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2015 (Listed by author)
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The Mammoth Book of Merlin - Edited by Mike Ashley
Once Upon a Time Machine - Edited by Andrew Carl [graphic novel]

Ghosts By Gaslight - Edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers
After - Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
The New Space Opera 2 - Edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan

Courts of the Fey - Ed. by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis
Human For a Day - Edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Jennifer Brozek
Westward Weird - Edited by Greenberg & Hughes  
An Apple for the Creature - Edited by Charlaine Harris & Toni Kelner

Year's Best SF 15 - Edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathrlyn Cramer
Year's Best SF 16 - Edited by David G. Hartwell / Kathryn Crame
Apocalypses Now and Then - Edited by J. Richard Jacobs

Under The Vale - Edited by Mercedes Lackey
Hot & Steamy - Edited by Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenburg
Anthology 1 - Various authors


The Hanging Tree - Ben Aaronovitch
The Spirit Thief - Rachel Aaron
The Spirit Rebellion - Rachel Aaron
The Revenge of Eli Monpress - Rachel Aaron
The Spirit Eater - Rachel Aaron
The Legend of Eli Monpress – Books I – III - Rachel Aaron
Werewolf Smackdown - Mario Acevedo
Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed
Albert of Adelaide - Howard L. Anderson [audio]
The Map of All Things - Kevin J Anderson

Spellcrossed - Barbara Ashford
Spells at the Crossroads - Barbara Ashford
City of Light – Kerry Arthur


The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi
Deliverance - Dakota Banks
Spectyr - Philippa Ballantine
The Janus Affair - Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
Phoenix Rising - Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
Eternal Prey - Nina Bangs
Sacrifice - Dakota Banks
Silverwolf - Jacey Bedford
Year of the Demon - Steve Bein
The Witches of Echo Park
– Amber Benson
The Last Dream Keeper – Amber Benson

The End of Magic – Amber Benson

Bridge of Dreams – Anne Bishop

Marked in Flesh -Anne Bishop
Etched in Bone - Anne Bishop

Hungry Ghosts - Stephen Blackmoore

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Undead
- Don Borchert and Mark Twain
The Desert Spear - Peter V Brett
Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs
Silence Fallen - Patricia Briggs

The Dark Legacy of Shannara - Terry Brooks
Bloodfire Quest - Terry Brooks

Iorich - Steven Brust
Horizon - Lois McMaster Bujold
Horizon - Lois McMaster Bujold [review 2]
Beguilement - Lois McMaster Bujold
Passage - Lois McMaster Bujold

Beguilement - Lois McMaster Bujold
Passage - Lois McMaster Bujold

Princepís Fury - Jim Butcher

Side Jobs - Jim Butcher [audio]
Ghost Story - Jim Butcher
Skin Game - Jim Butcher [review 1]
Skin Game - Jim Butcher [review 2]


Ash and Quill – Rachel Caine
Smoke and Iron, The Great Library - Rachel Caine
Darkness Bound - Stella Cameron [audio]
Dreadnaught - Jack Campbell
Thief’s Magic - Trudi Canavan
Shadowed Wolf – David M Carner
- Gail Carriger
Etiquette and Espionage - Gail Carriger (Steampunk)

Canyons of Night - Jayne Castle
Immortal Craving - Kendra Leigh Castle
The Clockwork Crown - Beth Cato
The Deepest Poison - Beth Cato
Breath of Earth – Beth Cato
Wings of Sorrow and Bone – Beth Cato
Call of Fire - Beth Cato
Den of Thieves
- David Chandler

Intruder - C. J. Cherryh

Spellwright - Blake Charlton

Betrayer - C.J. Cherry
Javeline Rain – Myke Cole
Siege Line - Myke Cole
Dark Horizons -J T Colgan
The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman
The Burning Place - Genevieve Cogman
Tarnished - Karina Cooper

Children of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy


Supernatural Born Killers -Casey Daniels [review 2]
Wilderness - Dennis Danvers
The Kill Room - Jeffrey Deaver
The Burial Hour - Jeffrey Deaver
Muse and Reverie - Charles de Lint
The Strain - Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan
Summer Moon - Jan Delima

Indigo Springs - A. M. Dellamonica
Afterlife - Merrie Destefano
Darkness Captured - Delilah Devlin
Bones of Empire - William C. Dietz
Outlaw - Angus Donald
Earth Strike - Ian Douglas
The New Space Opera 2 - Edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan
Wait for Dusk - Jocelynn Drake
Dawnbreaker- Jocelynn Drake

The Queen of Blood - Sarah Beth Durst
The Reluctant Queen - Sarah Beth Durst


Sheep's Clothing - Elizabeth Einspanier
Esther May Morrow's Fruitless - Arthur Everest [eBook]

Dark Prince - Christine Feehan
Lair of the Lion - Christine Feehan
Kingdom Beseiged - Raymond E. Feist

Rides A Dread Legion - Raymond E. Feist
A Crown Imperiled - Raymond E. Feist
The Angel of Losses - Stephanie Feldman
Shades of Grey - Jasper Fforde

The Oversight - Charlie Fletcher
The Oversight - Charlie Fletcher [review 2] [audio]

The Paradox – Charlie Fletcher
Jane Vows Vengence - Michael Thomas Ford
Bitter Greens - Kate Forsyth
Time Shards - Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald
Forest Moon Rising - P.R. Frost
Seven Princes - John R Fultz
Seven Princes - John R. Fultz [audio]

Seven Kings - John R Fultz

Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman
The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman - Audio
Repo Men - Eric Garcia
Silent Night, Haunted Night - Terri Garey
The Dawn Country - Michael Gear & Kathleen O’Neal Gear
Legend - David Gemmell
The Autobiography of James T Kirk – David A Goodman
Ascension - Sable Grace
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith
City of Death – James Goss
Voices from Beyond - Simon R Green
Tales From The Nightside – Simon R. Green
Dr DOA – Simon Green
Moonbreaker – Simon R. Green
Night Fall - Simon R. Green


Starbound - Joe Haldeman
Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness
Reckonings - S J Harper
Deadlocked - Charlaine Harris
Night Shift – Charlaine Harris
The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories - Charlaine Harris
The Witch With No Name - Kim Harrison

White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison
Pale Demon - Kim Harrison
Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison
Into the Woods - Kim Harrison
Year’s Best SF17 - David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer
Emporer of the Eight Islands – Lian Hearn

Lord of the Dark Wood – Lian Hearn

The Dead Seekers - Barb & J.C. Hendee
The Dwarves - Marcus Heitz– [audio]
Red Queen – Christina Henry
Citadels of the Lost - Tracy Hickman

The Snow Queen's Shadow - Jim C. Hines
Unbound – Jim C Hines
Revisionary – Jim C. Hines

Terminal Alliance - Jim C. Hines
Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb
Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb

City of Dragons - Robin Hobb
The Inheritance: And Other Stories
- Robin Hobb aka Megan Lindhoml
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages - Tom Holt

Secrets of a Christmas Box - Steven Hornsby
The Wild Ways - Tanya Huff
Among Thieves - Douglas Hulick
Secrets of the Fire Sea - Stephen Hunt
Broken Soul - Faith Hunter
Dark Heir - Faith Hunter  
Jack Cloudie - Stephen Hunt
From The Deep of the Dark - Stephen Hunt

Shadow Rites - Faith Hunter
Blood of the Earth- Faith Hunter
Cold Reign – Faith Hunter
Flame in the Dark - Faith Hunter

The Midnight Queen - Sylvia Hunter
Heroine Complex - Sarah Huhn


Hidden - Benedict Jacka
Bound -Benedict Jacka
Marked - Benedict Jacka
Burn Down the Sky - James Jaros
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N K Jemisin
The Broken Kingdom - N K Jemisin
Arena - Holly Jennings
Night Mares in the Hamptons - Celia Jerome
Life Guards in the Hamptons - Celia Jerome
Sand Wiches in the Hamptons - Celia Jerome
Navy Seal Noel - Liz Johnson


Sandman Slim - Richard Kadrey
Devil Said Bang - Richard Kadrey
Under Heaven - Guy Gavriel Kay

The Clone Redemption - Steven L. Kent
Apocalypse to Go - Katherine Kerr
Retribution - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Born of Silence - Sherrilyn Kenyon - Audio   
Born of Shadows - Sherrilyn Kenyon [audio]
Love on the Run - Katherine Kerr
Timecaster - Joe Kimball (pen name for J.A. Konrath)
Black Dog - Caitlin Kittredge
Grim Tidings- Caitlin Kittredge
Element Zero - James -Knapp
Alien in the Family - Gini Koch

Cannibal Reign - Thomas Koloniar
Glamour in Glass - Mary Robinette Kowel
Without a Summer - Mary Robinette Kowal

Heroine Worship – Sarah Kuhn
Heroine’s Journey - Sarah Kuhn



Unnatural Issue - Mercedes Lackey
Prospero in Hell - L. Jagi Lamplighter
Prospero Regained - L. Jagi Lamplighter

The Lascar’s Dagger - Glenda Lark
The Last Stormlord
- Glenda Larke
The Dagger's Path - Glenda Larke
The Fall of the Dagger - Linda Larke
The Iscariot Sanction - Mark Latham
Red Sister – Mark Lawrence
The Obsidian Seed - R. J. Leahy

Delusion's Master – Tanith Lee
Redder Than Blood – Tannith Lee

Immortal With A Kiss - Jacqueline Lepore
Soul Song - Marjorie M. Liu
In The Dark of Dreams - Marjorie M. Liu
Shadow Touch - Marjorie M. Liu
The Red Heart of Jade - Marjorie M. Liu
Eye of Heaven - Marjorie M. Liu
Soul Song - Marjorie M. Liu
The Fire King - Marjorie M. Liu
The Gathering of the Lost - Helen Lowe


The Affinity Bridge – George Mann – SF
The Osiris Ritual – George Mann
The Immorality Engine – George Mann
The Executioner's Heart – George Mann
The Holver Alley Crew - Marshall Ryan Maresca

Old Venus - Edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois
Old Mars - Edited by George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois
Suicide Kings - Series editor George R.R. Martin
The Vanishing Throne – Elizabeth May

The Forgotten Land -Keith McArdle
Dragons Time - Anne and Toddy McCaffrey

Dragonheart - Todd McCaffrey
Sky Dragons - Anne and Todd McCaffrey
Firebird - Jack McDevitt
Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire
Chaos Choreography- Seanan McGuire
Ashes of Honor - Seanan McGuire
The Winter Long - Seanan McGuire
Pocket Apocalypse - Seanan McGuire

Magic for Nothing – Seanan McGuire
The Brightest Fell - Seanan McGuire

The Girl in the Green Silk Gown - Seanan McGuire
King's Wrath - Fiona McIntosh
The Falcon Throne – Karen Miller
Free to Fall - Lauren Miller
Wizard Squared - K.E. Mills
House Immortal - Devon Monk
Infinity Bell - Devon Monk
Oath of Fealty - Elizabeth Moon
Wiped! – Doctor Who’s Missing Episodes - Richard Molesworth - nonfiction/tv show

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
The Outcasts of Time – Ian Mortimer


By the Blood of Heroes - Joseph Nassise    
Hard Bitten - Chloe Neill
The Sight - Chloe Neill
Blade Bound – Chloe Neill
The Hunt - Chloe Neill
Armageddon Rules - J.C. Nelson

The Reburialists- JC Nelson
Lord of the Changing Winds - Rachel Neumeier
Something Red - Douglas Nicholas
Uprooted – Naomi Novik
Myth-Fits - Jody Lynn Nye


Death’s Sweet Embrace - Tracey O’Hara
Sins Dark Caress - Tracey O’Hara
Midnight Taxi Tango - Daniel Jose Older
Battle Street Bolero – Daniel Jose Older


Blood of the Rose - Kate Pearce
Shadow Prowler - Alexey Pehov
Blind Sight - Terri Persons
Cheat the Grave - Vicki Pettersson
The Taken - Vicki Pettersson
I Shall Wear Midnight - Terry Pratchett

Snuff - Terry Pratchett [audio]
Snuff - Terry Pratchett
The Long Earth - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett
The Long War - Terry Pratchett and Steven Baxter
A Blink of the Screen - Terry Pratchett
The World of Poo - Terry Pratchett
Dragons at Crumbling Castle - Terry Pratchett
The Long Mars - Terry Pratchett
The Shepard's Crown - Terry Pratchett
The Long Utopia - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
The Long Cosmos - Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
Grace Ransom – Kalayna Price


Chicory Up - Irene Radford
Eureka: Road Less Traveled - Cris Ramsay (TV related)
A Spoonful of Magic - Irene Redford
The Man from Primrose - Lane James Renner

Disappearing Nightly - Laura Resnick
Polterheist - Laura Resnick
Terminal World - Alastair Reynolds
The Vampire Kitty-cat Chronicles - Ray Rhamey
Night of Demons - Tony Richards
2312 - Kim Stanley Robinson [audio]
Journey – Gary Roen
Innocent Blood - James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell [review 1]
Innocent Blood - James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell [review 2]

Blood Infernal - James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell
Wild Hunt - Margaret Ronald

Soul Hunt - Margaret Ronald

My Life As a White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland
Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues - Diana Rowland
Sins of the Demon - Diana Rowland
White Trash Zombie Unchained - Diana Rowland
The Tales of Beedle the Bard - J. K. Rowling
Grave Matters - Lauren M Roy


Grave – Michelle Sagara
The Dame - R. A. Salvatore
The Iron Wyrm Affair - Lilith Saintcrow– [audio]
Saturn Run – John Sandford and Ctein
Vampire Most Wanted - Lynsay Sands
www.wonder - Robert J. Sawyer
Quantum Night - Robert J Sawyer
Snakewood - Adrian Selby
Lockstep - Karl Schroeder
Shadow Kin - M J Scott
Con & Conjure - Lisa Shearin
The Ghoul Vendetta – Lisa Shearin
Kris Longknife Daring - Mike Shepherd
The Shape of Desire - Sharon Shinn
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Graham-Smith [audio]

Coronets and Steel - Sherwood Smith
Desert God – Wilbur Smith
The Echo - James Smythe
The Demonists - Thomas E. Sniegoski
Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks
Wanted: Undead or Alive - Kerrelyn Sparks
The Transference Engine - Julia Verne St. John
Conan - Michael A. Stackpole
Hex - Allen Steele

The Sword of the Lady - S.M. Stirling

The Council of Shadows - S.M. Stirling
Black Chamber - S. M. Stirling
Incarnate - Anton Strout


Leaves of Flame - Benjamin Tate
The Waters Rising
- Sheri S. Tepper
Butterfly Waltz – Jane Tesh
Angelology - Danielle Trussoni
All Seeing Eye - Rob Thurman

Time Will Tell - Eddie Upnick
Future Tense - Eddie Upnick
2052 - Eddie Upnick

Deathless - Catherynne Valente
The Boy Who Lost Fairyland - Catherynne M Valente
Kitty's House of Horrors - Carrie Vaughn


The Crown Tower - Michael J Sullivan
Tooth and Claw - Jo Walton
My Real Children - Jo Walton  
Black Arts Books of the Pandemonium
- Andrew Prentice and Jonathan Weil
Shadow Raiders - Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes
Shadow Raiders - Margaret Weis & Robert Krammes
   [review 2]
Shadow Show - Sam Weller & Mort Castle
Chimera - David Wellington
House Name - Michelle West  
Shadowheart - Tad Williams


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