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Babe To Teens, Past
A Youth Column
By Beverly Rowe

Tips for children's writers



Considering how hard it is to get kids to read, think about the great magazines that are being published for children and teens. The articles are short and fun to read, and a subscription to your kid's favorite will ensure a monthly reading experience they will enjoy, and will encourage them to branch out for their reading pleasure. Great CHRISTMAS gifts for your favorite child.

Here is a list for younger kids, and all are available as subscriptions at Just click on the title link.

Appleseeds Ask Babybug
Calliope Click Cricket
Dig Faces Highlights For Children
Jack & Jill Kids Discover Ladybug
Muse Odyssey Ranger Rick
Spider Wild Animal Baby Your Big Backyard
Zoobooks   Zootles

Don't forget about graphic novels—comic books never go out of style. I was discouraged from reading them when I was a kid, but some of my fondest reading memories revolve around the latest Wonder Woman, and Popeye comics, and I still read the Sunday comics that come in the newspaper. Dagwood's kids have grown into teens in the 50 years that I have been reading about them, but Dag himself never ages.

As a teen, life is so busy that you may not have the time you would like to spend reading, but there are magazines to fit every reading level and every interest. Magazine articles are short and fun to read. A magazine subscription will ensure that you have something new to read monthly and will encourage and enhance any teen's reading experiences.

Check these out... just click the title link.

American Girl Boy’s Life Discovery Girls
Girls' Life Magazine J-14 M
Marie Claire Muse People
Plays : Drama Magazine for Young People Pop Star Seventeen
Sports Illustrated Kids Star Magazine Teen Titans
Teen Tribute Teen Vogue Teen Voices
Twist Voice of Youth Advocates Young Rider



Writing for Children: Tips for today


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