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Turning Dreams Into Reality 
An Interview with Pamela Johnson
By Suzie Housley
March 2002

Pamela Johnson is an author who believes in potential and possibility. These very words continue to fuel her imagination in her story telling as she continues to meld the craft of storytelling with the technical aspects of the writing industry. Writing is much more than just sitting down and typing out a story. One of her favorite sayings comes from creative soul, Pablo Picasso, who said, "I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it."  To her that sums up an authors life in a nutshell.  She does however, tend to be a fan of the HEA (Happily Ever After) there again going back to her keywords of potential and possibility. She loves to write about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary situations. No matter what genre she writes, that is the invisible thread that weaves all her writing together. 

Suzie Housley: What were the mistakes you've made on your journey towards being published?

Pamela Johnson: You mean I'm done? Hallelujah! <g> But seriously--I am not sure that there are any that stand out as "catch all" mistakes that would necessarily help someone else to avoid.  Some mistakes everyone learns, technical aspects, pacing,voice, etc.  Others mistakes are more personal, letting someone tell you how you should write, taking rejection as a sign to quit, being hurt by an undiplomatic book reviewer, all these things are dealt with based on each authors' personality. I almost quit the third day after joining my writers group because of being reprimanded about changing subject headers!  At the time, I was so humiliated and felt so naïve, fortunately I had the sense to write someone and ask them how best to handle the situation (other than to get the S.H. right) she told me something that helped me and that is, "If you want to be an author, then BE one. Think of yourself as an author, behave like an author, refer to yourself as an author."  Basically, be in your own eyes what you want others to see.  Mistakes when channeled properly can turn out to make you stronger.

Suzie Housley: What can you tell us about your upcoming releases? 

Pamela Johnson: McCudahy's Challenge (New Concepts Publishing March 2002) What happens when Caroline Riggs armed with a fresh Masters in Design and a determination to prove herself to her CEO father as an architect, meets Devin McCudahy, the strong-willed Irish head supervisor of her father's new condominium project? How are these two supposed to work together when her  father suggests that she shadow Devin on the job, to gain some practical experience?  This story builds the intricate foundation of a relationship of two very different people and how life's circumstances (or a father's guarded secret) bring  them full circle together again. 

Throw in the disgruntled worker, a crew that bets daily on who will have the last word, add kidnapping to the mix, stir in sensual scenes that will make your toes curl, then include a loyal  great  white Pyrenees and you have the making's of "McCudahy's Challenge" 

White Eagles Lady (Echelon Press July/02) is  set in NE Georgia in fall 1837. It is the story of a young white woman who is saved by a Cherokee warrior during a surprise attack of renegade Indians on the wagon train she is traveling with. Not until later does he realize she is the daughter of the man accused terrorizing of Cherokee villages, trying to run them off their land. Wounded, White Eagle depends on her for his survival, as she must learn to trust that he is not like the those Cherokee that killed the settlers. Both now caught between two world's heading for a cataclysm collision that is not of their making.  The two face many challenges as they travel together, yet will their greatest challenge be what they feel for each other? 

Suzie Housley: You have published in electronic and print formats. Of the two, which one do you prefer? Does it take one longer than the other to be published? 

Pamela Johnson: I'm not sure if I have a preference. I'm one of those who thinks there is plenty of room , quality and market for both. No doubt there is an absolute thrill in holding a paperback in your hand and opening it up to the page where your story begins. White Eagle's Lady will be my first full novel published thus far in paperback. Maybe I should come back and answer this again after I have that! LOL 

The great thing about e-Publishing is that many of the publishers let you push the parameters a bit, that's NOT the technical aspects, mind you. Many folks get that confused, pushing the parameters is not perhaps giving you a formula from which you create a story around, its more , "tell me the story, using your own vision." The good e-Publishers adhere to very stringent guidelines and yes, it can take up to a few months before you hear back sometimes. Sometimes, you may hear back from e-publishers faster and if you are willing to work with an editor (and this holds true for print pubs as well) your story has a greater chance of getting published sooner...maybe..depending...<g> 

This is an issue that I think is going to take years to balance, mainly because of the marketing venues and who controls those venues. In many cases, the issue between e-Publishing and Print publishing has very little to do with the "quality of the writing," but with a new publisher (e-book, audio, small Press) trying to compete in a market  that has been dominated for  so long by one medium of publishing.  When television was invented , moviemakers were skeptical, saying "it would never last"  My motto. "Never say Never."

Suzie Housley: For all of us want to be writers, what advice would you give us to help us get started in making our dreams a reality? 

Pamela Johnson: Write, and then write more. Keep writing and learning all there is to learn about this biz. Never think you know it all, because you don't and anyone who thinks they do, are fooling themselves. Read, and then read more. 

Broaden your scope of author voices, I started out doing book reviews which I  feel helped me considerably to open my eyes to the variety and talent I would have to compete with. Make connections in writer groups, workshops, etc. Connections is a large percentage of this business, but be sincere. Another motto, "You reap what you sow." 

Suzie Housley: What is the most memorable moment you have had in being an author?

Pamela Johnson: Upon the arrival one cold February day of my first shipment of print books, Romancing the Holidays, I had placed the box in the van as I scooted off to get in the "mom line-up" at school. As I waited I opened the box and had this"euphoric silent moment" of validation, you know? But when my eight year-old twins hopped in the van, I said, "Look what mom got today!"  Pleased they wanted to see one I passed it back and as one flipped through the pages, the other one leans over his shoulder and says, "Page 91."  The fact that my kid remembered from the galley which page my story was on simply was a moment I will never forget.

Suzie Housley: Is there anything that you would like your fans to know that we haven’t covered? 

Pamela Johnson: Encourage reading in your homes. Keep reading materials around at all times. Buy my books, those are superb reading materials<g>just maybe not for kids (yet)

 I'd like to mention in closing is readers can find my short stories and novellas at Echelon Press ( On site now is "Images,"(disability romance) "Stranded with Children,"(winter romance) and "Her Captain's Return."(Paranormal )

Coming up in February I have a great Valentine story called, "Love is Patient" and in March a wise little Irish tale called, "Collin McCarthy's Kiss"  Coming up in the next few months I'll have more contemporary romances with a twist, "Internet Connection," "I'll Take Mine in a Kilt." and a little story about the allure of deception called, "A Touch of Heather."

Suzie Housley: How can fans contact you?

Pamela Johnson I love for fans to visit my website and if comfortable, sign my guestbook. My website is:

I can be reached at :

You can also visit Pamela Johnson at The Romance Club


By Pamela Johnson
Echelon Press 
- September 2001
ISBN: 1590800583 - Download / Floppy Disk / CD in Collector Case

Reviewed by: Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com
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Gabe Russell was haunted by the deathbed promise that he had made to his father to do whatever it took to save the family farm.  When the debts escalated out of control, he was powerless to stop the bank from foreclosing on his life’s dream.  Two-year’s later, he was still determined to find a way to regain his home but another new obstacle blocked his path – Tess Graham.

Tess Graham needed to find a place to rebuild her shattered life and regain her self-esteem.  She was the victim of an abusive husband who robbed her of her innocence, money, and heart.  When her supervisor offered her the ideal solution to take up residence at a local secluded farm, she readily accepted. She hoped this new change of scenery would allow her to forget the painful memories that dwelled in her mind.  Upon her arrival, she soon met the former owner, Gabe Russell.  She was surprised to discover the immediate attraction that existed.  Would she have the courage to put her tragic past behind her and discover what secrets the future held? 

Pamela Johnson does a marvelous job in writing UNFINISHED DREAMS.  She masterfully allows her readers to experience the heart wrenching circumstances that consume both of her unforgettable characters.  I was impressed with how effortlessly she was able to have me wrapped up in the story line within a matter of pages.  Talent such as she effortlessly exhibits are a rarity that is not to be missed! 

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