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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing… Steve Aiken

Carol: Give a short bio about yourself.

Steve: I am a father of 3 daughters, married for 25 years (to the same women) I have 4 grandchildren. I am a former Police Officer, a Personal Bodyguard (retired) for 22 years, former Radio Talk Show Host and Congressional Campaign Manager. Now I am a preacher.

Carol: Tell us about your motivation to write.

Steve: I hope the horrible experiences I have had in my life will help others overcome obstacles in their lives.

Carol: Explain your journey to publication. What was your reaction and how has it changed your life?

Steve: I tried every publisher I could think of BEFORE I went with Publish America. I donít know that it changed my life, but my experience with them has been fairly good.

Carol: Describe your current book.

Steve: From my web site: Written to help the Christian who has been hurt or wounded in a church or Christian organization, this is my fourth book: There Will Be No Rescue. Allow me to clarify. My first three writings were more like booklets. A childrenís book that I co-wrote, a booklet to help parents struggling with rebellious teenagers, and finally an expose of a religious cult being taught in public schools.

As a former police officer, bodyguard, D.C. lobbyist, and radio talk show host, I tell the story of my life with a self-help approach I hope, will†encourage the reader.

From the pinnacle of success to absolute ruin and public scorn; from breaking my neck to coming back later and winning a state racquetball championship; and from running the most heated congressional campaign in the country to losing almost everything in our lives again, my wife and I hold nothing back in sharing the†biblical life lessons we have learned.

Carol: List your other books, and describe them.

Steve: My first book was called Satanism, Sacrilege, Silly or Serious? And was a guide to help Parents whose teenagers became involved in Satanism and the Occult. My next book was an exposeí of a curriculum being taught in Public schools that I objected to on the basis of the fact that it was teaching religion. My third book, I would prefer not to mention.

Carol: Who is your one favorite author?

Steve: Frank Peretti.

Carol: What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Steve: Keep writing and donít stop.

Carol: What is your genre of writing?

Steve: Christian.

Carol: Where do you want to take your writing in the future?

Steve: I think anybody who writes books to "make money" is fooling themselves. If you donít enjoy it and others donít read it you are wasting your time. IF, on the other hand, you do one day make some money, all the better!

Carol: What are your favorite writing websites if any?

Steve: Donít REALLY know any.

Carol: Do you like writing short stories, novels, poems or novella? Which is your favorite and why?

Steve: I like writing things that are true, reporting or investigating for the benefit of others.

Carol: Are you in any book clubs?

Steve: No.

Carol: What is your opinion of your current publisher and would you recommend them to others?

Steve: Publisher America has a bit of a reputation, (a bad one) but my experience has been good over-all with them. If young writers enter an agreement with them with the clear understanding that they themselves must take responsibility for marketing their book, Publisher America is great. In fact, they are better than "Self publishing" which I had done with my first two books. I also think Publish America is ahead of their time. I believe more and more publishers will eventually go the way of PA.

Carol: Would you self-publish and why or why not?

Steve: I did and because of hard work marketing, I was reasonably successful. I sold about 14,000 copies of my first book and 7,800 of my second. My third book was written almost 10 years ago and is still selling today at a rate of about 900 per year.

Carol: What do you think of the black writers today?

Steve: Iím white, but that should not disqualify me from answering the question. The black community has unique perspective on a lot of things, things only other people of color can relate too. On the other hand, in the general arena of literature I agree with Dr. King when he said: "it is not the color of a manís skin that matters, but rather it is the content of his character."

Carol: What family member, if any, supports your writing?

Steve: My wife and children all seem to enjoy the tremendous effort I put in my writing.

Carol: Have you done any book signings? If so, what was the result?

Steve: None / never, Iím afraid nobody would show up : )

Carol: What are your marketing tools for your books?

Steve: Press releases, web site, e-mails, word of mouth and speaking engagements (Mostly to churches)

Carol: Give us your website and email address where we can purchase and check out your work.


Carol: Did you attend writing classes, and if so, what is your opinion on writing seminars, degrees, and workshops?

Steve: None, I was too busy learning stuff to go to college!

Carol: How are your other hobbies?

Steve: My grandchildren and racquetball.

Carol: What is your favorite voice to write in and why?

Steve: First person, me. Cause I know what I want to say.

Carol: Do you want to write full-time or is this just a hobby for you?

Steve: Just a hobby

Carol: In reviews of your books / short stories, etc., is the feedback positive or negative?

Steve: Polarizing. People either REALLY love this book, or they hate it!

Carol: Do you have an editor?

Steve: No, I wish I did.

Carol: Do you have an agent?

Steve: Kind of, but heís useless.

Carol: Of all your books / short stories, what is your favorite and why?

Steve: My current book, cause it is the true story of my life, with a self help twist.

Carol: Where can your books/short stories be purchased?


Carol: What is the message you want to send out with your books?

Steve: No matter how bad things get in your life, there is always hope; donít ever give up on yourself.

Carol: Is non-fiction and historical something you want to write in the future?

Steve: Never say never, but I doubt it!

Carol: Is science-fiction, romance, or mystery a genre youíd like to pursue?

Steve: I like reading sci-fi but writing it is better left to people more qualified than I.

Carol: What kinds of books do you like to read?

Steve: Educational / Political

Carol: What is your full-time job?

Steve: Retired

Carol: If God gave you three wishes what would they be and why?

Steve: That others would come to know His Son Jesus, as I do, that He would come back soon and that there would finally be peace on earth forever!

Carol: Tell us about your upcoming books and events.

Steve: NO events planned yet, but the new book will be out in about a week!

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Introducing… Steve Aiken



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