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Christmas Presents and A Final Farewell

    Whenever I think of the month of December, I immediately think of those famous Christmas songs that have become a holiday tradition. It seems like today Christmas has turned into a sellers paradise. The tinsel and glitter radiate from every store window. In the book industry, almost every author one time or another has written some type of Christmas book. The internet is brimming with some of the most interesting sites in the world. Below you will find some of my favorites:

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      Usually, I select either an author or book and feature it here. This month, after much soul searching, I have decided to step away from Beneath the Covers. I feel fortunate that I was chosen as the person to head up this column three years ago. The wealth of knowledge that I have gained, and the authors that I have met, have truly been a blessing

    I have seen my writing interests grow by leaps and bounds over the past years. I have obtained goals that I would have never even dreamed possible and have traveled avenues that I would have laughed at if you had suggested them to me a year ago. Some of my noteworthy adventures this year include being published in the Grand Fork Herald, working as a series reviewer for Romantic Times, and an Acquisitions Editor for Jada Press

     I credit this column, and, for opening my eyes to what actually goes on behind the scenes in getting a book published. When I started, I never really thought about the people who published the books I treasured; to me they seemed like unreachable celebrities. Through Beneath the Covers, I was able to actually able to talk to some of my all time favorites, people I grew up reading their books at a very young age, authors who have brought me unspeakable joy. In addition, I met so many fresh new voices of romance, and I discovered that I had a passion for reading paranormal. Who would have thought?

     It is with a heavy heart that I say the final farewell, but I know the time has come for me to say goodbye. I will still be a part of, but not in this capacity. I appreciate the support of all the readers and family for allowing me the opportunity to journey this creative outlet. A special thank you goes to the owner of, Brenda Weeaks, who has allowed me free reign to explore talents that I didn't even know I had in my possession. I would love to hear from people who have followed my column through the years. Feel free to contact me at and be sure to visit me each month at "Have You Heard"

Warm Regards - and A Very Merry Christmas, 

Suzie Housley

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