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Spring and Romance

       Spring is in the air! Longer days and warmer temperatures reinvigorate flora and fauna alike. Brilliant greens push through frigid white. Hibernations end and mating rituals begin. For many of us, the search for love is often year round, but something about spring heightens our desire to find the other half of our soul.

     I am a romantic who truly believes that, when the time is right, everyone will meet his or her special someone. Until then, I advocate indulging in romantic fantasy. Oh, I know detractors claim the genre sets impossibly high standards for men and only novels guarantee “happily ever after,” but I believe well written romances merely dramatize reality.

     Female readers can find inspiration in heroines. They don’t sit around and wait for life to happen or settle for less than they deem acceptable. These women handle whatever crises come their way, often with enviable grace and fortitude, and they let nothing prevent them from achieving their goals. Their independence, confidence and strength serve them well and oftentimes attract their heroes.

     Male readers, of which there should be more, could learn from heroes. These fantastic guys already know or quickly learn how to behave like equal partners. They support their women without taking control. They prove themselves worthy of a woman’s time and attention by respecting her and treating her like the precious creature she is.

     Everyone can enjoy the settings and plots, which play a vital role in romance’s popularity. Though few, if any readers will wield a sword, meet a vampire or travel through time, we can leave behind the daily grind and get lost in the fantasy. During our journey, we accompany the characters who, rather than running from trouble, turn to each other for emotional support and guidance. Let’s face it, a commitment that promises to withstand every test it encounters is extremely appealing.

     Romance novels are about intimacy, not sex. A hero never shoves his tongue down the heroine’s throat and a heroine seldom gropes the hero on their first encounter. They proceed slowly and get to know each other first. They value the thrill of shared smiles, spoken endearments, gentle caresses, and playful nips long before they consummate the union.

     If your path has not yet crossed your hero’s, take heart. Your day will come. Don’t settle for less than you deserve—the best! If you’ve already found him and he needs a little inspiration, highlight, bookmark or dog-ear the intimate sections and leave the novel where he’ll find it. Treat him like your hero—he may reciprocate in kind.

     It’s spring! Revive your spirit with a sweet or spicy romance!

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Spring & Romance

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