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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing Doug Davis...

Carol: Give a short bio about yourself.

Doug: I was born in Glens Falls New York. My mother remarried when I was about nine years old and we moved to Kentucky. After high school, I spent a year in college taking law enforcement. That didn't pan out so I got married and went to work. I have worked many various jobs, but the most interesting things I've done were radio host, drawing a comic strip for several newspapers, writing and performing a parody song on national radio, acting in a few commercials, working as an extra in a movie, having this book published, and now writing short stories for


Carol: Tell us about your motivation to write.

Doug: My motivation stems from the many places I have lived and the various experiences that I or someone I knew had. These events inspired me to write my poetry, but it was my wife who inspired me to submit it for publishing.


Carol: Explain your journey to publication. What was your reaction and how has it changed your life?

Doug: My wife was cleaning the house one day. When she got to cleaning up around my desk, she remarked that I should do something with my poetry because it was just lying in a pile. I told her that she could just put it in a folder and slide it in a drawer or something in order to get it out of her way. She said, No, I mean it's pretty good and you should do something with it, try to get it published or something. I told her that my poetry was okay, but I didn't think anyone would want to read it. Finally, she talked me into it. I submitted my poetry and voila, my book was published. Needless to say that I was excited. Poetry is a hard sell these days especially if you are relatively unknown, so It hasn't changed my life any...yet.


Carol: Describe your current book.

Doug: My book of poetry is an eclectic mix of styles and topics. It will make you angry, cry, think, and laugh. I wanted to write something that was clever enough for a die hard poetry fan, yet simple enough to read for everyone. I think that I accomplished this pretty well.


Carol: List your other books, and describe them.

Doug: This is my first book. But, dependent upon its sales, I have two more manuscripts already finished and waiting.


Carol: Who is your one favorite author?

Doug: I know it will seem cliché'....but Stephen King is my favorite. I love horror stories, and his stuff is so...out there!


Carol: What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Doug: Never give up! And if you are serious about writing, be careful because you will be your worst critic. I know a lot of people who practically destroyed what they wrote by over examining it. If you write something that you think might be good, let someone read it. Get a fresh perspective. Take any criticism into consideration. Go back and fine tune your work, then let someone read it again. This will help you to deliver the quality of writing that is expected.


Carol: What is your genre of writing?

Doug: I like to write poetry and fictional short stories along the lines of the Twilight Zone.


Carol: Where do you want to take your writing in the future?

Doug: I hope to continue to write poetry, but I would also like to write a lot of successful short stories and eventually compile those into books as well.


Carol: What are your favorite writing websites if any?

Doug: I really haven't had the time to visit a lot of websites due to my day job. But I do use the 'Author's Den' and a few others.


Carol: Do you like writing short stories, novels, poems or novella? Which is your favorite and why?

Doug: I like writing poetry as a way of expressing some of my opinions and observations. I like writing short stories due to the freedom of imagination that it gives me.


Carol: Are you in any book clubs?

Doug: No


Carol: What is your opinion of your current publisher and would you recommend them to others?

Doug: I give them credit for giving me the opportunity to get my book out there. Most big publishing houses won't even look at you anymore unless you are some political expert, a celebrity who writes a tell all book, or unless you are already an established writer. But they gave me the chance to be heard so to speak, and didn't charge me money to do it. Although they could do a little more on the promotional end.


Carol: Would you self-publish and why or why not?

Doug: I probably would-if there were no other alternatives. I wish that the major publishers were a little less stuff shirted, but I won't let them deny me from writing for the enjoyment of others.


Carol: What family member, if any, supports your writing?

Doug: Fortunately, all of my family members support my writing. But my wife and my mother are my biggest supporters.


Carol: Have you done any book signings? If so, what was the result?

Doug: I have done a couple of book signings. They had small turnouts, but any is better than none.


Carol: What are your marketing tools for your books?

Doug: I use information packets, bookmarks, and any free advertisements that I can find.


Carol: Give us your website and email address where we can purchase and check out your work.

Doug: My websites are at: and I can be reached


Carol: Did you attend writing classes, and if so, what is your opinion on writing seminars, degrees, and workshops?

Doug: I didn't attend writing classes. As a matter of fact, back in high school I didn't even like English class. I hated doing book reports and essays. Yet, I always enjoyed writing things that I wanted to write.


Carol: What are your other hobbies?

Doug: I enjoy many hobbies like: cartooning, song writing, singing, and the paranormal.


Carol: What is your favorite voice to write in and why?

Doug: I'm not sure what you mean, but I love to write short-fiction stories because they are only limited by my own imagination. My poetry (on the other hand) speaks of emotions, faith, and the topics that most people are afraid to talk about in this politically correct society.


Carol: Do you want to write full-time or are this just a hobby for you?

Doug: I would love to write full-time. If that is what the future holds for me, then I promise to do my best to entertain and inspire my readers for years to come.


Carol: In reviews of your books/short stories, etc., is the feedback positive or negative?

Doug: I'll tell you this...Everyone who has read my poetry and/or short stories has had great things to say. As a matter of fact, I still feel a sense of pride yet somewhat embarrassed when people tell me how good they thought my writing was. Even if I never make a lot of money from writing, It's people like my readers that make it all worthwhile.


Carol: Do you have an editor?

Doug: My publisher supplied the editor.


Carol: Do you have an agent?

Doug: I don't have an agent at present, but I would like to. It seems that finding one, who is reputable and will represent a new-comer, is almost as hard as getting published in the first place. Do you know of any?


Carol: Of all your books/short stories, what is your favorite and why?

Doug: I have a poem titled 'Footprints In The Snow' that I really like because it came from a feeling of desperation that I have felt around the holidays. I find that writing these emotions down is very therapeutic.


Carol: Where can your books/short stories be purchase?

Doug: My book is available everywhere books are sold, either in-store or as special order. The short stories are available at Amazon dot com. Simply search Doug Hollywood Davis.


Carol: What is the message you want to send out with your books?

Doug: I would like to send the message that: It is okay to think, to be independent, and to not follow the path that is expected by the rest of the world. Be yourself, and believe that there is hope for us. As a people, we must let go of labels and prejudices. We must learn to live in harmony with the world around us. Only then, can we truly be free.


Carol: Is non-fiction and historical something you want to write in the future?

Doug: There are plenty of competent people whose expertise can more than fill that role.


Carol: Is science-fiction, romance, or mystery a genre you’d like to pursue?

Doug: I wouldn't mind writing science-fiction and mystery novels. As a matter of fact, I have a mystery that I am toying with at present.


Carol: What kinds of books do you like to read?

Doug: I enjoy reading books by Stephen King, and I also enjoy reading about true hauntings.


Carol: What is your full-time job?

Doug: Right now I supervise security for a surface mine. Long hours with not much to do afford me time to write.


Carol: If God gave you three wishes what would they be and why?

Doug: If God gave me three wishes, I would wish for the elimination of world politics because it is the politicians who cause wars and strife in economies. The people of the world can get along just fine together. We (people of the world) are not the ones who are trying to take over other countries or force our religions and/or politics on others. (We) simply want to live in peace and harmony with our friends and neighbors. I believe that if we gave a big BBQ dinner and told the people of the world to bring a dish, they would be there with bells on. The second wish...For everyone to be equal. If we all were equal, then there would be no poor, no hungry, no rich and powerful. There would be no people walking around thinking that they are better than everyone else. The third wish...the elimination on evil. Do away with the drugs, rapes, murders, kidnappings, gangs, and any other incarnation of evil in the world so that we could once and for all live in peace.


Carol: Tell us about your upcoming books and events.

Doug: I have a two manuscripts waiting right now. One is a book of stories-poems-and tongue twisters for kids titled: 'Franks And Beans'(working title). The other is my second collection of poetry titled: 'Still Waters'(working title as well). I do not have any events lined up in the near future, but I am hoping that will change.

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