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Behind The Fiction, Past
A Fiction Column
By Michael G'Francisco

Is Life Fiction??

At an early age in life some perceive the world that they wish to live in, but are not prepared for what may take place during their lives. It can become a world they do not want to live in. Children, periodically during their formative years, change directions and sometimes tend to imitate an idol or fantasy.

Children only think or reflect a dream of who they want to be. Somewhere between their teens and the age called adulthood they vacillate and can become confused. This can lead to a change in values of external realities.

Modern day psychologists basely are involved in formulating a systematic theory for making sense of what we presume life is all about. That is why they separate life into two categories, heritage and destiny.

Heritage is theorized to be vested within people through a gene pool passed down from generation to generation. This theory is slowly changing because of the many interracial marriages.

Destiny is believed to occur at various stages in life. Knowledge gathered through the many medias enhances thoughts of who they would like to be, which creates fantasies, and some people alter their images to attempt to live out these fantasies. In some cases, they attempt to create their own little world, which is often a far reach from the realm of reality.

Peoples’ life span is called “living” and during this period they have a certain amount of successes and failures. It is reasonable to suggest that they are not satisfied until they have been able to cast their own story. Within this “story” people develop a character.

Character development is a self-presentation of performances in the eyes of others. As people mature, they develop a measure of their inherited genes and begin to form a character by copying from others, or in some cases, unknowing from others. This leads to the components of a personality, which creates outward representations, or performances.

Now, ponder is “living” fiction or life?

Behavioral scientists do not like to stray from the data of real life because of the uncertainty of people’s world of imaginations. Destiny is likening to a stage play, and has very little logic until their entire life or play is over. To quote; Matthew 13:24, “The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which has sowed good seed in his field”.

Could it be, fiction is the sandpaper which takes the hard realities of life and smoothes them out into the sweet times during our existence? To extend that thought contemplate the following:

Everyday we “live” is part of the process in our “life’s” construction. Within this process is the framework that can lead to fiction. Especially, in this century, through the intervention of the United States, life upon this planet seems to be that life is a “given”, which seems to mean they, “should have it all”.

What is it all? To some it’s “freedom” and to others it’s “material things”.

The true answer: It’s all a dreams (fiction) of what other people have or what they can ultimately possess.

Check it out in your own life here in America: Watching certain TV shows, do you want to live the life of the portrayers? Maybe, a cop, a lover, be rich and famous or whatever. As it would seem to people outside of America, they want what we have. Is what we have---fiction?

People are pronged or have a strong desire to be something they are not and this is life’s fiction. In some cases, people tend to lead double lives. Don’t they?

It is true that life ends. It’s the opinion of religious people that isn’t true. They believe that our mortal make-up of “flesh and blood” is only a tabernacle for a “soul” and can’t believe the very obvious---“life ends”. Ecclesiastes-3: 20, “all come from dust, and all return to dust”.

Religious books point out that there is a “ hereafter”. Imagination of a hereafter can cloud the senses in a society of people who wish to believe in a God or a Creator. They seek to “end up” in a heavenly place where all who are good will rest for eternity. This belief or illusion can be quite strong and eradicate common sense. Besides, where can the trillions of people (souls) who have died, be? Again, fiction?

Scholars, worldwide, have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that we are born of flesh and blood. We are probably higher on the evolutionary plain then other animals. Of course, this theory can open a door to many discussions. What is true, people around the globe are born of many colors with certain distinctive features due to climate conditions and areas of birth. Many believe they are in the image of a Creator. Can a Creator look or reflect all of these images?

Now, please, I’m not trying to intervene upon the beliefs of other theories pertaining to this subject. All, I’m attempting to point out is that in all of the vast knowledge and theories collected by scholars about human life---what is really known? According to many writings scientists are still debating their own facts. Why! Because there is a “joker” in the deck of life---the universe! Are there others among the stars?

Easter Island and many other places in the world, through cave wall drawings and giant earth carvings, have shown this planet “may” have been visited by extraterrestrials. Leaving the question where is the biblical creator?

Who knows? Theories and conjectures of our animal species, in reality, are only guesses. This is why; life can be or is in reality---fiction? Then again, what do you think?

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