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Beneath the Covers, Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Pleasure Seekers

When I think about celebrating the real meaning of love, I think of romance. I think of couples coming together as one, and sharing their love. There were so many weddings this year, so this will be a first for all the married couples of 2007 and now 2008; marriage being the center being of romance. What a great present than sharing your love with each other and bringing happiness to everyone around you. What a gift indeed!

In the reign of romance I think of books, and books are the gifts for me, and the essence of my soul. I was thrilled to read a book by Rochelle Alers, Pleasure Seekers. I remember buying this book and reading a few pages, and then putting it down because I thought it was another erotic sex book. Then I purchased a MP3 Player, and ordered the book again on my player, and listened to it, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The writing is superb and the characters are characters you could relate to. Ingrid, Alana, Marcus, Bart, Faye, and Irene, makes up Pleasure Seekers. These women and men are drawn together when they join an escort club for men, the owner of this business being Ingrid.

This book isnít about sex, but about women being companions for mostly older men and men in general. Most of the men are looking for decorations for parties and someone to talk too. I could relate to being lonely and this is why I was attracted to this book. Faye, Alana, and Irene was successful women, but not in love, of course. This was a way for them to meet men, and hopefully, meeting the right one; rich men who have plenty of money to spend, and why not spend it on gorgeous and beautiful women?

I related to Faye, and was thrilled when all her dreams came true. She was successful but she was missing the love of a good man, and she found him at Pleasure Seekers. Alana had a tragedy happen to her and Irene had to figure out who she wanted in her life, and where she was going.

Pleasure Seekers takes you to Manhattan, Paris and to Southampton, and if you never visited these places before you can definitely take a ride with Rochelle Alers as she makes you believe that you are in the center of Paris. Again, the writing is superb.

Pleasure Seekers covers loneliness, men, love, race, happiness, money, values, violence, friendship, identity crisis, reality, and romance. I read a lot of books, and this one is on the top of my list for a great book. I loved it from the beginning to the end, and listening to it on audio, I was able to listen to it three times, and enjoy the ride.

When you are buying gifts for all occasions, turn on your computer and click on, or any online bookstore, or regular bookstore, and purchase this delightful and romantic story of three women and their quest for happiness. Buy this book and take a romantic ride with me, and Rochelle Alers...

If you enjoyed Pleasure Seekers, then please check out Rochelle Alers other books:

  • Long Time Coming - June 2008.
  • No Compromise - October 2008.
  • After Hours - March 2008.
  • Lesson of Low Country Summer - May 2006.
  • Island Bliss, Four Novellas - Feb 2002.
  • Homecoming - November 2002.
  • All My Tomorrows - August 2005.
  • Secrets Never Told - July 2003.
  • Hideaway Legacy - Marcy 2007.
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  • Dellaís House of Style - July 2000.
  • Strangers In My Arms - April 2007.
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  • Happily Ever After - October 1994.
  • Four Degrees of Heat - March 2004.
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  • Going to the Chapel - June 2001.
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  • My Loverís Keeper - January 2001.
  • The Long Hot Summer - December 2005.
  • Rosieís Curl and Weave - February 1999.
  • A Younger Man - June 2005.
  • Holiday Cheer - December 1995.
  • Hideaway Saga - April 2004.
  • Harvest Moon - November 1999.
  • Summer Magic - May 1999.

As you can see from the long list of books that Rochelle Alersí is an author to literally check out. Sheís a mountain of talents, and her listed books are proof of her success. So when youíre relaxing from a bubble bath, a nice glass of wine, and soft music, settle back with Pleasure Seekers, and afterwards, the many books of Rochelle Alers. You will be pleased that you took a ride with Ms. Alers. I am and then some!

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Pleasure Seekers



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