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Michael G'Francisco

In 2000, Michael switched genres from historical research to fiction and began writing a police crime series featuring a female detective protagonist with a Sherlock Holmes persona. The series is based on a crime investigating unit, dubbed, "Scotland Yard" that existed within the Chicago Police Department from 1921 to 1956.

His third manuscript titled "She's Naked and Dead" is being reviewed by a small publisher. A fifth, a historical chronology of Chicago's mobsters is in skeletal form.

A fourth manuscript, Chicago's Madam of Death, is midway to completion.

Previously, his published works included: a trinity of spiritual poems, four historical souvenir booklets and historical city tours for three major U.S. cities. He also did a stint as a columnist for a Florida newspaper. At present, besides his column with, he is writing political news articles for five web sites.

His relaxation hobbies include: restoring / owning classic cars and raising Angelfish. You are cordially invited to visit his web sites.

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Behind The Fiction
A Fiction Column
By Michael G'Francisco


Author Michael G'Francisco will be discussing all things fiction and presenting the occasional interview.


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Behind The Fiction, Past
A Fiction Column
By Michael G'Francisco

A Salute to the Season of Merry
And recommended reading

Where did the Christmas Holiday of December 25th come from? How did it begin, and why?

The word “Christmas” is derived from “Cristes maesse” and translated means Christ’s Mass for Christians.

Jesus Christ’s Birthday? Or is there more to the beginning of this festive season?

December 25th is truly known as a pagan religious day of celebration long before Jesus Christ was born.

Christmas has origins in ancient festivals celebrated as the nativity of Christ’s birth since around 300 AD, but nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus told us to celebrate his birth. Actually, the vary date of December 25th is quite questionable.

Myth has Christ’s birth in the year 1 C.E. The New Testament gives no date or year for Jesus’ birth. The earliest gospel, St. Mark’s, written about 65 CE (Common Era), begins with the baptism of an adult Jesus, this, perhaps suggest the lack of interest in his birth date by Christians.

In the writer’s research about this hallowed date, he discovered some interesting facts. The first offering of the year of Christ birth was determined by, Dionysius Exignus, a Scythian abbot monk, of a Roman monastery. He determined his findings in this manner:

In the Roman, pre-Christian era, years were counted from ab urbe condita (the founding of the city—Rome). Thus 1 AUC signifies the year Rome was founded. 5 AUC signifies the 5th year of Rome’s reign.

Dionysius discovered that the Roman emperor Augustus reigned 43 years, after that Tiberius ruled Rome. In the writings of Luke (3: 1,23), he recorded that Jesus was 30 years old in the 15th year of Tiberius’s reign. If Jesus was 30 years old during Tiberius’s reign, then, he lived 15 years under the reign of Augustus, which places Jesus birth in the 28th year of Augustus reign.

Augustus, according to history records, ruled in 727 AUC. Therefore, Dionysius put Jesus birth in 754 AUC.

Yet, another Apostle, Luke (1:5) recorded that Jesus birth was in the days of Herod. Herod died in 750 AUC, four years before the year in which Dionysius places Jesus birth.

When it comes to the date (December 25th) of Jesus’ birth, there are also a few doubts.

The De Pascha Computus, an unknown writers document, was believed to have been written in North Africa, circa, 243 CE (The Common Era), places Jesus birth on March 28th. . In 215 CE, Clement of Alexandria wrote Jesus was born on November 18th.

Modern day Professor, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, at the Catholic University of America, estimates that Jesus birth occurred on September 11-3 BCE (Before the Common Era).

All the above research records could cause one to believe that the date of Jesus Christ is--????

Was there a Jesus Christ? Or were there more than one? “To be or not to be?”

Does Scriptures create more fiction than fact?

P.S. This ending period (The Holiday Season) of the calendar year has long been known to be “The lure of profit.” Since the 1870’s, merchants have vigorously promoted this season. Could “Greed” one of the deadly sins could someday overshadow this joyous season?

Other recommended reading:

The Bible Nativity Story by Diana Gray's Ministries
Bible Browser Ezekiel 37: 1-14

Now, go softly into the night. mgf

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