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Behind The Fiction, Past
A Fiction Column
By Michael G'Francisco


This column will present an exercise in Satanic Fiction Writing. I shall attempt to tell an evil tale of a girl I’ll call “Penny Bad”. It will embrace the edges of the genre known as, fictional supernatural.

First: According to The World Book Dictionary the word SUPERNATURAL: (Latin; super-“above” plus nature) refers to entities, forms or phenomena, which are not subject to natural laws, and therefore beyond verifiable measurement.

To relate this tale of evil spawned from two Godlings (small petty deities) I must go back before the time of the biblical Garden of Eden.

Sometime long before the existence of any life, as it’s known today, at the outer edge of time and infinity there were two adherences of the creator floating on cosmos dust. Let’s called them Hem and Haw.

They were full of goodness and frolicked among the stars. Eons passed and all that was good begun to become tiresome to one of the two offspring’s joined as playmates.

Hem began to tease Haw with acts of decampment. Hence, Hem’s obsessive need to torment Haw with this irrational behavior led to the first of the seven deadly sins— Gluttony.

Haw couldn’t abide being alone and would sit upon a mite of emptiness and feel the fear of despair.

Thusly, giving birth to the second deadly sin--- Sloth.
Haw’s myriad of pleas fell banal upon Hem. Time and time again Hem pranked Haw. Haw’s attention held Hem mute. Haw’s curses fell dead upon his immortal self. Haw’s despair turned into hate toward his once joyful playmate. Behold, the birth of the third deadly sin--- Wrath.

Hem, now full of herself pranced about bearing all to taunt Haw, which fostered the fourth deadly sin--- Pride.

Haw took much glee in what he saw and wanted what Hem had brought forth which created the fifth and sixth deadly sins--- Greed and Envy.

Finally, Haw gave into Hem’s covet and they fornicated, creating the last of the Seven Deadly Sins--- Lust. Each of these seven evil deeds eventually was bequeathed to mankind.

In time the creator learned of the mischief his two Godlings had fostered and banished them far beneath him in a place where they were to become mortal. (As when a new particle of matter doth begin to exist---which before had no being; and this we call creation).

This place of banishment was a speck in his vast realm in which he had often placed other creations of his whim.

Its warm core was fashioned from fragmented pieces of exploded reflected mass particles. Wanting to keep a watchful eye on his two Godlings, he gave them forms different from some of his other creations and made them vulnerable to light and darkness.

In punishment for their evil deeds, the Creator also created a cycle of measured time so their existence would wither and they would return to the dust of which they began.

In their new forms they embraced the sights of abundant greenery mixed with an array of the colors of the arc, which hovered above. These strange objects had sweet odors. They pranced and played in the soft carpet of green. When light began to fade they fell upon the softness beneath their feet and pleasured in each other. Their delight of this joining was repeated many times during the star lit darkness.

Eventually, after countless cycles of light and darkness, Hem’s new form began to swell. Then, during one day of light, the fullness of Hem’s new form gave way to a feeling of unjust agony and pain.

Hem forced to remove this misery and gave birth to sounds. Haw behavior became erratic and suddenly from Hem’s body, where he received pleasure, a tiny new form in Hem’s likeness began emerging.

The sounds of Hem and the small connected image harkened the Creator and he cast down an adherent to beseech these sounds. Upon the answer to his query, he appeared to gaze at the tiny image of his two banished deities.

Delighted at this tiny offspring, he passed his hand over the image and a halo of forgiveness, for the sins of the two deities, was given to the new born. The deities on bend knees cast their eyes downward and clasped their hands awaiting yet another scorned from the Creator.

With words upon a gentle breeze, the Creator gave forth a creed to his Godlings for forgiveness, provided their ways of the seven evil deeds were to be mended.

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