - Ronald Rosbottom [WWII] [audio]
Busted - Wendy Ruderman & B Laker [True Crime]

Ghost Hunting - Dr Leo Ruickbe


Not Lost Forever - Carmina Salcido
The Mindbody Prescription - John E. Sarno, M.D.
Zendalda – Susanne Schaadt - coloring
The Druggist of Auschwitz - Dieter Schlesak
The Aviary - Claire Scully and Richard Merritt – Art / Coloring
Dinosauria – Claire Scully - coloring

Simple Times - Amy Sedaris [comedy] [audio]
The Book of Truth – Paul Selig
TV The Book – Alan Sepinwall – Media/Reference - [audio]
Greatest Love - Zhi Gang Sha, Maya Mackie, and Francisco Quintero
The Believing Brain - Michael Shermer
The Little Book of Sudoku - Pete Sinden [puzzles]
Awakening Victory - Michael Silverman
Why I Left Goldman Sachs - Greg Smith [audio]
Hell On Two Wheels - Amy Snyder
Fully Into Ashes - Sofia M. Starnes
Kiss That Frog - Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth - Jon Stewart [audio]
The Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs - Donald & Lillian Stokes [audio]
So Much Time, So Little Change - Thomas M Sullivan
Saying It Well - Charles R. Swindoll [audio]


The Jesus Discovery - James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici
Chasing Gold - George Taber – history / WWII
Chasing Gold - George Taber – history / WWII
Kicking the Bucket at the Drop of a Hat -Caroline Taggart
Tied Up in Knots – Andrea Tantaro [women]

The Next Level - Vernon Turner
The Last Hunger Season
- Roger Thurow



The Gorgeous Colouring Book for Grown Ups - Various
Relaxing Art Therapy Colouring Book - Various  
The Classic Comic Colouring Book – Various [art]
The Can't Sleep Colouring Book – Various [art]
The Ultimate Creative Activity Book - Various
Blooming Sanctuary Coloring Book - (Various) Geta Grama, Patty Young, Piece O' Cake Designs, Patty Prann Young [coloring]

Cracks In Time - Stephen James Walker (Doctor Who 2010)
What’s So Great About This Book - Jo Walton
Stress-Free Vegetable Gardening – Caleb Warnock
Game of Thorns - Doug Wead - politics [audio]
Colour Quest – Joanna Webster [coloring / art]
Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary - Merriam Webster
KBL: Kill Bin Laden - John Weisman
The Ascension Mysteries – David Wilcock
Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
Jane Doe January- Emily Winslow

Colour Quest Animals – John Woodcock
Feed Your Best Friend Better - Rick Woodford
Language That God Talks - Herman Wouk [science/religion] [audio]




Happy Quilter Word Search – Pat Yamin
What Good Is God? - Philip Yancey [audio]
A Thousand Times More Fair - Kenji Yoshino

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