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A Fiction Column
By Vickie Adkins

How Do I Know It’s a Good Book?

     Ever have anyone say, “You ‘gotta read this book?” I sure have. My first question is always, “What’s it about?”

     I almost never ask whom the author or publisher is. I just want to know about its content. Does the storyline deal with something I’m going to be interested in? Is it going to grab my attention?

     What about books that you’ve never heard about? Isn’t it a risky venture to walk into a bookstore and pick up a book you’ve heard nothing about? I sure think so. That’s why I depend on REVIEWS!

     Chances are, someone, somewhere has read this particular book, and hope of all hopes is they wrote a review/opinion. is stocked full of reviews of books written about just about any subject imaginable. I know this because for the past year or so, I’ve been involved with this site in an up close and personal nature.

     Reviewing for has been a wonderful experience. I’ve gotten to know some great authors, readers, and reviewers. Not only do I recommend this site for all of your reviewing needs, I recommend its staff as well.

     I said all of this to lay the groundwork for my next statement. May 16th, I had the wonderful privilege to purchase my own Christian bookstore! A dream come true! Unfortunately, this leaves little time for extra curricular activity, such as reviewing for, and writing this bi-monthly column.

     I am confident that Brenda will find a suitable replacement, and will always be your best bet for Review sites on the Internet. I will miss each of you, and am so thankful for the opportunity Brenda gave me.

     DON’T STOP READING! And of course, visit for all pertinent information regarding books and authors!

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