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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Recommended Readings for
A Rendezvous of Romance…

Thanksgiving and Christmas reminds me of romance as we get together with our loved ones and celebrate another year full of sorrows and joys. The holidays, is a time to curl up with a good book as you get into the holiday spirit.

I find myself focusing on reading more romance during this time of the year and letting the essence of couples finding love against all obstacles woe me into a feeling of gladness and belonging.

Here are a few books of romance that I’ve read in this year, and enjoy the ride of romance as you celebrate love with some very excellent books…

by Crystal Hubbard

Love at first sight between interracial couples.

Dreaming of You
by Francis Ray

A story of love, lust and friendship.

The Fires Within
by Beverly Clark

Take a ride with Pandora Cooper and her quest for love.

Many Shades of Gray
by Dyanne Davis

Two opposites who attract and the baggage that comes along for the ride.

Irresistible You
by Francis Ray

A mother’s matchmaking to find love for her son.

In Bed with her Boss
by Brenda Jackson

Mixing business with pleasure.

A Time for Hope
by Maxine Billings

Faith is always the key in finding love and believing in it.

Bungalow 2
by Danielle Steel

A marriage is on the rocks.

Perfect Passion:
Heart's Desire \ A Magical Moment \ The Look Of Love

by Monica Jackson

Three love stories in one book of romance.

A Legal Affair

by Maureen Smith

Love legal style.

Her Secret Life

by Gywnne Foster

A hot new romance until secrets is revealed.

Love Becomes Her

by Donna Hill

Michael Stevens is a millionaire and he wants what he wants in the name of Barbara Allen. Will Barbara kick Michael to the curve or give him what he wants?

Hideaway Sag

by Rochelle Alers

Passionate Hearts:
For Always \ Forever After \ All The Love

by Bette Ford

Not His Type
by Chamein Canton

Love comes in all shapes and sizes even for a superstar. From the first moment his eyes captivated Cathy Chambers, Marcus Fox is in love. This is the best book ever as it celebrates the full-figure woman, a story of romance in the right type.

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Recommended Readings for
A Rendezvous of Romance…

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