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Eat Hot... Look Hot
Secret Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly
Alessandra Solis

Alessandra Solis has achieved #1 International Bestselling status with her new book EAT HOT…LOOK HOT. In this book she presents her readers with effective and scientifically-proven weight-loss strategies that she discovered accidentally after altering her diet in just one way and losing 18 pounds in about a month.

Following this epiphany, Solis put her research skills – developed by 20 years of experience as a journalist – to work. Uncovering secret strategies to boost metabolism, convert stubborn white fat to the more rapidly-burning brown variety, and achieving a sense of fullness earlier in the meal were just a few of the positive effects Solis unearthed in nearly three years of research.

The scientific studies she bases her groundbreaking recommendations on (and cites for curious readers) are typically accessible to physicians only. Much of the scientific research presented by Solis when backing up her “secret strategies” were conducted at large medical centers, using well-established protocols. Solis then teamed up with medical doctors to confirm her revolutionary findings before bringing them to a worldwide audience in her debut title: EAT HOT… LOOK HOT, Sneak Preview Edition: Secret Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly. Burn More Fat and Boost Metabolism at any Age!

Suzie Housley: There are many, many diet approaches and books on the market. How does yours differ from all the others?

Alessandra Solis: Most diet books focus on what to leave out of your diet, whether it's calories or limiting carbs, fats, or grains ... you name it. Other weight loss plans are hard to follow or are a challenge keep track of. You know - the types that call for odd rotations based on the meal or the day of the week, or which involve counting calories or drinking shake-only meals. These strategies are really difficult to maintain long-term, and typically lead to cravings and binging.

We say: go ahead and eat the way you have been eating all along. Don’t get bogged down trying to figure out the cause of your weight gain and belly fat. Forget worrying about whether it’s due to your hormones and if your metabolism took a dive after 35, 40 or even 50. With my diet, you simply add hot foods, including certain types of potato chips, to your existing meals or snacks to speed up your metabolism, curb hunger, and achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss.


Suzie Housley: It all sounds too easy to be true. Just eat hot food and lose weight? How do scientific research findings support your diet?

Alessandra: EAT HOT...LOOK HOT™ offers a revolutionary approach to weight loss that is supported by the latest scientific studies into obesity, metabolism, fat oxidation and food science.

Other types of diets tend to slow down the resting metabolic rate. The body knows something is lacking and, as a survival mechanism, it fights to preserve what it’s got.

In contrast, EAT HOT...LOOK HOT™ is almost a no-brainer. Its revolutionary approach to weight loss is based on a number of the latest scientific studies which show that adding certain foods INTO the diet, instead of taking foods away, alters gene activity in the intestines to block weight gain, even if you eat a high-calorie meal.


Suzie: Can you tell us more about how this works? And are these ingredients you mention hard to get, or hard to use?

Alessandra: IThe special ingredients featured in EAT HOT...LOOK HOT (which, by the way, hit #1 bestseller status in the US and Canada in its category, within 5 weeks of its release) cause the body to convert stubborn white fat into brown fat - the kind that burns off faster. Studies at major medical centers show that heat triggers the body to burn that fat. The key ingredients featured in EAT HOT...LOOK HOT curb hunger while raising one's resting metabolic rate.

And you can find the ingredients anywhere: there are no specialty items involved; no expensive ingredients, and no labor-intensive kitchen prep.


Suzie: It all sounds too easy. Why is this approach better than other diets?

Alessandra: Because my diet isn't the typical dieting scenario in which somebody restricts their calories or carbohydrates to the point that they develop severe cravings (which lead to binging, when willpower fades). This type of eating radically slows down the metabolism. In fact, studies show that, in response to drastic dieting, the metabolism slows down by 700 calories daily.

The end result is that while you can lose weight in the short-term (as long as you’re able to keep up with the diet's restrictions), in the long term you end up gaining even more weight. Why? Because restrictive diets are very hard to sustain. So it’s not really a dieter's fault that they eventually go off the diet and gain back the weight lost plus even more. Imagine having to omit an entire food group for years, or even for life! Who wants to live that way if you don’t have to? Imagine counting calories or points or fat grams for the rest of your life. Many people would prefer to be overweight than live under such restrictions.


Suzie: So, you're essentially saying you can keep eating anything you want? What if you like pizza or candy? What if you have 'bad' eating habits - shouldn't you change them?

Alessandra: That’s another big way that EAT HOT...LOOK HOT differs from others: it gives dieters the freedom to eat anything they like (which they would likely go back to eating anyway, at some point).

Just add a little bit of fat-busting spices and peppers to your existing way of eating, and you will lose weight with close to zero effort.


Suzie: What about exercise? Most books advocate a combination of diet and exercise - does your plan hold an exercise component?

Alessandra: Whether you choose to exercise or not, you should lose weight (and lots of it, fast) if you follow the few simple guidelines of this diet. The fact that it’s easy is a blessing; and as you’ll see after a couple of weeks, it’s a very effective road to weight control, too. Should you exercise? Yes! Is it a requirement, to lose weight? NO!


Suzie: What do you feel is the greatest achievement readers will gain once they finish your book?

Alessandra: They'll take back control over their weight and appearance and, as a result, they'll enjoy new self-confidence. By the way - the diet's active ingredients also happen to promote health, so I would expect they would catch fewer colds, too! AND the foods increase blood flow, so your skin should start looking like you just went out for a run when you were really sitting home, munching on hot potato chips.

Standard diets involve guilt. People are perpetually anxious about food - that they’ll blow their diet and eat too much, or the wrong thing. This leads to depression and despair when they gain the weight back. Now dieters can re-claim the joy of eating without the anxiety of weight gain, frustration and dejection. On the EAT HOT...LOOK HOT diet, they can feel joyful, optimistic, and relaxed.


Suzie: When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?

Alessandra: I began getting published as a journalist in my first year of college, at age 18, but I’ve been writing since the third grade.


Suzie: Can you tell me about the professional endorsements you have gained for this book?

Alessandra: I initially had a few doctors take a look at the manuscript and research, and they confirmed that I was onto something big. After publishing the Sneak Preview Edition to start getting the word out, I began to gather real-life testimonials from people who are on the diet and on the road to transforming their appearance to the direction of hotness. I was asked to appear on a popular reality TV show called 'Dr. Miami' because the doctor’s wife was on my diet and was losing weight even though he saw her munching on potato chips day and night.

I have all kinds of fans and followers on different social media platforms. They're a pretty engaged audience, and it’s a lot of fun. I also have eager chefs from where I live in swarthy, sexy Miami, who cook up special dishes for my dear audiences. We film demos, they've contributed to the Full Edition that is due out in almost a year, and there seems to be a lot of excitement and support - because this ‘hot diet’ is designed to get you looking hot; and who doesn’t want to be a part of that?


Suzie: How long did it take you to write this book? Were there any struggles and obstacles that you had to overcome?

Alessandra: It took me almost 3 years to delve into the scientific studies and conduct my interviews, and then write and edit the manuscript. My editor and I passed it back and forth quite a bit. I also had to gather some recipes from local chefs and hopped around Miami checking out menus and determining what to include.

It's been less than two months after the flagship book was released. The EAT HOT...LOOK HOT™ Starter Cookbook will soon be out, so it’s been a ton of hard work. That said, I’ve already impacted so many lives, it’s been well worth it!


Suzie: Has your book been translated to other languages? Do you have a widespread international following for it?

Alessandra: Right now, the book is only available in English; although one day I hope to sell foreign rights in non-English-speaking regions. I do have a widespread audience. And this will surprise you; but my book became a bestseller in France a day before becoming a bestseller in the US. About a day later, a directory of top French cookbooks listed EAT HOT...LOOK HOT as a top recommendation - quite the honor, because we all know how much the French love their cuisine.

The book became a category bestseller in France on Day 7 after its Thanksgiving release, and a bestseller in the US the very next day. Next up was Australia, where EAT HOT...LOOK HOT made the bestseller list by mid-December. Then, a few minutes before we started filming for Dr. Miami’s show, I got word that the book had hit the #1 spot in the US in its category; and after the show aired, it hit #1 in its category in Canada!


Suzie: How has the Internet affected your writing, your research, and your relationship with fans?

Alessandra: I use it for all of the above. This book would never have been possible without it!


Suzie:The cover art makes a dramatic statement about the content of your book. Can you tell us something about how it came to be created?

Alessandra: It was a total surprise. The cover designer was brilliant; I can’t take the credit. The only thing I’ll add, though, is that the cover can be misleading in two ways. The first is that it leads men to think this is a book primarily for women - but that’s not true. It’s a weight-loss book for both genders. As a matter of fact, the book discusses how eating some of these foods boosts testosterone and increases male sex drive and stamina. So, men will be getting hot right alongside their leading ladies!

The other misconception I hear quite a bit is that because the model is so ‘hot’ and a reader can never 'look like her,’ that this must not be a book with realistically attainable results. That’s totally incorrect. No one is implying that you or I have to look like my book's cover - that’s why she is a model and we are not. The idea is that you can be a hotter, sexier, more shapely and more confident version of YOU; and that’s what EAT HOT...LOOK HOT is all about.


Suzie: I was amazed at the secret ingredient that you discovered that is the center for the weight loss success in your book. Can you tell us how you came upon this revelation?

Alessandra: By total serendipity; completely by accident! I had only changed my diet in one small way, but I lost 17 pounds in about a month. Once I stopped making this one change to my existing diet, I started slowly gaining back the weight. This led me to the question: what was I doing then that I am not doing now? The answer was obvious; but what I didn’t know at the time was that adding this one ingredient to my food was revving my metabolism like never before, and giving me the sexiest shape of my life! It was only in retrospect, when I Googled it to see if this could really be true, that I got my first big clue. And on that day I decided I would share it with the world to help people struggling with their weight. I knew that I had stumbled upon 'the diet to end all other diets.' In fact, this was the first phrase I recall writing in my notepad, the very day after my big discovery!


Suzie: What do you want readers to take away, once they read your books?

Alessandra: That dieting no longer needs to be the formidable challenge it once was.


Suzie: Are there any plans for future books? If so, what are they, and when can we expect to see them in stores?

Alessandra: The EAT HOT...LOOK HOT™ Starter Cookbook will be released very shortly, and many fans have already put in their orders! The book’s Full Edition, which expands upon the current book, is slated for release on December 31st. There are other, more narrowly-tailored books in the series that are upcoming, as well.


Suzie: Has your book won any awards? If so, what are they?

Alessandra: No, not yet. It’s a new release; but if there is an award for the easiest, most effective and sustainable diet in existence, I think I’ll win that. Sometimes I sit on my balcony late at night and wonder if I can win the Nobel Prize for creating this revolutionary weight-loss plan. After all, some scientific studies that I uncovered describe the key ingredient of my diet as the solution to the obesity epidemic... but my son laughs at me when I wonder about that out loud.


Suzie: Do you see yourself writing another type of book? If so, would you reveal your plot to the world?

Alessandra: Alessandra is a pen name because I have two children’s book series for ages 4-8, and I want to keep my branding separate. I wrote the other series during the past three years, between working on my diet series. The other books represent the Mommy in me. Thanks to my diet, I’m now a Hot Mom.


Suzie: Is there anything you would like for us to know that we haven't discussed?

Alessandra: I’d like to encourage people not to give up on their hopes and dreams and not to be guided by pessimism. This diet is not complicated, and you CAN do it. All big journeys start with one step.


Suzie: How can fans contact you and purchase your book?

Alessandra: They can purchase it nearly anywhere, especially if they live in a modern country. To contact me, the best way is through my website at There, they can sign up for free bonus material and I can simply respond to one of those e-mails. wants to thank Suzie Housley, Alessandra Solis
and Terra Firma Press for the interview.


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