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By Sue Johnson


Review: Exploring Harry Potter


Since this is the October column and October is the month of Halloween, I went in search of a mysterious, otherworldly subject matter to review. The book that immediately caught my attention was Exploring Harry Potter a Beacham's Sourcebook for teaching young adult fiction.

The Harry Potter books have encouraged and developed a whole new generation of young readers. Here I must be quick to point out that many adults are equally enraptured with the series. I picked up the first book out of curiosity and soon found myself searching out the remaining books in the series. And now Warner Brothers is releasing a movie in December and the retail stores are full of Harry Potter costumes, games and other promotional items.


Exploring Harry Potter by Elizabeth D. Schafer
Beacham's Sourcebooks
Beacham Publishing Corporation - September 15, 2000
ISBN: 0933833571
For teaching young adult fiction

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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With the Harry Potter series, so many young adults have been awakened to the joy of reading the printed word that teachers and parents alike are using this sourcebook as a teaching tool. Not only to teach reading appreciation but to teach geography, mythology and fairy tales, archetypes and biblical references, history, science, and moral and social codes. Also included is a section of related titles and other books you can encourage a young reader to pursue while awaiting the release of the next Harry Potter book.

The Harry Potter series has captivated audiences from many countries far and wide, Although Harry is British, and he is not bound by Geography. He appeals to the young American as well as a multitude of foreign countries from Arabic to Chinese. It has been published in 28 languages and sold in 130 countries.

Harry Potter is the underdog. He is not especially attractive, smart or self-confident. He has not had the perfect home life and often suffers at the hands of bullies. Through it all Harry perseveres, and a happy ending is guaranteed,

This book is intended as a guide and is not expected to be read page for page. As a parent, reader or teacher reaches a certain section in the series they can reach for the book to give them insight and suggestions for related literature, questions, and creative projects. Numerous Internet sites also provide online fun and research sources.

The Harry Potter books were the first children's books to be included on the New York Times best seller list since E.B. Whites "Charlottes Web" in 1952. On November 28,1999 three Harry Potter books were in the top 3 positions on the NY Times best seller list. offered the public the opportunity to pre-order book number five in the spring of 2000. Between the American and British sales alone there was so many orders placed that the unpublished book reached bestseller status.


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