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Behind The Fiction, Past
A Fiction Column
By Michael G'Francisco


Do we live in a world of “Make-Believe?” You can bet your make-believe life on it, that it does exist. People don’t really believe in themselves. That’s sad, but quite true in most cases. Even the egomaniacs at times falter in their thoughts. Most philosophers will contend that the most powerful weapon in the hands of oppressors is the minds of the oppressed!

How true is that statement? Well, think on this---you can enslave the masses through force in chains and threaten them with abuse, but at some point the slaves are going to realize that they have nothing to lose by ridding themselves of their “masters.”

Gramsci once wrote, “The people must learn to love servitude.” Antonio Gramsci, a Marist thinker and political philosopher, believed that complete control must begin and end in the mind, through make-believe. Without make believe, mind control wouldn’t be possible. All that would be left would be brute force for physical control.

People today find it hard to think freely because of the information control presented by the various medias (TV programs, news channels, radio, magazines and the newspapers) in their every day lives. The last form of freedom of information is the Internet. Free thinkers are rare in today’s society.

We live in a world of “Make-Believe” where people can actually make people believe something is true when it isn’t. No longer do we need to back up our stories with “facts”. They can be made up as we go along. The average American is way to lazy to care about anything but themselves or to attempt to verify the veracity of any piece of written or spoken information.

It has been proven, over and over again, all that has to be done is to repeat a false statement enough times and it becomes “truth”. This is called “Manifest Destiny”. Many writers in Washington are masters at making the general public believe an artificial lie. Reach into your mind and think. Promoters, politicians, celebrities, bankers, big businesses and some teachers have shown us the there is no limit to what the American public will believe.

Today, the combined medias’ attempt to control the masses by writing or telling what they are saying is truthful and accurate even though, in actuality, it is not.

Seriously, why do we live in a world of “Make Believe”? Do the fantasies protect us from fear? No, because we fear the world we live in and it’s easier to create and believe in the illusions of ours minds to hide behind.

It’s said the sweet honey of life’s “Make Believe” comes from the bitterness of truth when it’s diffused. What is true is that a person’s make believe world will not exist for a long period of time. Unfortunately, only a few, entering into adulthood, prepared themselves to dissect the false world and enter into the real world. It’s difficult for a person to wean himself or herself off of what they really want out of their lives.

Sad but true, one of the major problems of the current world is “low esteem and chronic self-deprecation”. People don’t believe in themselves. We live in a false world considering that our every day is full of pretense. This is the norm because the truth isn’t nice and can irritate people so it is concealed.

Take the workplace for an example: We are explained when hired to be cordial to our fellow employees and respectful to those of position and authority. But, nowhere is it more pronounced than in sales. A sales person is trained to be courteous to a customer in this fashion; “The customer is always right”.

In a situation where a salesperson is handling a disgruntled customer that really wasn’t part of the original problem, but is taking the “heat” over the situation, the salesperson’s courtesy creates a make believe situation. The salesperson is creating a false pretense by being nice to the customer, when in actuality really would like to speak his or her mind because of the verbal abuse being taken.

The same holds true in some marriages until one of the two can no longer stand the “Make Believe” situation and a divorce or separation take place.

I guess one of the best examples of a false or “Make Believe” world is in the political field. People whom wish to be elected or re-elected will tell the most ridiculous lies and promises to get votes and raise money. Those whom allow themselves to buy-into their make believe speeches actually enter into their own make believe world.

For the vast majority, most normal lives are mundane up and down situations that never really go anywhere. Unfortunately, today’s world isn’t a world of truth. Where are the traits of the truth and good character? They have been banalized due to the medias.

So, therefore, if we live in a “Make Believe” world isn’t that-----FICTION!

Now, go softly into the night. mgf

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