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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

The Reader, Writer...

I have to admit that I am a lover of books. I spend most of my life in stress, and when I pick up a book, it knocks the stress against the wall, kicks it, and then bans it from my life, forever. I read contemporary, general, but mainly romance, which is the key to the lock on my door, and the peanut butter, to my jelly. I love romance, and there’s no ands, if, and buts about it.

Almost loving the written world, especially the BIBLE, I also like writing the written word. I find myself writing short stories all the time about love and romance, and relationships dealing with happily ever after, and reality. The way my creative juices flow, surprises the heck out me in more ways than one. I find watching the news, the most depressing thing to do, and I need to find somewhere to escape from the agonies of the real planet.

Books are the key to our kingdom, educating us, and showing us that millions of people share our stress, problems, issues, and grief. My father just recently passed away, and the pain is almost unbearable to think about. He was sick, and he’s in a good place, but I miss him more than I thought possible. I’d give anything to see his smiling face, but I will in the next life. This is why books are my destiny and probably yours too.

One day in 2004, I decided to venture into some writing of my own with my introduction of the "I Confess" series. These are short stories about love, romance, issues, relationships and the real earth in short story format. I couldn’t find many books with this kind of short story genre, so I decided to focus on reading, and then writing to my heart's content.

I Confess
A collection of twenty-two confession short stories about cheating, finding Mr. Right, interracial romances, affairs on the job, living large, and the list is endless. "Bells and Butterflies," "Lies by Association," "Rejection," "You Cheating Dog," "Native New Yorker," "The Religious Experience," and so on...

I Confess 2
A collection of twenty-two confession stories about the realities of life, and living with romance... "Desperate Housewives," "Battered Love," "Horrific Moments," "Survival," "Faith," "My Perfect Husband," "Sexual Desires," "Reasons," and many more...

I Confess 3
More Confession short stories of love and romance such as "May 13th," "Chicago Blues," "Fashion Plate," "Death by Default," "Lies and Secrets," "Torn Between Two Lovers," "Truth Is," "Payback is a Bitch," "Sex Games," "Internet Style," "Sashi or Toni," and many more... (coming soon)

The joy of reading books from other writers is my passion, but I have more passion in my writing style, the way I put my creative mind into action with my writings. I am devoted and admired of the "I Confess" series, and will hopefully bring my world of books to other readers to enjoy my stories, as much as I enjoy writing them. "I Confess 4-7" has been created, and will make its debut soon, but right now, take a romantic ride with me and enjoy my readings of love and finding romance all over the place and then some. Escape into stories that hit home, and relate to your personal experience. Laugh and cry, and shout for joy in the name of romance. Take a break from the shootings and dying all around us and pick up a book, any book, to manifest your mind, and encourage your romantic tendencies.

Romance is the key to an everlasting relationship with the written word. A book is elemental for the mind and the soul, and I have three just for you. Why not take a ride with me!

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The Reader, Writer...