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Back To School Reads

Back to School, Splat!
y Rob ScottonIt's

Splat's first day of school and he's worried. What if he doesn't make any new friends?


Curious George's First Day of School!
by LH. A. Rey

It’s the first day of school, and Curious George has been invited to Mr. Apple’s class to be a special helper!

Dancing Dinos Go to School
by Sally Lucas and Margeaux Lucas

Dinos dancing in a book.
Dinos leaping, look, look, look!

Ages 8 to 12

School Days
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls is going to school!

Miss Tracy Is Spacey!
by Dan Gutman

Miss Universe is coming to Ella Mentry School!

Armstrong and Charlie
by Steve B Frank

Charlie isn't looking forward to sixth grade. Armstrong isn't looking forward to sixth grade, either.

The Road To Epoli
by James Parks, Ben Costa

Meet Rickety Stitch . . . a walking, talking, singing skeleton minstrel.


False Start
by Paul Hoblin

Things were looking good for Jeff. He was ready to rule the school his senior year as the starting running back on the football team.


Heir To The Sky
by Amanda Sun

Sun combines the increasingly popular setting of floating realms with dashes of dystopia and romance and tops it off with some monsters for a wonderful fantasy novel.

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