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By Vickie Adkins

The In-between Season

     It's that time of year, my least favorite. The weather's not actually frigid, so the beautiful snow that had accumulated over the past few months has retreated to messy gray piles. The ground is still frozen, which forces the excess moisture to hoard itself into every low spot across the area. Hello mud. Hello slush. Hello…. mop.

     It's way too early to begin yard work, especially if new grass hasn't had a chance to poke its head through. I'm stuck. I look out the window and wish it were one season or another. If it were winter, I'd have special Holidays to look forward to. I'd already be dreaming of a white Christmas, shopping for gifts, and dragging out decorations. If it were springtime, I'd be anticipating the visit of tiny tulips, or Easter Lilies. I'd be cleaning up lawn furniture, and taking long walks. Instead, I'm repulsively snarling at mud tracks on the driveway, dog paws on my hardwood floor, and on top of everything else, the sun is shinning just bright enough to enhance the dried water spots on the outside of my picture window.

     The in-between season, -- how will I ever survive?

     I know! I'll SPRING into action. I'll read a good book! Maybe even two books, heck, why not three? Okay, okay, I hear you. First I have to catch up the laundry, and pick up the house. Then I need to beat the dust off the table in front of the window, and then mop the traffic areas. But then, then I'll be able to read.

     I'll be swept away to some romantic cottage, or perhaps solve a mystery with the latest forensic technology. I'll laugh a little, maybe even shed a tear or two. But for a while, I'll escape the humdrums that hint at the in-between season. And before I know it, spring will have sprung! Finally, I'll be able to work outside, plant flowers, and watch the grass grow. I'll eventually clean my widows as well. Most importantly, I'll still make time to read.

     Found yourself at that in-between season? Find a good book. Read a classic! Visit your local library or the bookshelf of a friend. Browse through our reviews! That's why we're here.

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