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Writing a Book Report
May Not Seem Fun at First 

How To Write A Book Report

It is not easy to write a book report, despite the fact that it offers you a chance to understand the work and its author. One difference between a book review and a book report is that a book report expects you to write a summary of the text in a straightforward way. Here are the steps to follow in writing a book report.


If the book report expects to get middle-level grade or even the higher grades, it should consist of a summary of the plot and an analysis of the theme. Professional instructors say that you will need to include certain points that will show the reader why you found the book interesting. Some of the details to include here are the author, publication year, title, a number of pages, where the story is set, the plot, name of characters, and quotes and examples from the book that support your view. You will also need to take the time to read the entire book as you pay special attention to the characters and points of the plot. When reading a fiction book, consider the main characters, the key events, their actions, and the setting. Consider the major symbols and topic. If the book is nonfiction, consider the main idea and be sure to talk about it.

The Body

Experienced essay writers say that the body will be a test on your creativity especially when writing a report on a business book. You will need to let your teacher and classmates know why they should pay attention to this book. Consider the connection between hidden elements and try to figure out if these have a hidden meaning. The key part of the paper is the body. Ensure that you have an extended summary of the book even as you identify the author’s thesis and provide remarks on the writing style and tone of the writer. Consider the following point when writing the body.

  • Was the book enjoyable?
  • What genre was the book in?
  • If fiction, which character played a key role relating to the overall theme?
  • Was the book well written?
  • Is the book written as a continuing series?
  • Can you identify the writer’s thesis?
  • What writing style is used in the book?
  • Are you able to identify the tone of the book?
  • Is there an obvious bias or slant in the book?

When writing the body, you will use notes to guide you in writing an extended summary. Include your impressions and thoughts here. Focus on the key incidences in the book’s storyline and consider how they are related to the book’s theme. Consider how the details are brought together by the setting and character. You want a situation where you can discuss the plot, any conflict example that you come across and if the story is able to resolve itself. You can also look at other book reports written by professional paper writing services.


First of all, there are a lot of books you can refer to if you want to get additional information on writing the reviews. The most competent editions that you can use are How to Write a Literature Review by Jim Ollhoff, How To Write A Review by Michele Marinel, How To Write a Simple Book Review by Allyson R. Abbott. As you move towards the end of the book, you will want to consider additional opinions and impressions such as:

  • Whether you find the ending satisfactory? (If the work is fiction)
  • Is there strong evidence to support the thesis? (If the work is nonfiction)
  • What notable or interesting facts do you recognize about the book’s author?
  • Can you recommend the book?

Cover these details in the last two paragraphs. There are instructors who will want you to re-state the name, as well as the book author, in this concluding paragraphs. Like it is always the case, consult your assignment guide in case you have any questions on their instructions.

Lori Meyer is an American writer and blogger. In 2003 she established ‘Young Generation Platform’ – a platform where gifted children present their talents in diverse spheres, starting from ballet, painting, playing musical instruments and many other activities.






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