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The Smartphone Photography Guide Shot *Edit* Experment
by Peter Cope

Thanks to smartphones, we've all become camera-carrying photographers, able to snap a photo whenever and wherever we want. But how can we realize the full potential of this powerful tool?


Take Better Photos
Smartphone Photography for Noobs!
Juan Carlos Bagnell

Bagnell Explains technology terms, looks at techniques for creating interesting photos and videos, and offers up exercises to improve you artistic skills. Learn more about compost ion and light, and look at artistic inspirations to further improve your craft. After hitting the shutter, he'll discuss where you can share your masterpieces online.

Smart Phone Smart Photography
Simple techniques for taking incredible pictures with iPhone
Jo Bradeford

Jo will cover simple techniques that will allow you to get the imaging that you see every single time. Starting with The Big Picture, get to know your camera phone and the rules behind taking the perfect shot. Next follows a chapter on Taking Great Pictures, where the key disciplines of photography -- portrait, abstraction, macro, still life, and plenty more -- are examined, with each section packed with tips to help you get the shots you want. How-to on using apps to edit are also included.

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