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Hill of Bones - Medieval Murderers [anthology] – historical mystery

Lost and Fondue - Avery Aames
Finger Lickin' Dead - Riley Adams
Mourning Gloria - Susan Wittig Albert
The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies - Susan Wittig Albert – historical mystery
The Tale of Castle Cottage - Susan Wittig Albert-historical mystery
Ghost Ship - P.J. Aldeman
Foul Play at the PTA - Laura Alden
The Perfect Prey - James Andrus
Fall From Grace - Wayne Arthurson
Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree - Nancy Atherton
Infamous -Ace Atkins - historical suspense
Werewolf Smackdown - Mario Acevedo
- paranormal PI

The Gilded Shroud - Elizabeth Bailey – historical mystery
Hell's Corner - David Baldacci [audio]
The Accident - Linwood Barclay
The Genesis Key -James Barney
Dead By Midnight - Beverly Barton - romantic suspense
Dead by Morning - Beverly Barton - romantic suspense
Sentenced to Death - Lorna Barrett
The Bone Thief - Jefferson Bass
The Bone Thief – Jefferson Bass [review 2]
The Silenced - Brett Battles
Blacklands – Belinda Bauer
Death of a Sweep - M C Beaton
The Skeleton in the Closet - M C Beaton
Death of a Chimney Sweep - M. C. Beaton
As The Pig Turns - M C Beaton
A Rather Remarkable Homecoming - C.A. Belmond
Cemetery Girl - David Bell
Warlord - Ted Bell
Flipped Out - Jennie Bentley
Following Polly - Karen Bergreen
The Secret Soldier - Alex Berenson
Oliver Twist Investigates - G M Best– historical mystery
Evidence of Murder - Lisa Black
Trail of Blood - Lisa Black
Hexes and Hemlines - Juliet Blackwell
Skirting the Grave - Annette Blair
A Drop of the Hard Stuff - Lawrence Block
Dire Threads - Janet Bolin
Pleating for Mercy - Melissa Bourbon
The Final Reckoning - Sam Bourne
Naughty in Nice - Rhys Bowen -historical mystery
The Bricklayer - Noah Boyd
The Bricklayer - Noah Boyd [2nd Review]
Agent X - Noah Boyd
Back of Beyond - C.J. Box
Cold Wind - C.J. Box
A Red Herring Without Mustard - Allan Bradley - historical suspense
A Sheetcake Named Desire - Jacklyn Brady
Kiss Me, Kill Me - Allison Brennan
The Shooting in the Shop - Simon Brett
Bones Under The Beach Hut - Simon Brett
Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead -Emily Brightwell - historical mystery
Mrs. Jeffries and the Mistletoe Mix-Up - Emily Brightwell
- christmas - historical mystery
Black Wolf - Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
Lethal - Sandra Brown
Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff - Don Bruns

The Wycliffe Omnibus - W J Burley
Nights of the Red Moon - Milton T. Burton


The Track of Sand - Andre Camilleri
The Chocolate Castle Clue - Joanna Carl
Shoe Done It - Grace Carroll
ndia Black - Carol K. Carr
Deadly Notions - Elizabeth Lynn Casey
Dangerous Alterations - Elizabeth Lynn Casey
I Can't Make You Love Me, but I Can Make You Leave - Dixie Cash

Skeleton Letters - Laura Childs
Worth Dying For - Lee Child
The Affair - Lee Child
Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

The Enchanter’s Forest - Alys Clare – Historical Mystery
The Law of Angels - Cassandra Clark – historical mystery
To Have and To Kill - Mary Jane Clark
Dying for Mercy - Mary Jane Clark
The Blood Royal - Barbara Cleverly - historical mystery
Live Wire - Harlan Coben
Power Down - Ben Coes

Coup d’ Etat - Ben Coes
The First Domino - Dennis Collins
Night of the Living Dandelion - Kate Collins
To Catch a Leaf - Kate Collins
Innocent Monster - Reed Farrel Coleman
 The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly - [audio]

The Reversal - Michael Connelly - [audio]

The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly
A Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly [audio]

Suicide Run - Michael Connelly - [audio]

Bitter Harvest - Sheila Connolly
Let’s Play Dead - Sheila Connolly
An Uninvited Ghost - E.J. Copperman
Disco For the Departed – Colin Cotterill
Killed at the Whim of a Hat - Colin Cotterill
The Bad Always Die Twice - Cheryl Crane
No Urn for the Ashes - Alison Sawyer Current


Other Eyes - Barbara D’Amato
All The Pretty Hearses - Mary Daheim
Murder in Burnt Orange - Jeanne M Dams - Historical Mystery
The Echo of Violence - Jordan Dane
A Hard Day's Fright - Casey Daniels
The Diva Haunts the House - Krista Davis
Crunch Time- Diane Mott Davidson [audio]

Crunch Time - Diane Mott Davidson
Crunch Time- Diane Mott Davidson [audio]

The Sandburg Connection - Mark de Castrique
Shadows Still Remain - Peter de Jonge
Bit Player - Janet Dawson
A Woman of Consequence – Anna Dean – Historical Mystery
The Bride Collector - Ted Dekker [audio]

Death in a Scarlet Coat - David Dickinson – Historical Mystery
Death in a Scarlet Coat - David Dickinson (2) – Historical Mystery
Blood of the Reich - William Dietrich- historical suspense
Die Buying - Laura DiSilverio
Moscow Sting - Alex Dryden
Anthem for a Doomed Youth - Carolyn Dunn –Historical Mystery


Body Line - Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Eye of the Red Tsar - Sam Eastland - historical suspense
The Worst Thing
- Aaron Elkins
Inside Out - Barry Eisler
The Jackal Man - Kate Ellis
The Funeral Boat - Kate Ellis
Come and Find Me - Hallie Ephron

Come and Find Me - Hallie Ephron [review 2]


Finding Nouf - Zoë Ferraris
Skating On Thin Ice - Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
A Most Peculiar Mal aysian Murder - Shamini Flint
Spider Web - Earlene Fowler
Dick Francis’s Gamble - Felix Francis
Tomb of the Serpent - Guy Fraser

Running Dark - James Freveletti
The Ninth Day - Jamie Freveletti


A Case of Hometown Blues - W.S. Gager
Broken English - P. L. Gaus
Clouds without Rain - P.L. Gaus

Blood of the Prodigal - P L Gaus
Girl Missing - Tess Gerritsen
The Wedding Shawl - Sally Goldenbaum
The Janissary Tree - Jason Goodwin – historical mystery
Absolute Risk - Steven Gore
Act of Deceit - Steven Gore
New-Slain Knight - Deborah Grabien
Keys to the Kingdom - Senator Bob Graham
The Babylonian Codex - C. S. Graham
The Body in the Thames - Susanna Gregory  – historical mystery
Mystery in the Minster - Susanna Gregory – historical mystery
The House at Sea’s End – Elly Griffiths
Afraid of the Dark - James Grippando
Reckless -Andrew Gross
Eyes Wide Open -Andrew Gross


Wanting Sheila Dead - Jane Haddam
How To Moon A Cat - Rebecca Hale
The Redeemed - M.R. Hall
Where Shadows Dance - C.S. Harris – historical mystery
Shakespeare’s Landlord - Charlaine Harris
Slugfest - Rosemary Harris
Picture of Lies - C.C. Harrison
Dead by Midnight - Carolyn Hart
Ghost in Trouble - Carolyn Hart [review 2]
False Mermaid - Erin Hart
The Third Rail - Michael Harvey
The Talented Mr. Ripley - Patricia Highsmith
The Woodcutter - Reginald Hill
Chosen - Chandra Hoffman
Chosen - Chandra Hoffman
31 Bond Street - Ellen Horan (2)– historical mystery
The House of Silk - Anthony Horowitz - historical mystery
Among Thieves – David Hosp
Death of a Teacher - Lis Howell
Gently Down The Stream - Alan Hunter
Gently In The Sun - Alan Hunter
Landed Gently - Alan Hunter
Gently Through The Mill - Alan Hunter
Moonlight Downs -Adrian Hyland
Grace Interrupted - Julie Hyzy


Inmate 1577 - Alan Jacobson
Hotbed - Bill James
Classified as Murder - Miranda James

Queen of the Night - J.A. Jance
Queen of the Night - J A Jance [review 2]
The Oath - Michael Jecks – historical mystery
Hell is Empty - Craig Johnson
Hell is Empty - Craig Johnson (2)

The More the Terrier -
Linda O. Johnston


The Boy in the Suitcase – Lene Kaaberbol and Agnette Friis
Nine Man’s Murder - Eric Keith
Sleight of Paw -Sofie Kelly
Hangman - Faye Kellerman
Devil-Devil - G W Kent - historical mystery 
Stay Tuned for Murder - Mary Kennedy
Death in a Difficult Position - Diana Killian
Herald of Death - Kate Kingsbury - historical mystery
Mind Over Murder - Allison Kingsley
The Seal King Murders - Alanna Knight - historical mystery
The Cypress House - Michael Koryta
Northwest Angle - William Kent Krueger


The Ice Princess - Camilla Lackberg
Death in the Setting Sun – Deryn Lake – historical mystery
Fly by Night - Ward Larsen
Vision Impossible - Victoria Laurie
Silent Victim - C.E. Lawrence
The Lantern - Deborah Lawrence
Harrowing Hats - Jim and Joyce Levene
Ghost Country - Patrick Lee
Moonlight Mile - Dennis Lehane
Drawing Conclusions - Donna Leon
Next Time You See Me - Katia Lief
Liver Let Die - Liz Lipperman
I’d Know You Anywhere - Laura Lippman
The Girl in the Green Raincoat - Laura Lippman
The Most Dangerous Thing - Laura Lippman
Button Holed - Kylie Logan
Death at the Château Bremont - M.L. Longworth
[review 1]
Death at the Chateau Bremont - M L Longworth [review 2]
Upon a Dark Night – Peter Lovesey
Stagestruck - Peter Lovesey
The Miraculous Plot of Leiter and Lott - Jonathan Lowe
Cookie Dough or Die - Virginia Lowell
Death Echo - Elizabeth Lowell
First, Do No Harm - D P Lyle


Louis and the Missing Heiress - Anna Maclean – historical mystery
Square Root of Murder - Ada Madison
The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder - Mary Jane Maffini
Identity: Lost - Pascal Marco
Supreme Justice - Philip Margolin
The Rule of Nine - Steve Martini
Bad Things - Michael Marshall
The Serpents of Harbledown – Edward Marston – historical mystery
Railway to the Grave - Edward Marston – historical mystery
Blood on the Line - Edward Marston – historical mystery
A Bespoke Murder - Edward Marston - historical mystery
Healer’s Heresy - Alex Matthews
The Tag Man - Archer Mayor
The Inner Circle - Brad Meltzer
The Inner Circle - Brad Meltzer [audio]

Till Death Do Us Bark - Judi Mccoy
Fever of the Bone - Val McDermid
Rebellion - James McGee – historical mystery
The Counterfeit Madam - Pat McIntosh
Books Can Be Deceiving - Jenn McKinlay
Death by the Dozen - Jenn McKinlay
L.A. Mental - Neil McMahon
Robert Ludlum’s ™ The Ares Decision - Kyle Mills
End of the Wasp Season - Denise Mina [audio]

In Desperation - Rick Mofina
A Killing in Antiques - Mary Moody
The Sherlockian - Graham Moore
Coming Back - Marcia Muller
Hill of Bones - Medieval Murderers [anthology] – historical mystery
The Glass is Always Greener - Tamar Myers
The Corruptible - Mark Mynheimk

The Marshal Makes his Report – Magdalen Nabb
Saints Gate - Carla Neggers
The Redbreast - Jo Nesbø

Ink Flamingo - Karen E Olson
Formula for Murder
- Diana Orgala


Body in the Sleigh - Katherine Hall Page
Body in the Gazebo - Katherine Lee Page
Delirious - Daniel Palmer
To Sketch a Thief - Sharon Pape
Iron River - T. Jefferson Parker
Heresy – S J Parris – historical mystery
Cross Fire - James Patterson [audio]

Don't Blink - James Patterson, Howard Roughan [audio]

Tick Tock -James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge [audio]

Now You See Her - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge [audio]

A Family Affair - Caro Peabody
A Dead Man In Malta -Michael Pearce
A Trick of the Light - Louise Penny
Sweet Revenge - Andrea Penrose
A Christmas Odyssey - Anne Perry
Treason at Lisson Grove - Anne Perry - historical mystery
A River in the Sky - Elizabeth Peters - historical mystery
Forced to Kill - Andrew Peterson [audio]

Every Shallow Cut - Tom Piccirilli
The Lesson Plan - GJ Prager
The Measby Murder Enquiry - Ann Purser

Mind Your Own Beeswax - Hannah Reed
Indulgence in Death – J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts) – futuristic
Island of Bones - Imogen Robertson – historical mystery
Altar of Eden - James Rollins
The Devil Colony - James Rollin
Down to the Wire – David Rosenfelt
Three Seconds - Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom
Triple Crossing - Sebastian Rotella
The Guilty Plea - Robert Rotenberg
Wild Case - Neil Russell

Shock Wave -John Sandford
Self’s Punishment - Bernhard Schlink
Unraveled - Maggie Sefton
Boogie Down
- Daniel Serrano
Portrait of a Spy - Daniel Silva
The Penguin Book of Victorian Women in Crime - Michaels Sims
Murder Fortissimo - Nicola Slade
Fallen - Karin Slaughter
Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter
Kisscut - Karin Slaughter
A Faint Cold Fear - Karin Slaughter
Indelible - Karin Slaughter
The Breath of God - Jeffrey Small
The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party - Alexander McCall Smith
Flowerbed of State - Dorothy St. James
Shiver of Fear - Roxanne St. Claire
Who Do Voodoo? - Rochelle Staab
Though Not Dead – Dana Stabenow
Angels Verdict - Mary Stanton
Angel Condemned - Mary Stanton
Scared to Death - Wendi Corsi Staub

The Curse-Maker – Kelli Stanley – historical mystery
Murder of a Creped Suzette - Denise Swanson
The Cat, The Lady and the Liar - Leann Sweeney


Cradle to the Grave - Aline Templeton
The Valley of Shadows - Mark Terry
Between the Thames and the Tiber -Tedd Riccardi - historical mystery
Murder on Sisters' Row -Victoria Thompson - historical mystery
An Impartial Witness - Charles Todd
A Bitter Truth - Charles Todd [review 1]
Tempest in the Tea Leaves - Kari Lee Townsend


Seeking Whom He May Devour – Fred Vargas
The Three Evangelists - Fred Vargas
An Uncertain Place- Fred Vargas
Pumped for Murder - Elaine Viets
Death on a Platter - Elaine Viets


Hollywood Moon - Joseph Wambaugh [book]
Hollywood Hills - Joseph Wambaugh [book]
Hollywood Hills - Joseph Wambaugh [audio]

How to Party with a Killer Vampire - Penny Warner
Shadows of a Down East Summer - Lea Wait
The Gingerbread Bump-off - Livia J. Washburn -christmas
- christmas
A Parfait Murder - Wendy Lyn Watson
Pie a la Murder - Melinda Wells
The Demon’s Parchment - Jeri Westerson - historical mystery
The Sixes - Kate White [review 1]
The Sixes - Kate White [review 2]
The Stranger You Seek - Amanda Kyle Williams
The Orchid Affair - Lauren Willig - historical mystery
An Incomplete Revenge – Jacqueline Winspear – historical mystery
A Lesson in Secrets - Jacqueline Winspear - historical mystery
The Nightmare - Nancy Means Wright -historical mystery
Publish & Perish – Sally Wright

A Killing Frost - Patricia Wynn – historical mystery

Beneath a Weeping Sky – Frank Zafiro
A Taste of the Nightlife - Sarah Zettel
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