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The Gift of Murder - Edited by John M Ford
Woman into Wolf - Alysse Aallyn
Delusion - Peter Abrahams
The Alexander Cipher - Will Adams
Sister Pelagia and the Black Monk - Boris Akunin
Wormwood - Susan Wittig Albert
Wormwood - Susan Wittig Albert [2nd review]
No Rest for the Wiccan - Madelyn Alt
The Affair of the Mutilated Mink - James Anderson
Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon - Nancy Atherton
Pleasing the Dead - Deborah Turrell Atkinson
Sherlock Holmes in Russia - Alex Auswaks
DeKok and the Dead Harlequin - A. C. Baantjer
First Family - David Baldacci
First Family - David Baldacci [audio]
True Blue - David Baldacci [audio]
The Singing Sleuth Goes Home - D. B. Barton
Bones of Betrayal - Jefferson Bass
Resurrection Diva - Eva Batonne
The Black Tower - Louis Bayard [eBook]
Beat the Reaper - Josh Bazell [audio]
Death of an Addict - M C Beaton
Death of a Celebrity - M C Beaton
Death of a Charming Man - M C Beaton
Death of a Dentist - M C Beaton
Death of a Dustman - M C Beaton
Death of a Glutton - M C Beaton
Death of a Macho Man - M C Beaton
Death of a Nag - M C Beaton
Death of a Prankster - M. C. Beaton
Death of a Scriptwriter - M C Beaton
Death of a Travelling Man - M C Beaton
Death of a Witch - M. C. Beaton
There Goes The Bride - M C Beaton
Try Fear - James Scott Bell
Britten and Brülightly - Hannah Berry [graphic novel]
Death Message - Mark Billingham
In the Dark - Mark Billingham [Paperback]
In the Dark - Mark Billingham
Murder in the Latin Quarter - Cara Black
Takeover - Lisa Black
Humpty Dumpty was Pushed - Marc Blatte
No Such Creature - Giles Blunt
Final Finesse - Karna Small Bodman
The Masada Stones - E. W. Bonadio
The Last Testament - Sam Bourne
Service Dress Blue - Michael Bowen
Blue Heaven - C J Box
Final Approach - Rachel Brady
The Hotel Dick - Axel Brand
Milagro Lane - Jay Brandon
Caravaggio’s Angel - Ruth Brandon
Cutting Edge - Allison Brennan
Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King’s Daughter - Simon Brett
The Poisoning in the Pub - Simon Brett
Cabal of the Westford Knight - David S. Brody
Blood Wedding - P J Brooke
The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
Whiplash - Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
Cambridge Blue - Allison Bruce
Bahama Burnout - Don Bruns
Stuff Dreams Are Made Of - Don Bruns
Face of a Killer - Robin Burcell
Rain Gods - James Lee Burke
Unseen - Nancy Bush
Red Hot Lies - Laura Caldwell
August Heat - Andrea Camilleri
Missing Witness - Gordon Campbell
On the Grind - Stephen Cannell
Homicide in Hardcover - Kate Carlisle
Evil Beside Her - Kathryn Casey [Non-Fiction / True Crime]
The Sky Took Him - Donis Casey
Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes - Dixie Cash
Year of the Dog - Henry Chang
Deep Water - Kate Charles
Oolong Dead - Laura Childs
Embrace the Grim Reaper - Judy Clemens
Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child
Eggs in Purgatory - Laura Childs
The Joys of My Life - Alys Clare
Just Take My Heart - Mary Higgins Clark
It Only Takes a Moment - Mary Jane Clark
Shadows of Lancaster County - Mindy Starns Clark
Bright Hair About The Bone - Barbara Cleverly
Long Lost - Harlan Coben
Cry in the Night - Colleen Coble
Faces - Martina Cole
Fed Up - Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant
9 Dragons - Michael Connelly [audio]
The Scarecrow - Michael Connelly
The Scarecrow - Michael Connelly [audio]
Void Moon - Michael Connelly [audio]
Scattered Graves - Beverly Connor
Thirty-Three Teeth - Colin Cotterill
Holiday Grind - Cleo Coyle
Of All Sad Words - Bill Crider
Black Hats - Patrick Culhane
Red Sky in Morning - Patrick Culhane
Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks - John Curran [Non-fiction, associational]
Dying By The Sword - Sarah D’Almeida
Vi Agra Falls - Mary Daheim
The Witch’s Grave - Shirley Damsgaard
Evil Without A Face - Jordan Dane
Evil Without A Face - Jordan Dane [2nd review]
The Wrong Side of Dead - Jordan Dane
Diablo’s Shadow - Mark Danielson
Fatally Flaky - Diane Mott Davidson
Alexandria - Lindsey Davis
The Fitzgerald Ruse - Mark de Castrique
Shadows Still Remain - Peter de Jonge
The Paris Enigma - Pablo De Santis
The Paris Enigma - Pablo de Santis [2nd review]
A Moment of Silence - Anna Dean
The Boneman’s Daughters - Ted Dekker [audio]
Valley of the Lost - Vicki Delany
Winter of Secrets - Vicki Delany
The Gold Coast - Nelson DeMille [audio]
Death of a Pilgrim - David Dickinson
Death on the Holy Mountain - David Dickinson
The Dakota Cipher - William Dietrich
The Rosetta Key - William Dietrich
The Spies of Sobeck - Paul Doherty
Tutankhamun - Nick Drake
Red to Black - Alex Dryden
Red to Black - Alex Dryden [2nd Review]
Safe House - Christine Duncan [eBook]
The Black Ship - Carola Dunn
Fall of a Philanderer - Carola Dunn
Gunpowder Plot - Carola Dunn
A Ghost from the Shadows - Elizabeth Eagan-Cox[eBook]
Fault Line - Barry Eisler
A Perfect Death - Kate Ellis
Never Tell a Lie - Hallie Ephron
Never Tell A Lie - Hallie Ephron [2nd review]
Devil At The Crossroads - Olive Etchells
Between the Plums - Janet Evanovich [audio]
Floodgates - Mary Anna Evans
Esther May Morrow's Lot 62 - Arthur Everest [eBook]
Lethal Legacy - Linda Fairstein
In Search of the Source - Jeff Falkingham
Little Lamb Lost - Margaret Fenton
Therapy - Sebastian Fitzek
Madison Avenue Shoot - Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
Nameless Night - G. M. Ford
Osiris Alliance - Jack Ford
Wit's End - Karen Joy Fowler
Bloodborn - Kathryn Fox
Even Money - Dick Francis and Felix Francis
Relics of the Dead - Ariana Franklin
A Plague of Lions - Guy Fraser
The Prioress’s Tale - Margaret Frazer
The Likeness - Tana French
Running from the Devil - Jamie Freveletti
The DVD Murders - Bob Frey
Piercing the Veil - Jacqueline Fullerton
A Hemorrhaging of Souls - Nicola Furlong [eBook]
Unnatural States - Nicola Furlong [Multimedia]
The Memory Collector - Meg Gardiner
To Know Evil - Stephen Gaspar
Careless in Red - Elizabeth George
Two of the Deadliest Edited by Elizabeth George
The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes - Paul D Gilbert
Burn Notice: The End Game - Tod Goldberg
As If By Magic - Dolores Gordon-Smith
The Archangel Project - C.S. Graham
The Solomon Effect - C. S. Graham
A Circle of Souls - Preetham Grandhi
Even - Andrew Grant
The Juror - George Dawes Green [audio]
Ravens - George Dawes Green [audio]
Ravens - George Dawes Green [Book]
Above the Law - Tim Green
Devil's Food - Kerry Greenwood
Murder in the Dark - Kerry Greenwood
Murder on a Midsummer Night - Kerry Greenwood
Trick or Treat - Kerry Greenwood
A Vein of Deceit - Susanna Gregory
The Westminster Poisoner - Susanna Gregory
The Angel Singers - Dorien Grey
Blood Island - H. Terrell Griffin
Born to Run - James Grippando
Intent to Kill - James Grippando
The Associate - John Grisham
Don't Look Twice - Andrew Gross
The Hunted - Brian Haig
Man in the Middle - Brian Haig
Deep Down - Karen Harper
Where Serpents Sleep - C.S. Harris
Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris
The Secret Keeper - Paul Harris
The Sting of Justice - Cora Harrison
Dare to Die - Carolyn Hart
Merry, Merry Ghost - Carolyn Hart
What Time Devours - A J. Hartley
Blind Faith - Colin Harvey
Red, Green or Murder - Steven F. Havill
George Washington Stepped Here - K. D. Hayes
Worth Its Weight in Old - K. D. Hayes
Server Down - J. M. Hayes
The Killing Way - Tony Hays
The End of the Road - Sue Henry
Smoke and Whispers - Mick Herron
Nowhere-Land - A.W. Hill
The Price of Butcher's Meat - Reginald Hill
The Hidden - Tobias Hill
Dance Hall of the Dead - Tony Hillerman
People of Darkness - Tony Hillerman
A Thief of Time - Tony Hillerman
Dead Men’s Dust - Matt Hilton
"Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?" - Laura Hinds
Deadly Descent - Charlotte Hinger
Meltdown - Chuck Holton
In the Guise of Mercy - Wendy Hornsby
All the Dead Voices - Declan Hughes
Nutcase - Charlotte Hughes
Tempest at the Sunsphere - David Hunter
The Crime Writer - Gregg Hurwitz
Trust No One - Gregg Hurwitz
Moonlight Downs - Adrian Hyland
Lone Star - Edward Ifkovic
Tutankhamun - Christian Jacq
Fire and Ice - J A Jance
The King of Thieves - Michael Jecks
Never Say Sty - Linda O. Johnston
The Sign - Raymond Khoury
Docketful of Posey - Diana Killian
Decked with Folly - Kate Kingsbury
Crowner Royal - Bernard Knight
The Elixir of Death - Bernard Knight [audio]
Fear in the Forest - Bernard Knight [audio]
The Witch Hunter - Bernard Knight [audio]
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova [audio]
Diary of a Dead Man - Walter Krumm
Death and the Black Pyramid - Deryn Lake
Vanilla Ride - Joe R. Lansdale
Run A Crooked Mile - Janet LaPierre
Stealing Trinity - Ward Larsen
Blood and Bone - William Lashner [Paperback]
Death Perception - Victoria Laurie
Trust Me - Peter Leonard
Sandswept - Sarita Leone [eBook]
Sandswept - Sarita Leone [eBook] [2nd review]
A World I Never Made - James LePore
A Plague of Secrets - John Lescroart
Fatal February - Barbara Levenson
The Last Ember - Daniel Levin
An Unconventional Murder - Kenneth L. Levinson [eBook]
Little Blue Whales - Kenneth R. Lewis
Hollywood Buzz - Margit Liesche
Hardly Knew Her - Laura Lippman
Life Sentences - Laura Lippman
South of Shiloh - Chuck Logan
The Puppy Bomb - James Lynch
Cast the First Stone - Rebbie Macintyre
It’s Elementary, My Dear Winifred - Miss Mae [eBook]
Hold My Hand - Serena Mackesey
Company of Liars - Karen Maitland [2nd review]
Jump - Tim Maleeny
Executive Privilege - Phillip Margolin
Fugitive - Phillip Margolin
Sand Sharks - Margaret Maron
Bad Things - Michael Marshall
The Intruders - Michael Marshall
Shadow of Power - Steve Martini
Sweetheart Deal - Claire Matturro
Chinese Whispers - Peter May
Snakehead - Peter May
A Darker Domain - Val McDermid
Beneath the Bleeding - Val McDermid
The Harper's Quine - Pat McIntosh
The Nicholas Feast - Pat McIntosh
The Stolen Voice - Pat McIntosh
Fifty Grand - Adrian McKinty
King Arthur’s Bones - The Medieval Murderers
Tenth Justice - Brad Meltzer
Lords of Corruption - Kyle Mills
The Counterfeit Guest - Rose Melikan
Darling Jim - Christian Moerk
Six Seconds - Rick Mofina
Vengeance Road - Rick Mofina
The Shimmer - David Morrell
Script For Murder - Joan M Moules
Locked In - Marcia Muller
Cat Playing Cupid - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Her Deadly Mischief - Beverle Graves Myers
Poison Ivory - Tamar Myers
The Witch Doctor's Wife - Tamar Myers
The Night Watchman - Mark Mynheir
Nemesis - Jo Nesbø
The Ruffian on the Stair - Gary Newman
Danny and Da Mob - John S. Niblock
Tree Huggers - Judy Nichols
Shot Girl - Karen E. Olson
The Body in the Gallery - Katherine Hall Page
The Second Opinion - Michael Palmer
Leaden Skies - Ann Parker
The Renegades - T Jefferson Parker
The 8th Confession - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [book]
The 8th Confession - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [audio]
Alex Cross’s Trial - James Patterson / Richard Dilallo [audio]
Alex Cross's Trial - James Patterson [Book]
I, Alex Cross - James Patterson [audio]
I, Alex Cross - James Patterson [Book]
Run for Your Life - James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge [audio]
Swimsuit - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [Book]
Swimsuit - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [audio]
Women's Murder Club Box Set, Vol 2 - James Patterson [audio]
A Dangerous Affair (UK title Death of a Dancer) - Caro Peacock
A Dead Man in Barcelona - Michael Pearce
A Dead Man In Naples - Michael Pearce
Rupture - A. Scott Pearson
The Way Home - George Pelecanos
The Way Home - George Pelecanos [audio]
A Rule Against Murder - Louise Penny
A Christmas Grace - Anne Perry
Execution Dock - Anne Perry
Laughter of Dead Kings - Elizabeth Peters [audio]
Deep Night - Caroline Petit
In the Shadow of Gotham - Stefanie Pintoff
Secrets Unveiled - Sheshena Pledger
Conspiracy of Silence - Martha Powers
Cemetery Dance - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child [audio]
Notoriously Neat - Suzanne Price
Lacing Up for Murder - Irene Radford [eBook]
The Little Victim - R T Raichev
Choker - Frederick Ramsay
Predators - Frederick J. Ramsay
The Samaritan's Secret - Matt Beynon Rees
206 Bones - Kathy Reichs
Murder Under The Midnight Sun - Nicholas Rhea
A Lie for a Lie - Emilie Richards
Pursuit - Karen Robards
No More Dying - David Roberts
No More Dying - David Roberts [US Release]
Sweet Sorrow - David Roberts
All the Colors of Darkness - Peter Robinson
The Doomsday Key - James Rollins
The Last Oracle - James Rollins
Last Passage to Santiago - John F. Rooney
I Can See You - Karen Rose [audio]
I Can See You - Karen Rose [book]
Kill for Me - Karen Rose
Deadly Angel - Fred Rosen [Non-fiction True Crime]
New Tricks - David Rosenfelt
Box 21 - Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom
Chambers of Death - Priscilla Royal
The Dorset House Affair - Norman Russell
Air Time - Hank Phillippi Ryan
Face Time - Hank Phillippi Ryan
Prime Time - Hank Phillippi Ryan
Quilter's Knot - Arlene Sachitano
Conspiracy - Harley L. Sachs
Wicked Prey - John Sandford
Last Call - JD Seamus
The Dance of Death - Kate Sedley
Murder in Mykonos - Jeffrey M. Siger
My Soul to Take - Yrsa Sigurdardottir
My Soul to Take - Yrsa Sigurdardóttir [2nd Review]
Probable Claws - Clea Simon
An Old Chaos - Sheila Simonson
Drood - Dan Simmons [audio]
Rabbit in the Moon - Deborah & Joel Shlian
Death at Hilliard High - Carole Shmurak
A Woman to Blame - Marthanne Shubert [eBook]
cut, crop & die - Joanna Campbell Slan
Tea Time For The Traditionally Built - Alexander McCall Smith
The Secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith [Book]
The Secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith [audio]
The Fool’s Folly - Keith Souter
Melody - Stacy-Deanne
The Second Death of Goodluck Tinubu - Michael Stanley
Angel's Advocate - Mary Stanton
Defending Angels - Mary Stanton
The King of Swords - Nick Stone
Certain Jeopardy - Captain Jeff Struecker with Alton Gansky
Murder of a Royal Pain - Denise Swanson
The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse - Leann Sweeney
The Pain Nurse - Jon Talton
Capture - Robert K. Tanenbaum
A Little Learning - Jane Tesh
Churchyard and Hawke - E V Thompson
Ghostwriter - Travis Thrasher
A Duty to the Dead - Charles Todd
A Matter of Justice - Charles Todd
A Matter of Justice - Charles Todd [2nd review]
Blood Moon - Marilyn Todd
The Worcester Whisperers - Kerry Tombs
The Council of the Cursed - Peter Tremayne
Gilded Seal - James Twining
Robert Ludlum's™ The Bourne Deception - Eric Van Lustbader [audio]
Spectral Rewind: The Class - Terry Lloyd Vinson
The Well Meaning Killer - Miranda Philips Walker
The Well Meaning Killer - Miranda Phillips Walker [2nd Review]
Dead On - Robert W. Walker
Desert Lost - Betty Webb
Death Takes the Cake - Melinda Wells
Where Petals Fall - Shirley Wells
Get Real - Donald E. Westlake
Lethally Blond - Kate White
The Siege - Stephen White
The Fifteenth Letter - Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler
Romantic Notions - Karen Wiesner & Chris Spindler
The Temptation of the Night Jasmine - Lauren Willig
Beware the Barracuda - Donald Robert Wilson
Dead in the Water - Stuart Woods
Dirt - Stuart Woods
Grass Roots - Stuart Woods
New York Dead - Stuart Woods
The Run - Stuart Woods
Santa Fe Rules - Stuart Woods
Swimming to Catalina - Stuart Woods
White Cargo - Stuart Woods
Worst Fears Realized - Stuart Woods
Alibi - Teri Woods [audio]
Alibi - Teri Woods
Dutch - Teri Woods
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