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The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century - Edited Tony Hillerman &  Otto Penzler
Cat Crimes Thru Time - Edited by Ed Gorman 

A Deadly Dozen - Susan B. Casmier, Aljean Harmetz, Cynthia Lawrence
The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunits - Edited by Mike Ashley
Malice Domestic 9 - Edited by Joan Hess
Murder & Obsession - Hardboiled Anthology
Murder, Mayhem and Mistletoe -
Mystery in Mind - Rhine Research Center (Various Authors)
Royal Whodunnit - Edited by
Mike Ashley (editor)  
J L Abbott
The Third Corner 
Peter Abrahams
A Perfect Crime
Peter Abresch
Killing Thyme

Tip A Canoe
Robert Aiello
Shadow in the Mirror
Susan Wittig Albert
Mistletoe Man
Letha Albright
Daredevil's Apprentice
Bobby Jaye Allen
Every First Saturday

Early's Pride
Jack Allen
Change of Heart - [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Tracy Allen
Texas Weather
Ralph Allen
The Heart of Matthew Jade 
Edmund Andracki
Fatal Prognosis
James Anderson
The Affair of the Bloodstained Cosy
The Affair of the Multilated Mink
Donna Andrews
Revenge of the Wrought Iron Flamingos
Barbara Pearson Arau
Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah 
Robert E. Armstrong
Index of Suspicion
Mark Arsenault
David Ambrose
The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk
Michael Asher
The Eye of Ra
Deborah Turrell Atkinson
Primitive Secrets
[ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

Curt Autry
The Reunion

Annette Burget Bailey
Frankie Y. Bailey 
Death's Favorite Child

A Dead Man's Honor
Old Murders
David Baldacci
Saving Faith

Last Man Standing

Split Second - [book]
Frank Baldwin
Jake & Mimi

Brittan Barclay
Off Pace   [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

Nevada Barr
Blood Lure
Lynnette Baughman
Thin Disguise 
M C Beamon
Harrison T. Beardsley
Flying for an Angel
M.C. Beaton
Death of a Dustman
Agatha Raisin & the Quiche of Death
Agatha Raisin & the Vicious Vet
Death Of A Celebrity

Agatha Raisin And The Love From Hell

Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate

Death of a Village
Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Kill Her Again

All Roads Lead to Murder
Laura Belgrave
Quietly Dead

Deadly Associations
Marc Bernier
Living Dead Man
Ron and Janet Benrey
Little White Lies
William Bernhardt
Murder One
Linda Berry
Death and the Easter Bunny
Death and the Hubcap 
Michael A. Black
A Killing Frost

Michelle Black
Solomon Spring
The Second Glass of Absinthe

Al Blanchard
The Iscariot Conspiracy
The Disappearance of Jenna Drago
Alice Blanchard
The Breathtaker
Alice Blanchard
A Darkness Peering
Joan Blacher
Murder Canyon
Lawrence Block
Hit Man
The Burglar in the Rye 

Hope to Die

Enough Rope
Norman Bogner
The Deadliest Art
Michael Bond
Monsieur Pamplemousse on Probation
Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation
Mark Bornstein
Brick Mallery, Private Investigator [audio]
Paula Boyd
Hot Enough to Kill

Dead Man Falls
D. Edward Bradley
Sandra Brewer
Murder For Beltene
Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson
Danger Crossed Moments
Jan Brogan
Final Copy
Dale Brown
Air Battle Force
D.J. Brown
Sweet Revenge
Sandra Brown
Pat Browning
Full Circle
Sinclair Browning
Rode Hard, Put Away Dead
Alan Brudner
Mind Games
Edna Buchanan
Suitable for Framing
D. W. Buffa
The Judgement
The Legacy
T.Davis Bunn
The Great Divide
Alafair Burke
Judgment Calls
James Lee Burke

Purple Cane Road 
Jan Burke
EL Burton
Soft Money
Melody Bussey
Crazy Cats
Frank Caceres
Because They Were
Austin S. Camacho
Collateral Damage
Wanda Canada
Island Murders 
R. Poole-Carter
What Remains 
Lillian Stewart Carl
Shadows in Scarlet
Carol Caverly
Dead in Hog Heaven
Sandra Levy Ceren
Prescription for Terror
Andrew Ceroni
David Champion
Phantom Virus
Lee Child
Without Fail
Laura Childs
Death by Darjeeling
Lawrence Christopher
All About Mary
P. F.  Chisholm
Famine Of Horses

A Plague of Angels 
Agatha Christie
Black Coffee

The Harlequin Tea Set
Philomel Cottage & Other Stories [audio]

The Unexpected Guest
Sad Cypress [audio]

The Affair of the Pink Pearl & Finessing the King
Black Coffee
Jill Churchill 
Anything Goes

In the Still of the Night 
The House of Seven Mables

Someone to Watch Over Me
Love for Sale
Bell, Book, and Scandal
Edie Claire
Never Buried

Never Preach Past Noon
Mary Higgins Clark
Silent Night

Daddy's Little Girl

Before I Say Goodbye
Mindy Starns Clark
Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels
A. Carman Clark
The Maine Mulch Murder
Alys Clare
The Tavern in the Morning
Chatter of the Maidens

The Faithful Dead
Peter Clement
Critical Condition
Barbara Cleverly
The Last Kashmiri Rose

Ragtime in Simla
The Damascened Blade

LB Cobb
Splendor Bay
Promises Town

Latonya Collier
Seduction in a Maze
Dennis Collins
The Unreal McCoy
Max Allen Collins
Road to Perdition
Natalie R. Collins
Judith Woolcock Colombo
Night Crimes [ REVIEWS 1 ] [ REVIEWS 2]
Jennifer Colt
The Butcher of Beverly Hills
The Mangler of Malibu Canyon
Tom Coffey
Miami Twilight
Mark Cohen
The Fractal Murders
Nancy J. Cohen
Murder by Manicure

Body Wave
Alan Cook
Catch a Falling Knife

M.E. Cooper
Key Deceptions

Uncivil Death

Key Confrontations
] [ REVIEW 2 ]  

Michael Connelly
A Darkness More Than Night
Chasing The Dime - [AUDIO ] [ BOOK ]
City of Bones

Lost Light - [ BOOK] [ AUDIO]

The Harry Bosch Novels Volume 2
Elizabeth Corley
Fatal Legacy
Bernard Cornwell
Gallows Thief

Patricia Daniels Cornwell
The Last Precinct

Catherine Coulter
The Edge
Philip A. Craig
A Fatal Vineyard Season
Michael Craft
Desert Autumn
Louise Crawford
Blaize of Glory
Hat Trick
David Cray
Little Girl Blue
Freeman Willis Crofts
Anything to Declare?
Deborah Crombie
A Share in Death
Sharon Cullars
Mary Daheim
Holy Terrors
Hocus Croakus
Barbara D'Amato
White Male Infant
Carla Damron
Keeping Silent
Ron Danklefs
Radio Rage
Chari Davenport
Christmas Party
Diane Mott Davidson
Sticks and Scones
Chopping Spree
Lindsey Davis
Two for the Lions

Ode to a Banker
A Body in the Bath House

The Jupiter Myth
The Accusers
The Jupiter Myth
Dianne Day 
Death Train to Boston
Beacon Street Mourning
Elizabeth Dearl

Twice Dead [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Jeffery Deaver
The Empty Chair
The Bone Collector
Jeffery Wilds Deaver
The Lesson of Her Death
Kathleen Delaney
Dying for a Change
Nelson Demille
The Lions Game
Jo Dereske
Miss Zukas Shelves the Evidence
Colin Dexter
The Remoseful Day
Deanne Devine
Lost Hunters
David Dickinson
Death & The Jubilee
Denise Dietz
Fifty Cents for Your Soul
Douglas Dinunzio
Hot-Wired in Brooklyn [e-book]
Joanne Dobson
Cold and Pure and Very Dead

The Maltese Manuscript
Paul Doherty
The House of Death
The Hangman's Hymn
The Plague Lord
Veronica Dolan
Calendar of Death
Don Donaldson
Do No Harm
Ronald Dondiego
A Wicked Twist of Fate
Deborah Donnelly
Veiled Threats
Truly Donovan
Chandler's Daughter
Margaret Doody
Aristotle Detective
Aristotle & The Secrets of Life
Tim Dorsey
The Stingray Shuffle
Lee Driver
The Good Die Twice
Rebecca S. Duckro
The Last Coffin
Catherine Dunbar
False Images
Sophie Dunbar
A Bad Hair Day

Behind Elcaire's Doors
Redneck Riviera
Christine Duncan
Safe Beginnings
Carola Dunn
Rattle His Bones
Michael Allen Dymmoch
The Man Who Understood Cats
Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
Blood Sinister
Grace F. Edwards
No Time to Die
Michael B. Edwards
Murder at the Panionic Games
Kit Ehrman
At Risk
Aaron Elkins
Kate Ellis
The Bone Garden

An Unhallowed Grave
Jean D. Erhardt
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Lynn Erickson
Searching for Sarah
Tom Eslick
Snow Kill

Loren D. Estleman
Sinister Heights

Janet Evanovich
High Five
Seven Up [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
To The Nines
Everson & Chadwick
Summon the Shadows 
Jerrilyn Farmer
Dim Sum Dead
David Farris
Lie Still
Sandra Feder
Side Effect
Monica Ferris
Crewel World
Robert Ferrigno
Kay Finch
Final Decree
Gerrie Ferris Finger
Look Away From Evil
Judy Fitzwater
Dying to Get Her Man
Scott Flander
Four to Midnight
G.M. Ford

Black River
Alan Dean Foster
Primal Shadows
Jimmy Fox
Deadly Pedigree

Lineages and Lies
Ron Franscell
The Deadline
Ruth Francisco
Confessions of a Deathmaiden

Margaret Frazer
The Squire's Tale

J. F. Freedman
Bird's-Eye View

Above the Law
Christy Tillery French
Wayne's Dead

Chasing Demons
Shelley Freydont
Halloween Murder
David Fulmer
Chasing The Devil's Tail [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Dale Furutani
Kill of the Shogun
Lou Gallio
Lisa Gardner
The Other Daughter

The Third Victim
Paul Garrison
Sea Hunter
Nancy Geary
Roberta Gellis
A Personal Devil
Lucretia Borgia & The Mother of Poisons

Bone of Contention
Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons
Anne George
Murder Boogies With Elvis
Elizabeth George
A Traitor to Memory
Bartholomew Gill
Death of an Irish Sinner

Death in Dublin
Howard Gimple
Deadly Refuge
Danielle Girard
Chasing Darkness
Annette Gisby
Silent Screams
Steve Glassman
The Near Death Experience
Hal Glatzer
Too Dead To Swing
Janet Gleeson
The Grenadillo Box

The Serpent in the Garden
Joel Goldman
Motion to Kill
Philip Gooden
The Pale Companion 
Alms For Oblivion
Christine Goff
Death of a Songbird
Eileen Goudge
Wish Come True
Sue Grafton
O Is For Outlaw
Pip Granger
Not All Tarts are Apples
Anne Underwood Grant
Voices in the Sand
Tracy Grant
Beneath a Silent Moon
John MacLachlan Gray
The Fiend In Human
Sarah Gregory
Captiol Scandel
Susanna Gregory
A Summer of Discontent
A Killer in Winter
Andrew M. Greeley
Bishop in the West Wing
Irish Stew!
Tim Green
The Fifth Angel (audio)
Susanna Gregory
A Masterly Murder
An Order For Death
J. Gregory Griffis
Collision of Fate
Kate Grilley
Death Dances to an Ill Wind
James Grippando
A King's Ransom
John Grisham
The Summons
Kevin P. Grover
Strike Hard
Patricia Guiver
The Beastly Bloodline
Beth Gutcheon
More Than You Know
Amy Gutman
The Anniversary
Mark Haeuser
Battleground USA (The Beginning)
Brian Haig
Mortal Allies
The Kingmaker [ AUDIO ][ BOOK ]
Private Sector
- [audio]
Robert Lee Hall
Ben Franklin takes the Case
Ben Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder
Lorie Ham
Murder in Four Part Harmony
The Trouble With Tenors
Steve Hamilton
North of Nowhere

The Hunting Wind
Barbara Hambly
Die Upon A Kiss
Sylvian Hamilton
The Pendragon Banner
Lucy Harkness
The Happy Pigs
Daniel Elton Harmon
The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales
Charlaine Harris
Shakespeare's Counselor
Dead by Dark
Carolyn Hart
Sugarplum Dead
April Fool Dead

Engaged to Die
Lee Harris
The Aprils Fool's Day Murder
Norm Harris
Fruits of a Poisonous Tree
Jonathan Harrington
 Great Day for Dying
Jean Marie Haugen
Dove in the Window
J.M. Hayes
Mad Dog and Englishman
Prairie Gothic
L.C. Hayden
Where Secrets Lie

Who's Susan

When Collette Died
Libby Fischer Hellmann
An Eye For Murder
A Picture of Guilt
Richard Helms
Joker Poker
Voodoo That You Do
Juicy Watusi
Lauren Henderson
Freeze my Margarita
Patty Henderson
The Burning of Her Sin
Sue Henry
Dead North [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Beneath The Ashes
Cold Company

Death Trap
Kathy Hepinstall
Absence of Nectar
Julie Wray Herman
Three Dirty Women and The Bitter Brew
John Herrmann
Murder at the Red Dog
Brian Hill and Dee Power
Tony Hillerman
Kathleen Hills
Past Imperfect
Teri Holbrook
The Mother Tongue
Tami Hoag
Dust to Dust
Hazel Holt
Mrs Malory and the Fatal Legacy
Stephen Horn
In Her Defense

Law of Gravity
Joan Hall Hovey
Listen to the Shadows
Nowhere to Hide
Chill Waters
Nowhere to Hide
Tamara Lea Hoyt
City of Grateful Night
Greg Iles
 24 Hours
Walter Ihlefield
Banshee Rising
Roberta Isleib
Six Strokes Under

A Buried Lie
Nancy Baker Jacobs
Double or Nothing

Flash Point
Jane Jakeman
In The Kingdom of Mists
Adam-Michael James
Undo the Deed
P.D. James
Death in Holy Orders
J. A. Jance
Paradise Lost [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Birds of Prey
Hour of the Hunter
Exit Wounds
Hank Janson
Women Hate Till Death
Patrick K. Jassoy
It Isn't Easy Being Johnny Style
Michael Jecks
The Sticklepath Strangler

The Mad Monk of Gidleigh
The Templar’s Penance
Jerry Jellison
Measure of Vengeance
Maureen Jennings
Except the Dying
Catherine Jinks
The Norary
Cathie John
Beat a Rotten Egg to the Punch
Add One Dead Critic
Carve a Witness to Shreds
Claire M Johnson
Beat It Stiff
Beat Until Stiff

Jill Jones
Remember Your Lies

Susanna Jones
The Earthquake Bird
Pauline Baird Jones
Missing You
Larry Kahn
The Jinx
Stuart M. Kaminsky
Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express
Larry Karp
Scamming the Birdman

The Midnight Special
The Music Box Murders
Schuyler Kaufman
Dear Mouse
Brian Kavanagh
Capable of Murder

Embroidered Corpse
H. R. F. Keating  
Jack, The Lady Kille
Wayne J. Keeley
Mahogany Row
Fate Kellerman
Stone Kiss - [AUDIO]  [BOOK ]
The Forgotten
Street Dreams
Jonathan Kellerman
Billy Straight

Dr. Death 
Lee Charles Kelley
A Nose For Murder
Nora Kelly
Old Wounds

Hot Pursuit
Toni L.P. Kelner
Mad as the Dickens

Ellen Edwards Kennedy
Irregardless of Murder

Gordon A. Kessler

Dead Reckoning
Edward Keyes
Lee Killough
Wilding Nights

Blood Games
Nicholas Kilmer
Lazarus, Arise
Laurie R. King
A Darker Place
Kate Kingsbury
Maid to Murder

A Bicycle Built for Murder [ REVIEWS 1 ] [ REVIEW 2  ]
Death is in the Air [ REVIEWS 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

Dig Deep for Murder
For Whom Death Tolls
Paint by Murder

No Clue at the Inn
Agi Kiss
A Road Through Mali-Kuli
Barbara W. Klaser
Shadows Fall 
Alanna Knight
The Dagger in the Crown
An Orkney Murder
Bernard Knight
The Grim Reaper
The Tinner Corpse
Darville Knowles, M.D.
Deadly Dance
Rochelle Krich
Shadows of Sin
William Kent Kruegger
Boundry Waters

Iron Lake-
Mary Kruger
Death on the Cliff Walk [ebook]
Chris Kuzneski
The PlantationREVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Deryn Lake
Death at St. James's Palace

Death at Apothecaries' Hall
Death in the West Wind
Death in the Valley of Shadows
Babs Lakey
Spirit of the Straightedge [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Kathleen Lamarche
The Plot
Ross LaManna
Acid Test
Kelly Lange
The Reporter

The Dead File
Virginia Lanier
A Bloodhound to Die For
Joe R. Lansdale
Captains Outrageous
Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Double Trouble [ebook]
The Silent Scream [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ][ebook]
The Enemy Stalks
The Enemy Stalks

Dirty Diamonds

Janet LaPierre

Ellen Larson
The Hatch and Brood of Time
Jodie Larsen
At First Sight
Margaret Lawrence
The Iceweaver
L.M. Lawson
Easing Sheets
Clare Layton
Clutch of Phantoms
Rachel Lee
Under Suspicion
Toni Lee
Wendi Lee
Check Up and Other Stories
Cornelius Lehane
Beware the Solitary Drinker
Dennis Lehane
Prayers for Rain
Mystic River [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Shutter Island
Elmore Leonard
When the Women Come to Dance

The Big Bounce
John Lescroart
Nothing but the Truth
Jan Letoha
Bury the Past
Joan Moore Lewis
In His Corner
David Lindsey

Rules of Silence [ BOOK ]
Laura Lippman
In a Strange City
Brian Littlefair
Desert Burial
Peter Lovesey

The Reaper
Invitation to a Dynamite Party
Sarah Lovett
Dantes’ Inferno
Elizabeth Lowell
Die in Plain Sight
Robert Ludlum
The Sigma Protocol
 Gayle Lynds

Nancy Madison
Clues to Love

Daniel Maloney
Maverick Square
Valerie Malmont
Death, Bones and Stately Homes
William Manchee
Death Pact

Second Chair

Trouble in Trinidad
Cash Call
David Manuel
A Matter of Roses
Jeffrey Marks
The Ambush of My NameREVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

A Canine Christmas

A Good Soldier
Hannah March
A Distinction of Blood

A Necessary Evil
Gloria Davison Marlow
Flowers For Megan
Margaret Maron
Slow Dollar

Uncommon Clay  [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Evan Marshall
Missing Marlene
Hanging Hannah
Stabbing Stephanie

Icing Ivy
Edward Marston
The Amorous Nighingale

The Elephants of Norwich
The Nine Giants
The Mad Courtesan

The Frost Fair
The Fair Maid of Bohemia
Dorothy Martin
J Street
Richard Matheson
Hunted Past Reason
Alex Matthews
Wanton's Web

Cat's Claw
Wedding’s Widow
Archer Mayor
The Sniper's Wife
John R. Maxim
Bannerman's Ghosts
Susan McBride
And Then She Was Gone

Claudia McCants
Dream Taperstry
Lorena McCourtney

Rip Tide
J.P. McCarthy
Ground Zero and Beyond
Sam McCarver 
The Case of Cabin 13

The Case of Compartment 7 
Tom McCrory
Company Confidential
Sharyn McCrumb
The PMS Outlaws

Ghost Riders
Michael McGarrity
Hermit's Peak
Dennis J. McGowan
False Stature
Judith McNaught 
Night Whispers
Lee E. Meadows
Silent Conspiracy
Mardi Oakley Medawar
Murder on the Red Cliff Rez
Nancy Mehl
Graven Images
Brad Meltzer
The First Counsel

The Millionaires
D.R. Meredith
Murder Past Due
F.M. Meredith
Final Respects
Marilyn Meredith
Deadly Omen

Unequally Yoked
Deadly Trail
Ken Merrell
The Landlord
Barbara Michaels
Other Worlds
Monette Micheals
Death Benefits [ebook]
Keith Miles
Bermuda Grass
MaryAnn Miller
Open Season
T. W. Miller
Final Chapter
Tim Miller
Out of Nowhere

Without a Trace
Kyle Mills
Free Fall

Storming Heaven
Wendy Howell Mills
Callie and the Dealer and the Dog Jake 
Dave Monroe
Cold Fortune
Paul Moorcraft
Anchoress of Shere
Harker Moore
A Cruel Season for Dying
Stevens & Moore
Bagels for Tea
Viviane Moore
The Darkest Red

The White Path
Deborah Morgan
Death is a Cabaret

The Weedless Widow
Fidelis Morgan
Unnatural Fire
The Rival Queens

The Ambitious Stepmother
David Morrell
Long Lost
The Protector

Walter Mosley
Fear Itself [AUDIO] [ BOOK ]

Robyn A. Mostacero
For Their Own Good
Keith Muir
The New House
Marcia Muller
Point Deception

Dead Midnight
Cyanide Wells - [REVIEW 1] [REVIEW 2]
Tim Myers
Innkeeping with Murder [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Reservations for Murder

Murder Checks Inn

Room for Murder


Alan Nayes
Richard Alan Nelson
Den of Deception
Kris Neri
Dem Bone’s Revenge
Revenge of the Gypsy Queen
Ekaterine Nikas
The Divided Child
Oliver North
Mission Compromised
Charles O'Brien
Mute Witness
Black Gold
Baroness Orczy
The First Sir Percy
Orona with Orona, Sr.
The Bristol Expedition
John Orozco
Denise Osborne
A Deadly Arrangement


Katherine Hall Page
Body in the Bonfire

The Body in the Lighthouse
Ann Parker
Silver Lies
Barbara Parker
Suspicion of Malice

Suspicion of Vengeance
P.J. Parrish
Paint It Black [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

Paint it Black

Thicker Than Water
James Patterson 
Pop Goes the Weasel

1st to Die
Violets are Blue
Four Blind Mice [BOOK ] [ AUDIO ]
2nd Chance

The Jester -
[AUDIO] [BOOK] with Andrew Gross  
The Big Bad Wolf
Eliot Pattison
Water Touching Stone
James Pattinson
 A Passage of Arms
Richard North Patterson
Dark Lady
Iain Pears
Giotto's Hand

George Pelecanos
Hell to Pay
Soul Circus

Harry G. Pellegrin
Low End
Joanne Pence
A Cook In Time

To Catch a Cook
Anne Perry
Rutland Place

The Whitechapel Conspiracy
Southampton Row

A Funeral in Blue

Death of a Stranger
Seven Dials
No Graves As Yet [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Owen Perry
Call Each River Jordan

Honor's Kingdom 
Bold Sons of Erin
Thomas Perry
Elizabeth Peters
Lion in the Valley

Lord of the Silent [ BOOK ] [ AUDIO]
The Golden One
The Last Camel Died at Noon
The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog

Seeing A Large Cat
Children of the Storm
Paul Petrucci
Prodigal Logic
Clyde Phillips
Gary Phillips
Only the Wicked
Nancy Pickard
Ring of Truth
John Pilkington
The Ruffler's Child
Brian Pinkerton
Killing the Boss
David Pirie
The Patient's Eyes
The Night Calls
Larry Pontius
Waking Walt
Sharon Potthoff
The Twisted Triangle
Nina Coombs Pykare
Death Comes for Desdemona

Death Rides a Pink Horse
Naomi Rand
The One That Got Away
Randisi & Matthews
Mayhem in the Midlands
Ian Rankin
Resurrection Men
Patricia Rasey
Kiss of Deceit [e-book]
Deadly Obsession
Randy Rawls
Jade's Photos
Barbara Reed
High Notes are Murder
Mary Reed and Eric Mayer
Three for a LetterREVIEW 1 ]
Two for Joy [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]

One for Sorrow
Four For a Boy
Four for a Boy
Philip Reed
The Marquis De Fraud
Kathy Reichs
Death Dejour

Deadly Decisions REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Deja Dead
Fatal Voyage
Bare Bones
Nicholas Rhea
Constable over the Bridge
Constable Goes to Market

Constable Along the Riverbank
Constable Over The Stile

Constable In The Wilderness
Christopher Rice
The Snow Garden
Phyllis C Richman
Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham?
Phil Rickman
The Cure of Souls
Ann Ripley
The Christmas Garden Affair
S.K. Rizzolo
The Rose in the Wheel
Candace Robb
A Spy for the Redeemer

The Cross-Legged Knight
A Spy for the Redeemer
A Trust Betrayed
The Cross-Legged Knight
J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts)
Betrayal in Death
Imitation in Death
Barrie Roberts
Sherlock Holmes & the Railway Maniac
David Roberts
Bones of the Buried

Hollow Crown
Dangerous Sea
Lora Roberts
Another Fine Mess
John Laurence Robinson
Sock Monkey Blues
Lynda S Robinson
Murder at the God's Gate
Slayer of Gods
Patrick Robinson
Barracuda 945 - [audio]
Peter Robinson

Cold is the Grave
Carolyn Rogers
Home Is Where The Murder Is - [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
Roberta Rogow
The Problem of the Surly Servant
Mike Romano
Murder in Palm Springs
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
onflict of Interest
David Rosenfelt
First Degree
Rosemary Rowe
The Chariots of Calyx

Murder in the Forum

The Legatus Mystery
S.J. Rozan
Reflecting the Sky
Jane Rubino
Plot Twist

Death of a DJ 

Bobby Ruble
Have No Mercy
[ REVIEW 1 ]  [ REVIEW 2 ]
Bobby and Kam Ruble
Black Rosebud

Norman Russell
The Hansa Protocol
John Sandford
Certain Prey
Eve K. Sandstrom
The Smoking Gun
Beth Saulnier
Bad Seed
Stacey Sauter
One False Move
Mary Saums
The Valley of the Jewels
Steven Saylor
Honour the Dead
Sawyer Jr. & Witlin
An Uncertain Currency
Beverly J. Scott
Righteous Revenge
Justin Scott
Vivian Schilling
E.M. Schorb
Paradise Square
Aileen Schumacher
Affirmative Reaction

Engineered For Murder
Framework For Death

Rosewood's Ashes
Laurel Schunk
A Clear North Light
Lawrence Schulenberg
Dead at the Desk
Christina Schwarz
Drowning Ruth
Lisa Scottoline
Moment of Truth

Vendetta Defense
Courting Trouble
Kate Sedley
The Lammas Feast

The Goldsmith's Daughter

Nine Men Dancing
M.R. Sellars
Harm None

Never Burn a Witch

Perfect Trust
Barbara Seranella
Unfinished Business

No Man Standing
Clay Shannon
Twisted Roads
Connie Shelton
Small Towns Can Be Murder

Deadly Gamble
Beth Sherman
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
David J. Sherman
The Dark Side
Shlian & Shlian
Wednesday's Child
James Siegel

Derailed - [AUDIO] [BOOK]
Jenny Siler

Dan Simmons
Darwin's Blade
E. Joan Sims
Cemetery Silk

The Plague Doctor
Marcia Simpson
Crow In Stolen Colors
T. F. Sisters
Deadly Brew
Robert Skinner
Daddy's Gone a Hunting

Blood to Drink
Pale Shadow
Slate and Rearden
Bloodsworth Island
Susan Slater
Flash Flood
Kit Sloane
Final Cut

Grape Noir
Barbara Burnett Smith
Mauve and Murder
Barry H. Smith
Twilight Dynasty
Deborah Smith
Sweet Hush
Janet Elaine Smith
Recipe for Murder

In St. Patrick's Custody
Julie Smith
Louisiana Hotshot
Louisiana Bigshot

Peter Moore Smith
Raveling [audio]

M. Louise Smith
An Appointed Time
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
Love Her Madly
Tim Smith
Memories Die Last
Margie and Amanda Smoak
Generals' Row
Jose Carlos Somoza
The Athenian Murders
Christine Spindler
The Rhythm of Revenge
Erica Spindler
Dead Run
Dana Stabenow
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Bill Stackhouse
Stream of Death

Hickory Dickory

Encore to Murder
Black Irish Setter
Wendy Corsi Staub
Fade to Black

All the Way Home
The Last to Know
In The Blink of a Eye
Rosemary Stevens
Death on a Silver Tray

The Tainted Snuff Box

The Bloodied Cravat
Todd Stone
Close to Home

The Best Defense
Sarah Strohmeyer
Bubbles Ablaze
Eleanor Sullivan
Twice Dead
Mark T. Sullivan
Maria Grazia Swan
Love Thy Sister
Denise Swanson
Murder of a Small Town Honey

Murder of a Sleeping Beauty
Murder of a Sweet Old Lady

Murder of a Snake in the Grass
Bob Swartzel
Diverting the Buddha
Jon Symons
The Day After Tomorrow
Paco Ignacio Taibo II
Some Clouds
Marcia Talley
Sing it to Her Bones

Occasion of Revenge 
J M Taylor
Flash of Emerald

Behind the Green Water
Boston Teran
God is a Bullet
P. M. Terrell
Nancy Tesler
Slippery Slopes and Other Deadly Things
Graham Thomas
Malice in Cornwall
Natalie Buske Thomas
Camp Conviction
Carlene Thompson
Don't Close Your Eyes
Peter J. Thompson
Living Proof
Victoria Thompson
Murder on Astor Place

Murder on St. Mark's Place
L.L. Thrasher 
Cat's Paw Inc
Dogs Body, Inc.
Charlie's Bones
Charlie's Web
Louise Titchener
Buried in Baltimore
Betsy Tobin
Bone House
Phillip Tomasso
The Tenth House

Third Ring [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
S.D. Tooley
When the Dead Speak

Nothing Else Matters 
Violet Towe
The Evil Stalker

Death by Bad Magic
David Toy
The Palindrome Conspiracy
Peter Tremayne
Smoke in the Wind

The Haunted Abbot
Margaret Truman 
Murder at the Library of Congress
Scott Turow
Personal Injuries
Mari Ulmer
Carreta de la Muerte
Midnight at the Camposanto
Judith Van Gieson
Vanishing Point
M. Diane Vogt
Justice Denied
Rusty Van Reeves
Velvet Sky
Ellis Vidler
Haunting Refrain
Roger Vizi
Angels on my Wings
Bonita Wagner
Vengeance is Mine
Lana Waite
Buried in Burrywood
Noreen Wald
Death Comes for the Critic
Margot Wadley
The Gripping Beast
A.B. Wallace
The Mark of the Werewolf
Kathleen Walls
Last Step
Janet Lane Walters
Murder & Mint Tea
Requiem Murder
Penny Warner
Blind Side

Silence is Golden
Betty Webb
Desert Noir

Desert Wives
Ronald Weber
Catch and Keep
David Jay Weinberg
Mengele's Legacy
Mary V. Welk
To Kill a King
Chassie West
Killing Kin
Donald Westlake
Bad News

Money For Nothing
Kate White
If Looks Could Kill
A Body to Die For [ AUDIO
] [ BOOK ]
Gerard Williams
Dr. Morimer and the Barking Man Mystery
T. Wayne Williams
Web of Delusion
Don Winslow
California Fire & Life
David Wishart
Last Rites

White Murder
Lori Wolf
Parrot on a Limb
Deborah Woodworth
A Simple Shaker Murder
Sue Owens Wright
Howling Bloody Murder
Patricia Wynn
The Birth of Blue SatanREVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]
The Spider’s Touch [ REVIEW 1 ] [ REVIEW 2 ]


Fred & Jan Yager
Just Your Everyday People

Untimely Death
Sherban Young
The Five Star Detour

Opportunity Slips
Lisa Young
Hum of Hushed Voices
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