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Creature Cozies - Edited by Jill Morgan
Drop-Dead Blonde - Nancy Martin, Elaine Viets, Denise Swanson, Victoria Laurie
Death Dines In Edited by Claudia Bishop, Dean James
Show Business is Murder Edited by Stuart M. Kaminsky


Dilly of a Death - Susan Wittig Albert
Dead Man's Bones - Susan Willig Albert
The Tale of Holly How - Susan Wittig Albert
The Tale of Hill Top Farm - Susan Wittig Albert
Merry Mascot - Bobby Jaye Allen
The Queen Anne Fox - Jerol Anderson
Delete All Suspects
- Donna Andrews
Access Denied - Donna Andrews
Speak Ill of the Living - Mark Arsenault
Blood of Angels - Reed Arvin
The Green Room - Deborah Turrell Atkinson
The Stiff and the Dead - Lori Avocato


Tears of the Dragon - Holly Baxter
Death of a Bore - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin & The Walkers of Dembley - M C Beaton
Death Goes Dutch - Albert A Bell Jr.
Death and the Icebox - Linda Berry
Death and the Walking Stick - Linda Berry
Lady Vanishes - Carol Lea Benjamin
Dead As a Scone - Ron and Janet Benrey
Lazy Bones - Mark Billingham
Buried by Breakfast - Claudia Bishop
Bloodless Shadow - Victoria Blake
Another Word for Murder - Nero Blanc
Wrapped Up in Crosswords - Nero Blanc
A Crossworder’s Delight - Nero Blanc
Life Sentences - Alice Blanchard
Shades of Black - edited by Eleanor Taylor Bland
All the Flowers are Dying - Lawrence Block [audio]
The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams - Lawrence Block
See Isabelle Run - Elizabeth Bloom
The Good Guys - Bill Bonanno and Joe Pistone with David Fisher
Death of a Trickster - Kate Borden
The Seven Symphonies - Simon Boswell
See Jane Run - Liz Brady
Dangerous Depths - Kathy Brandt
Chasing the Devil - James Brant

The Hanging in the Hotel - Simon Brett
The Witness at the Wedding - Simon Brett
Bullets - Steve Brewer
Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight - Emily Brightwell
A Confidential Source - Jan Brogan

Old Silver - Carl Brookins
Act of War - Dale Brown [audio]
Invitation To Murder - Elizabeth Bright
The Gourdmother - Maggie Bruce

Close Case - Alafair Burke
Storm Front - Jim Butcher
Hostile Makeover - Ellen Byerrum


Double Indemnity - James Cain [audio]
Death By Inferior Design - Leslie Caine
False Premises - Leslie Caine
More Bitter Than Death - Dana Cameron

The Smell of the Night - Andrea Camilleri
Deadly Illusions - Chester D. Campbell
Paradise Lost - Taffy Cannon

Chocolate Puppy Puzzle - JoAnna Carl
My Very Own Murder - Josephine Carr
The Italian Secretary
- Caleb Carr
Candy Apple Dead - Sammi Carter

The Old Buzzard Had It Coming - Donis Casey
The Final Solution - Michael Chabon [audio]
The Final Solution - - Michael Chabon
Bury My Heart At Redtree - Patrick Chalfant
Who Killed Swami Schwartz? - Nora Charles
Evil Intent
- Kate Charles
Death Is a Bargain - Nora Charles
Chamomile Mourning - Laura Childs
A Midsummer Night's Scream - Jill Churchill
A Midsummer Night’s Scream - Jill Churchill
It Had To Be You - Jill Churchill
Three Can Keep A Secret - Judy Clemens
The Palace Tiger - Barbara Cleverly
The Bee’s Kiss - Barbara Cleverly
Bluetick Revenge - Mark Cohen
Falling Down - David Cole
Turn Left at September - Dennis Collins
The War of the World Murder
- Max Allan Collins
Slay it with Flowers - Kate Collins
Dearly Depotted - Kate Collins
The Company She Keeps - Diana Reynolds Chambers
Bride and Groom - Susan Conant
Scratch the Surface - Susan Conant
Animal Appetite - Susan Conant
The Obituaries
- Wm. Anthony Connolly
The Closers - Michael Connelly [audio]
The Closers - Michael Connelly
The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly
The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly [book]
Uncivil Death In Norfolk - M E Cooper
- C.R. Corwin
Latte Trouble - Cleo Coyle
Murder at a Vineyard Mansion - Phillip R. Craig
Off Season - Philip Craig
Now May You Weep - Deborah Crombie

Leave the Grave Green - Deborah Crombie


The Poet’s Funeral - John M. Daniel
Cruel and Unusual Intuition
- Claire Daniels
Mrs Hudson and the Spirits’ Curse - Martin Davies
Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose - Martin Davies
See Delphi and Die - Lindsey Davis
Scare the Light Away - Vicki Delany
Give First Place to Murder - Kathleen Delaney
Night Fall - Nelson DeMille [audio]
Bye, Bye Bertie - Rick Dewhurst
Death of a Chancellor - David Dickinson
Torpedo Juice - Tim Dorsey
Damsel in Distress - Carola Dunn
Dead In The Water - Carola Dunn
Better Off Wed
- Laura Durham
Showdown - Ted Dekker


The Hannibal e-Puzzle - Don Eckhardt
Carnage on the Committee
- Ruth Dudley Edwards
The Lost Gardens - Anthony Eglin
Cold Burn - Kit Ehrman
The Deadly Tools of Ignorance - Robert Elias
Murder in the Queen’s Armes - Aaron Elkins
Face Down Below The Banqueting House - Kathy Lynn Emerson
No Corners For The Devil - Olive Etchells
Flamingo Fatale - Jimmie Ruth Evans
Relics - Mary Anna Evans
The Cipher Garden -Martin Edwards


Night Visions - Thomas Fahy
Mozzarella Most Murderous - Nancy Fairbanks
Embroidered Truths -Monica Ferris
Crewel Yule - Monica Ferris
A Bitter Chill - Jan Finnis
The Maine Mutiny - Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain
Margaritas & Murder - Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
The Good Guys - Joe Pistone, Bill Bonanno, David Fisher [audio]
Radio Activity - Bill Fitzhugh
Silent Witness - Rebecca Forster
Hancock Park - Katherine V.Forrest
Red Tide - G.M. Ford
Delectable Mountains - Earlene Fowler
Broken Dishes - Earlene Fowler

The Water Room - Christopher Fowler
Jackpot Blood - Jimmy Fox
The Sunken Sailor - Elizabeth Foxwell (Editor)
The Widow’s Tale - Margaret Frazer

The Servant’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
A Play of Dux Moraud - Margaret Frazer
The Outlaw’s Tale - Margaret Frazer


Murder Under a Mystic Moon - Yasmine Galenorn
The Glass House - Ashley Gardner
The Sudbury School Murders - Ashley Gardner
Hide Your Eyes - Alison Gaylin
With No One As Witness - Elizabeth George [audio]
Carnosaur Crimes - Christine Gentry

Body Double - Tess Gerrittsen
The Sinner - Tess Gerritsen
The Apprentice- Tess Gerritsen

Vanish - Tess Gerritsen
Death Takes a Gander - Christine Goff
Three Strikes You're Dead - Robert Goldsborough
True Crime - Alan Gold
The Eye That Is Divine - Kat Goldring
The Empire of the Wolves
- Jean-Christophe Grange
Trouble in Paradise - Pip Granger
No Peace for the Wicked - Pip Granger
Exact Revenge - Tim Green [audio]
Exact Revenge - Tim Green [book]
The Mark of a Murderer - Susanna Gregory
Help The Poor Struggler - Martha Grimes
Valley of Bones - Michael Gruber
Valley of the Bones - Michael Gruber [audio]
Bethlehem Road Murder - Batya Gur 


The Magyar Venus - Lyn Hamilton
The Moai Murders - Lyn Hamilton
New York Confidential - Isidore Haillum
Shakespeare’s Counselor - Charlaine Harris
Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris
Death of the Party - Carolyn Hart

Darkness Within -Angelica Hart
Men from Boys - Edited by John Harvey
A Shot to Die For - Libby Fischer Hellmann
The Serpents Trail - Sue Henry
Murder at Five Finger Light - Sue Henry
Deader Than Disco - David Hiltbrand
Aphrodite's Redemption - John Hoffert
Mrs. Malory and No Cure for Death - Hazel Holt
Dead Jitterbug - Victoria Houston
Close Enough for Government Work - Alan L. Hutcheson
Pompeii - Robert Harris
The Program - Gregg Hurwitz


Scent To Her Grave- India Ink
Hot on the Trail - Jane Isenberg
Fairway to Heaven - Roberta Isleib


In the Kingdom of Mists - Jane Jakeman
The Siren of Solace Glen - Susan S. James
Long Time Gone - J. A. Jance [audio]
The Chapel of Bones - Michael Jecks
The Butcher of St. Peter’s
- Michael Jecks

Damaged Goods - Roland S. Jefferson
Sit, Stay, Slay - Linda O. Johnston

I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason - Susan Kandel
To Collar a Killer
- Lee Charles Kelley
The Death Collectors - Jack Kerley
Verse of the Vampire - Diana Killian
The Shiloh Sisters - Michael Kilian
The Colorado Kid - Stephen King
Ghost Walk - Alanna Knight

Figure of Hate - Bernard Knight
The Tainted Relic - Bernard Knight
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova [audio]
Straight Into Darkness - Faye Kellerman[audio]
Twas the Bite Before Christmas - Lee Charles Kelley
The Ghost And the Dead Deb - Alice Kimberly

Hidden Under the Corporate Ladder - J L LaMay
Falls the Shadow - William Lashner
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie
Better Read Than Dead - Victoria Laurie
Pretty Poison - Joyce and Jim Lavene
The Fix - Anthony Lee
What Goes Around Comes Around - Con Lehane
Be Cool
- Elmore Leonard [audio]
The Hot Kid - Elmore Leonard [audio]
The Motive - John Lescroart
Shadow Of The Lords - Simon Levack
Die Like A Hero - Clyde Linsley
To the Power of Three - Laura Lippman [audio]


Louisa and the Country Bachelor - Anna MacLean
Flowers for Megan - Gloria Davidson Marlow
Most Wanted - Michelle Martinez
Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die - Nancy Martin
It’s A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod, Murder - Rosemary Martin

Conduct In Question
- Mary E. Martin

Most Wanted
- Michele Martinex

The Typhoon Lover
- Sujata Massey

Skinny-Dipping - Claire Matturro

How to Marry a Murderer
- Amanda Matetsky

The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder - Susan McBride
Too Many Secrets
- Laura McClendon

In Plain Sight - Lorena McCourtney
The Nicholas Feast - Pat McIntosh
How to Seduce a Ghost - Hope McIntyre
After The Armistice Ball - Catriona McPherson
Tome of Death - D.R. Meredith
Island Intrigue
- Wendy Howell Mills

The Barbara Michaels CD Audio Treasury - Barbara Michaels [audio]
Branded Woman - Wade Milller
The Rosary Girls
- Richard Montanari

The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore
Cinnamon Kiss - Walter Mosely
Cinnamon Kiss - Walter Mosley
Pale as the Dead - Fiona Mountain

Assault and Pepper - Tamar Myers
Painted Veil – Beverle Graves Myers
Interrupted Aria - Beverle Graves Myers [review 2]
Thou Shalt Not Grill - Tamar Myers
Monet Talks - Tamar Myers
Death Waxed Over - Tim Myers

Snuffed Out - Tim Meyers
Cape Perdido - Marcia Muller
Alibi - Stephen M Murphy

Evil Intentions - Denise Osborne
Murder Never Forgets - Diana O’Hehir

The Body in the Snowdrift - Katherine Hall Page
Death at Blenheim Palace - Robin Paige

Love Her to Death - Linda Palmer
4th Of July - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [audio]
4th of July - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Kiss the Girls
- James Patterson [audio]
Mary, Mary - James Patterson [audio]

Suspicion of Rage - Barbara Parker
The Dragon Scroll - I J Parker
London Bridges - James Patterson [audio]
Honeymoon - James Patterson and Howard Roughan [audio]
Honeymoon - James Patterson and Howard Roughan
Lifeguard - James Patterson and Andrew Gross
Lifeguard - James Patterson & Andrew Gross [audio]
Dutch Uncle - Peter Pavia
The Face in the Cemetery - Michael Pearce
The Point in the Market - Michael Pearce
The Girl in the Nile - Michael Pearce
The Snake Catcher's Daughter - Michael Pearce
A Dead Man in Istanbul - Michael Pearce

Cut and Run - Ridley Pearson
Drama City - George Pelecanos [audio]
Drama City - George Pelecanos
Courting Disaster - Joanne Pence
Seven Minutes to Noon - Kate Pepper
The Serpent on the Crown - Elizabeth Peters
The Serpent on the Crown - Elizabeth Peters [audio]
Weeping On Wednesday - Ann Purser

Deadly Detail -Don Porter



Secrets - Frederick Ramsay
Six For Gold - Mary Reed & Eric Mayer
Six for Gold - Mary Reed and Eric Meyer [review 2]
Cross Bones - Kathy Reichs
A Grave Man - David Roberts

Patterns in Silicon - Maureen Robb
Strange Affair - Peter Robinson [audio]
More Than They Could Chew - Rob Roberge
When Skylarks Fall - John Robinson
Hunter Killer - Patrick Robinson [audio]
Strange Affair - Peter Robinson [book]
Consolation for an Exile - Caroline Roe

Fever - Sean Rowe
Death On Beacon Hill - P. B. Ryan
Black Lily - Kam Ruble
Thicker Than Blood - Penny Rudolph
Evil Holds The Key- Norman Russell


Drive - James Sallis
Dark Fire - C J Sansom
Murder Uncorked
- Michele Scott

Killer Smile - Lisa Scottoline [book]
Knit One, Kill Two - Maggie Sefton
Viking: Odinn’s Child - Tim Severin
Killer Swell - Jeff Shelby
Simon Said- Sarah R Shaber
Snipe Hunt - Sarah R Shaber
Death in the Cards - Sharon Short
Secrets of the Widow’s Son
- David A. Shugarts

Detour - James Siegel [audio]
Detour - James Siegel [book]
Mew is for Murder - Clea Simon
Dangerous Curves - Judith Skillings
Like A Charm - Edited by Karin Slaughter [reveiw 2]

False Profits - Patricia Smiley
Bead on Trouble - Barbara Burnett Smith
Los Angeles - Peter Moore Smith
Breakout - Richard Stark
Lullaby and Goodnight - Wendy Corsi Staub
Spanish Enigma - Joseph Steven
Bubbles Betrothed - Sarah Strohmeyer

Bubbles A Broad - Sarah Strohmeyer
Murder of a Smart Cookie - Denise Swanson
A Wedding to Die For - Leann Sweeney
Bye Bye Love - Virginia Swift

Pain Killer - Will Staegar


The Spice Box - Lou Jane Temple
Now You See Her - Cecilia Tishy
Stagestruck - Cynthia Thomason
Murder on Lenox Hill - Victoria Thompson
The Forth Contention
- Thomas Thorpe
Stone Cold - Marilyn Todd
Keys to Death - Emily Toll
Live Bait
- P.J. Tracy
Double Eagle - James Twining
Grave Review - Cynthia Thomason
No One's Ever Sick in Springfield - Chaz Thompson

The Chinese Lake Murders - Robert Van Gulik
The Chinese Nail Murders - Robert Van Gulik
Just Murdered - Elaine Viets
Dying in Style
- Elaine Viets
Cobwebs and Contraband - Lana Waite
What Matters Blood - Tom Wallace
 Cradle Robbers - Ayelet Waldman
Unholy Death in Princeton - Ann Waldron
Trouble in Spades - Heather Webber
Killer Chameleon - Chassie West
Over Her Dead Body - Kate White
Over Her Dead Body - Kate White [audio]

Missing Persons - Stephen White
Pardonable Lies - Jacqueline Winspear
While I Disappear - Edward Wright


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