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By Jonathan Lowe

Land of Stories, On Audio

I've had the pleasure of listening to the audio versions of Chris Colfer's series, Land of Stories. Colfer's blends his characters with classic Fairy Tale characters to create a new era of Fairy Tales. It all begins with The Wishing Spell where we meet Snow White and the Evil Queen in the aftermath of their story. Each story has a different Fairy Tale character. Colfer's characters' Alex and Connor (the twins) are the main characters in the series.

However, in the newest title, A Tale of Magic..., due out October 2019. Fourteen year old Brystal Evergreen takes the lead. Brystal lives in the Land of Stories. The Southern Kingdom to be exact. She discovers magic and it changes her forever. A Tale of Magic is a prequel to the series.

Land of Stories is a series for all ages. It delivers an old, yet new world in the vein of Harry Potter, Redwall, His Dark Materials, etc, and like those series Land of Stories will live on and on.

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Series List

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An Author's Odyssey - Chris Colfer 5
Worlds Collide - Chris Colfer 6

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