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Introducing Dani Camden

Carol: Who are you? Tell us about you.

Dani: Well, my name is Dani A. Camden. I am 25 years old, an Army wife and a mother of three. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I “came of age”; I guess you could say, in Farmington, Missouri. That’s also where I met my husband, Chandler. And because he is in the Army, we lived for a few years in Hawaii before recently moving to Central Texas.


Carol: What is your educational background in writing if any?

Dani: Unfortunately, I am a statistic! I did take some college but I didn’t finish! I took several specialty writing classes in high school and two in college but that was it.


Carol: The name of your new novel is?

Dani: The name of the novel is Vampire Slayer: One Foot in Darkness. I had actually wanted the title to simply be One Foot in Darkness because I didn’t want anyone to be turned off by the Vampire Slayer being in there, I was afraid it was a little campy. But the publisher had informed me that there was another book with too similar of a title so we went with a meeting of the two.


Carol: Tell us about your novel.

Dani: This novel is very personal to me. It is in all respects the metaphorical story of me. It tells of Emma and Jimmy Hogan; how after suffering through the traumatic loss of their mother, father, sister and also Emma’s right foot, they learn to adjust to this new and dark life. Not only do they have to deal with this terrible loss and the fact that Emma has become a Vampire Slayer, Emma has to come to terms with who she is now: an amputee woman. In a world full of superficiality and AWESOME SHOES (ha-ha) she has to learn to come to terms with the hand of cards life has dealt her. In the midst of all of the inner turmoil she is already facing, a violent evil arrives and threatens our existence. It quickly becomes apparent that if Emma cannot silence her own demons, she won’t be able to find the strength or even mental cohesion to defeat the corporeal demons.

This is where the metaphor lies. I myself am an amputee. Have been ever since I was 14 years old. I actually had to make the decision on my own. After being born with several orthopedic disabilities, I was left with a choice and I chose the amputation. A decision, that I once questioned yet now see that it was the best I ever made, that has shaped my entire life. I fought, and I would be lying if I said that it isn’t still a daily struggle, for years to come to terms with this and learn to love myself for who I am, not what I am made of. Plastic or flesh, it is all me. And so in my novel, the three main characters are the three main facets of my personality personified. Then there are the vampires who represent the evils in me and the evils that tempt or influence me that I want to “slay”.


Carol: Is this your first novel? If not, explain.

Dani: Yes this is my first COMPLETED novel! HAHA!


Carol: Tell us about your publisher?

Dani: PublishAmerica is the home of 20,000 talented authors. PublishAmerica is a traditional publishing company whose primary goal is to encourage and promote the works of new, previously undiscovered writers. Like more mainstream publishers, PublishAmerica pays its authors advances and royalties, makes its books available in both the United States and Europe through all bookstores, and never charges any fees for its services. PublishAmerica offers a distinctly personal, supportive alternative to vanity presses and less accessible publishers.


Carol: Do you have an agent?

Dani: No I do not.


Carol: Why did you decide to write?

Dani: That is a difficult question. To me it would be like asking why do you cook? Well, I have to! If I don’t cook, I don’t eat! I feel the same way about my writing. I can’t let it sit in my head and fester, you know?! I HAVE to let it out. It’s necessary therapy!


Carol: Give us some background on your journey to publication.

Dani: I just started sending it out to anyone and everyone! I didn’t really care who! HA! I just sent it! I got rejection after rejection EVERYDAY! My husband and I had a little joke about it! “Ok when I am done getting the boys ready for school I am going to go read my rejections!” and then one morning as my husband was leaving for work and I had made the same sarcastic statement, he kissed my head and told me this “You may get 500 rejects, but, it only takes ONE to accept!” And sure enough, 45 seconds after he left, I got an email saying “CONGRATUALTIONS!” I swear, I don’t question him anymore! HA!


Carol: What was your reaction when you found out that your book was going to be published?

Dani: Oh boy, elations, hysteria, disbelief?! It was crazy! I ran next door to the neighbor’s while in a night gown and with rollers in my hair! I looked like a loon!


Carol: Tell us about your one most important dream.

Dani: To be happy and fulfilled. And for my children to have the same.


Carol: Are you married and do you have children?

Dani: Yes. I am married to Chandler Camden, an active duty Army medic. We have three awesome children together. Ashton is six, Kessler is 3 and Emma will be 2 on Sunday, June 11th!


Carol: Did you take any writing classes?

Dani: I did take a few and I enjoyed them.


Carol: Who is your favorite author?

Dani: Anne Rice. Plain and simple, no question!


Carol: Are you promoting your book?

Dani: Shamelessly! At EVERY opportunity! By the way GO BUY IT NOW! HAHAHA!


Carol: Would you self-publish? Explain.

Dani: No, because I can’t afford it! HA!


Carol: Have you done any book-signings? If so, what was your experience like?

Dani: I have not done a book signing yet, but I am about to start pounding the pavement to BEG for one!


Carol: How many books to your knowledge have you sold?

Dani: That I do not know yet. It has just become available for early purchase through my publisher’s site.


Carol: Who gives you inspiration to write?

Dani: My husband. Everyday. I don’t think he even knows how much he really does inspire me. He handles, puts up with, takes care of so much that it really inspires me to push through and finish what I start.


Carol: What is your favorite genre of writing?

Dani: Thriller/comedy/drama/horror/action! HAHA! Whatever you would call I write, that’s it!


Carol: What is your favorite voice of writing?

Dani: You know that’s really difficult to day. Because, different stories, scenarios; they really call for a different voice. Sometimes you need one, sometimes you need the other. So, I guess I’ll just say MY voice! HA!


Carol: List the five books you have recently read.

Dani: Hmmm, Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Blood Canticle by Anne Rice, Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice, The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown (of course!) and Blood and Gold by Anne Rice (SHOCK/SURPRISE)


Carol: What is your full-time job?

Dani: I am an admin for a finance/furniture company called USA Discounters.


Carol: Are you currently in college?

Dani: No I am not.


Carol: What success has your book done for you?

Dani: Personal gratification really. It’s actually an accomplishment for my whole family. My husband really took care of everything while I wrote. Not to mention how supportive he was/is. And man did my kids really put with a lot of “Please no juice by the computer!” This is something for all of us!


Carol: Do you feel that your book isn’t selling and you just want to give up writing?
If so, or not, please explain.

Dani: I believe it will do well. It really discusses the importance of self-acceptance and love which is something we all need.


Carol: What is your website for the readers to contact you?

Dani: Or yes absolutely! GO NOW! Ha!


Carol: What is your email address for the readers to write you?

Dani: Yes again!


Carol: What is your favorite voice to write in?

Dani: Emotional. Whatever evokes the reader’s sympathy?


Carol: What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Dani: Yes, my very, very, very favorite quote! The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair. - Mary Heaton Vorse


Carol: Is writing your full-time goal?

Dani: Oh yes! But like Virginia Wolfe said: “A woman needs a quite room and MONEY to be a writer!” So first I have to get some money… HAHA!


Carol: Have you attended any book conferences? If so, tell us about them.

Dani: No I have not.


Carol: Are you in any book clubs?

Dani: Yes! The one I am active in is moderated by a friend of mine. An Author in Great Brittan by the name of Samantha Weaver. She wrote a fantastic and inspiring novel called Saving Samantha. Google it, seriously. Anyway, it’s a yahoo group. All Authors. Great bunch of people, truly.


Carol: Do you have a support system with your writing?

Dani: Yes, My husband. He’s all the support I could ever need!

Dani's book can be found at her website or at

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Introducing Dani Camden

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