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By Willie Elliott

A Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life

Hannah W Smith

Sometimes we eagerly await the publication of books that will help us in our spiritual life while all the time there are older books that have the very information we are searching for in the newer books.

Such is the case with Hannah Whitall Smith's A Christian's Secret of a Happy Life. Even though this book is very old (1875), it is widely read today, and as an added bonus it is available on the internet as a free download. Simply type in The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life and several options will show up to download the book.

Right away Smith points out that there are two sides to salvation—God's side and man's side. Man's part is to trust and God side is ti do the work. We as sinful humans can not do the work but there is one who can—Jesus.

The book has touched people since its publication. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans said: “One of the most inspiring and influential books we have ever read.”

While you may not agree with everything the author has to say, the book is a good basic foundation on how to lead a Christian life. That does not mean it will be easy for Smith has several chapters dealing with difficulties including difficulties dealing with consecration, faith and will. Luckily for us, she gives us pointers on how to deal with each of these and others.

The book has a preface and twenty-two chapters. The book can be read through for a basic understanding of the author's take on how to lead a Christian life; however, it should be left on the computer (if this is the way you have the book) and referred to when a particular problem arises. For example, most of us face temptation from time to time. Such times call for a rereading and meditation on the temptation chapter.

For those wh want a hard copy of the book, it is available on in paperback and a Kindle edition. In any case the book should be kept handy for use from time to time. I try to read and meditate on one chapter per day which means in less than a month I have read and digested the book (with returns to certain chapters as needed).

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