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The Gift of Murder - Edited by John M Ford
Murder in La-la Land - edited by Naomi Hiraham, Eric Stone, Juliet Blackad
The Sacred Stone - The Medieval Murderers
Christmas at The Mysterious BookShop- Edited by Otto Penzler  
In The Dead of Winter - Abbey Pen Baker - historical mystery
Absolute Power - David Baldacci [audio]
True Blue - David Baldacci [Book]
Deliver Us From Evil
- David Baldacci [audio]
Fear the Worst - Linwood Barclay
The White Garden - Stephanie Barron
Death of a Bore - M C Beaton
Death of a Dreamer - M C Beaton
Death of a Poison Pen - M C Beaton
Death of a Valentine - M C Beaton
Death of a Valentine - M C Beaton [2nd review]
Death of a Village - M C Beaton
Death of a Witch - M C Beaton
Death of a Witch - M C Beaton [2nd review]
A Highland Christmas - M C Beaton
Agatha Raisin and the Busy Body - M C Beaton
Sick of Shadows - M.C. Beaton
Death of a Dreamer - M C Beaton
Death of a Maid - M C Beaton
Snobbery With Violence
- M C Beaton / Marion Chesney
Hasty Death - M C Beaton / Marion Chesney
Our Lady of Pain - M C Beaton/Marion Chesney
The Intrigue at Highbury: Or, Emma's Match - Carrie Bebris- historical mystery
North by Northanger - Carrie Bebris- historical mystery
The Midnight House - Alex Berenson
Gutshot Straight - Lou Berney
Capitol Offense - William Bernhardt
The Italian Potion - Edward Bewley
Death Message - Mark Billingham
Elegy for April - Benjamin Black, aka John Banville [audio] - historical mystery
The Pendragon Murders - J. M. C. Blair
The Last Testament - Sam Bourne
Ordinary Thunderstorms - William Boyd
Last to Die - Kate Brady
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - Alan Bradley- historical mystery
The Weed That Swings the Hangman's Bag - Alan Bradley - historical mystery
Blotto, Twinks and the Dead Dowager Duchess - Simon Brett - historical mystery
The Bone Chamber - Robin Burcell
Executive Intent - Dale Brown
Executive Intent - Dale Brown [review 2]
The Sacred Blood - Michael Byrnes

Memory of Flames - Armand Cabasson
Our Red Hot Romance Is Leaving Me Blue - Dixie Cash
Heat Wave - Richard Castle [audio]
The Teaberry Strangler - Laura Childs
A Murder of Crows - P.F. Chisholm- historical mystery
A Darker God - Barbara Cleverly
Strange Images of Death - Barbara Cleverly
Cook the Books - Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant
A Nose for Hanky Panky - Sharon Love Cook

Secret of the Seventh Son - Glenn Cooper
Book of Souls - Glenn Cooper
The Reversal - Michael Connelly
Holiday Grind - Cleo Coyle
Going Gone - Laura Crum


Friends of the Family - Tommy Dades and Michael Vecchione with David Fisher [Non-Fiction / True Crime]
Loco Motive - Mary Daheim
The Seventh Witch - Shirley Damsgaard
BoneMan's Daughter - Ted Dekker
The Bride Collector - Ted Dekker
The Lion - Nelson DeMille
The Lion -Nelson DeMille - book
The Lion - Nelson DeMille [audio]
Exposť - Hannah Dennison
Death of a Wine Merchant - David Dickinson- historical mystery
The Barbary Pirates - William Dietrich
Death without Tenure - Joanne Dobson
The Mysterium - Paul Doherty - historical mystery
The Poacher’s Son - Paul Doiron [audio]
Gator A-Go-Go - Tim Dorsey
Sheer Folly - Carola Dunn


The Serpent Pool - Martin Edwards
The Shadow Woman - Ake Edwardson
The Flesh Tailor
- Kate Ellis- historical mystery
Alone - Loren D. Estleman
Between the Plums - Janet Evanovich [audio]
Sizzling Sixteen - Janet Evanovich [audio]
Wicked Appetite - Janet Evanovich [audio]

Fragment - Warren Fahy
American Assassin
- Vince Flynn
Even Money - Dick Francis & Felix Francis
Grave Goods - Ariana Franklin
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter -Tom Franklin - historical mystery
Avenging The Dead - Guy Fraser - historical mystery
Faithful Place - Tana French


The Tehran Conviction - Tom Gabbay
The Neighbor - Lisa Gardner
This Body of Death -Elizabeth George
Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra - Paul D Gilbert - historical mystery
A Holiday Yarn - Sally Goldenbaum

The Eleventh Victim - Nancy Grace
False Conviction - Tim Green
The Last Christian -  David Gregory
The Killer of Pilgrims - Susanna Gregory - historical mystery
A Murder on London Bridge - Susanna Gregory- historical mystery
The Black Cat - Martha Grimes
Money to Burn - James Grippando
Donít Look Twice - Andrew Gross
The Templar Knight - Jan Guillou


When Winter Returns - Kathryn Miller Haines
The Queen of Patpong - Timothy Hallinan
The Ninth Daughter - Barbara Hamilton
Dead Head - Rosemary Harris
Laughed 'Til He Died - Carolyn Hart
Merry, Merry Ghost - Carolyn Hart
Ghost in Trouble - Carolyn Hart
House of Secrets - Richard Hawke
The Divine Sacrifice - Tony Hays
Midnight Fugue - Reginald Hill
31 Bond Street - Ellen Horan - historical mystery
The Paramour’s Daughter - Wendy Hornsby

Among Thieves - David Hosp
Gently By The Shore - Alan Hunter
Gently Does It - Alan Hunter

Death Angel - David Jacobs
In the Absence of Iles - Bill James
The Pawn - Steven James
Damage Control - J.A. Jance
Dead to Rights - J.A. Jance
Shoot Don't Shoot - J.A. Jance
Tombstone Courage - J.A. Jance
Talking About Detective Fiction - P D James [Non-fiction, associational]
The Pull of the Moon - Diane Janes
Junk Yard Dogs - Craig Johnson
Double Cross - James David Jordan

The Ragtime Fool - Larry Karp
Evidence - Jonathan Kellerman
Evidence - Jonathan Kellerman [2nd review]
A Plague of Heretics - Bernard Knight
Decked with Folly - Kate Kingsbury
Murder in Paradise - Alanna Knight
The Marks of Cain - Tom Knox
The Swan Thieves - Elizabeth Kostova
The Swan Thieves - Elizabeth Kostova [audio]

The Perfect Assassin - Ward Larsen
The Breach - Patrick Lee
Shutter Island - Denise Lehane
Pronto - Elmore Leonard
Riding the Rap - Elmore Leonard
Treasure Hunt - John Lescroart
Arsenic and Old Paint - Hailey Lind
Deadlock - Robert Liparulo
The Devil’s Company - David Liss
Maids of Misfortune - M. Louisa Locke
Death Echo- Elizabeth Lowell
Fugitive - Phillip Margolin
Supreme Justice - Phillip Margolin
Guardian of Lies - Steve Martini
End of the Line - Mike Manno
The Disappearance of Irene Dos Santos - Margaret Mascarenhas
Freeze Frame - Peter May
The Runner - Peter May
Virtually Dead - Peter May
The Pyramid of Doom - Andy McDermott

Snares and Nets - Catriona McCuaig
The Significant Seven - John McEvoy
A Lost Wife's Tale - Marion McGilvary
A Pig of Cold Poison - Pat McIntosh
The Mistaken Wife - Rose Melikan
Still Midnight - Denise Mina
Panic Zone - Rick Mofina
Tainted - Brooke Morgan
Keeper of Light and Dust - Natasha Mostert
Cat Playing Cupid - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Cat Striking Back - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Cat Coming Home - Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Heart of Lies - M L Malcolm
The Devilís Star - Jo Nesbø
On Deadly Ground - Michael Norman

Totally Killer - Greg Olear
The Second Opinion - Michael Palmer [Paperback release]
Heresy - S J Parris
The Little Death - P.J. Parrish
Broken Places - Sandra Parshall
Worst Case - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
Worst Case - James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge [audio]
The 9th Judgement - James Patterson &   Maxine Paetro [audio]
Private - James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [book]
The Postcard Killers - James Patterson and Liza Marklund [audio]
A Dead Man in Naples - Michael Pearce
The Lineup - Otto Penzler, editor [Associational Reference Non-fiction]
The Laughter of Dead Kings - Elizabeth Peters
After The Fire - John Pilkington
Fever Dream - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [audio]
Fever Dream - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [Book]

The Curious Incident At Claridgeís - R T Raichev
Doors Open - Ian Rankin
Invisible Boy - Cornelia Read
Mean Town Blues - Sam Reaves
Eight for Eternity - Mary Reed and Eric Mayer
The Cruelest Cut - Rick Reed
The Fourth Assassin - Matt Beynon Rees
The Hiding Place of Thunder - Keith Remer
Constable at the Fair - Nicholas Rhea
Constable in the Country - Nicholas Rhea
Constable Over The Hill - Nicholas Rhea
Constable Beats The Bounds - Nicholas Rhea [nonfiction / mystery related]

Sherlock Holmes’s Tibetan Adventure - John F Rice
A Spy at Home - Joseph M Rinaldo

Big Jack - J.D. Robb [audio]
Fantasy In Death - J.D. Robb
Kindred In Death - J.D. Robb
Doomsday Key - James Rollins

The Holy Bullet - Luis Miguel Rocha
Hemlock Lake - Carolyn J. Rose
The Big Grabow$ki - Carolyn J. Rose & Mike Nettleton
I Can See You - Karen Rose [audio]
More Deaths Than One - Jean Rowden
City of War - Neil Russell
The Calton Papers - Norman Russell
Drive Time - Hank Phillippi Ryan
Pipeline - Peter Schechter
Assassins of Athens - Jeffrey Siger
Death is the Cure - Nicola Slade
The Double Comfort Safari Club - Alexander McCall Smith
Angelís Advocate - Mary Stanton [2nd review]
Avenging Angels - Mary Stanton
Live to Tell - Wendi Corsi Staub
The Nearest Exit - Olen Steinhauer

Targets of Deception - Jeffrey Stephens

The Skorpion Directive - David Stone
Blaze of Glory - Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky
Murder of a Wedding Belle - Denise Swanson
Rogue Threat - A. J. Tata
Truth - Peter Temple
The Fallen - Mark Terry
Frag Box - Richard Thompson
The Ledbury Lamplighters - Kerry Tombs
Innocent - Scott Turow
Saving Max - Antoinette van Heugten  
The Bourne Objective - Eric Van Lustbrader [book]
Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Objective - Eric Van Lustbader - [audio]
Hollywood Moon - Joseph Wambaugh [audio]
Hollywood Moon - Joseph Wambaugh [Book]
Hush - Kate White
The Mischief of the Mistletoe - Lauren Willig [book]
The Mischief of the Mistletoe - Lauren Willig [audio]
Dutch II: Angel's Revenge - Teri Woods
Midnight Fires - Nancy Means Wright

The Mullah's Storm - Thomas Young
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