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By Beverly Rowe

Contests may have ended, but there are some wonderful reading ideas listed below.



I can't resist the chance to win a new book, and here are some contests you can enter to win books and other great prizes....

For most of the contests, you just have to submit your name for a drawing, but there are some that require a bit of talent. Hey, kids, are you up to it?

Sign up to win an Advanced Reader Copy of Life, Love and the Pursuit of Hotties:

Life, Love And The Pursuit Of Hotties
by Katie Maxwell

Another book abou Emily. . She's finally graduating from high school, is going through teenage meltdown. Fang - her lovable boyfriend - hasn't called her in three weeks. THREE WEEKS!! Which is sending her off the deep-end. She's finding that moving into a college dorm has it's ups and downs - getting away from parents, WAY up; sharing a dorm with a bunch of science and techno geeks, WAY down.


The Year of the Dog
by Grace Lin

It's the Chinese Year of the Dog, and Pacy finds out that this is the year she is supposed to "find herself." She struggles to find her talent, makes a new best friend, and discovers just why the Year of the Dog is a lucky one after all. Friendship, family, and finding one's passion in life make this novel appealing to all readers. A wonderful debut novel by prolific picture book author and illustrator Grace Lin, it has all the makings of a modern classic.

You can win a copy of this exciting book by entering the April 1st drawing. Send an email to: right away. Put "Year of the Dog" in the subject line, and your mailing address in the body of the email.

WIN THIS BIG TIME TRAVEL, GHOST STORY ADVENTURE.... just send an email to with "Nick & Slim" in the subject line, and your mailing address in the body of the email. The drawing will be April 1.

Nick & Slim: The Legend of the Falcon Mine
by Pamela Henn

In a new home, a new town, and a new school, Nick feels more alone than ever. His father is very busy in his job, his mother isn’t around and it seems like things can’t get much worse, but then his class goes on a field trip to the Silverado Ghost Town. Nick is framed for stealing a museum artifact—the journal of the notorious Slim Marano, who was hanged for murder more than 100 years ago.

Just when he’s sure that no one will believe him, Nick comes face-to-face with Slim’s spirit and discovers that they have something in common—they were both set up. Nick travels through time to the Old West to help Slim prove his innocence. They discover a conspiracy of vengeance, greed, and murder fueled by dark forces.

With danger building and time running out, Nick must discover the truth to save innocent lives—and change his own forever.

MURKMERE is up for grabs too! To win this exciting gothic adventure just send an email to with "Murkmere" in the subject line, and your name and address in the body of the email. Drawing will be April 1.

By Patricia Elliott

Written in a dark gothic style, this wonderful young adult fantasy will keep you reading to the exciting end. Aggie goes to Murkmere to become a companion to sixteen year old Leah. Aggie starts to befriend the wild and strange girl who seems to want nothing but to escape Murkmere and and the odd, handsome Steward, Silas. As preparations begin for the ball to celebrate Leah's sixteenth birthday, Aggie finds herself enmeshed in the sinister plots that surround Murkmere, Leah, and the mysterious Master. Suspenseful and haunting, Murkmere pulls the reader into an unforgettable world between history and myth.


Music is a connecting thread throughout SMALL STEPS. The songs in the book express everything from emotions of happiness to loneliness and from situations about growing pains to just having fun!

Write the words to an original song that you think Kaira DeLeon might sing at one of her concerts after meeting Armpit and you can be entered to win our Grand Prize*.
[ click for details ]


*One Grand-Prize winner will receive:
• An iPod
• ITunes Gift Certificate
• an autographed copy of Small Steps
...and your winning song lyrics posted on our website.

All entries must be submitted to Random House between January 10, 2006, and May 31, 2006.

Here is a super site with contests and games you won't want to miss, including a chance for your class to get a book published!

Check it out! | Kids: Games & Contests

Love a mystery? Solve these cases...

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries: mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks


Arrow NBA Essay Contest 2006

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, send one (1) complete essay (2 pages or less) that tells about a teacher or coach who made a difference in a student’s life.One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a Basketball Clinic for up to 100 students from the winner’s school taught by an NBA Legend. Clinic will be scheduled by the NBA and Scholastic in coordination with the winning teacher and school. The school will also receive a 50-book SuperStar Library. The winner will receive an official autographed NBA basketball, a $250 gift certificate and a 50-book SuperStar Library. (Estimated retail value: $5000). Ten (10) Second Prize Winners will receive an official NBA basketball, a $50 gift certificate, and a 50-book SuperStar Library. (Estimated retail value: $350).

DETAILS: Arrow NBA Essay Contest 2006

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