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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Another Year...

May 13th, and itís my birthday. Yee! Yee! And double Yee! I am so thrilled to be having another birthday because last year was the pits and then some. I am looking forward to my 47th year on this earth. I should state that my sister and I are looking forward to our 47th year on this crazy earth. As you can guess, I am a twin.

Birthdays havenít been that special to me, meaning I didnít plan a trip or something exotic like a cruise after being blessed to see another year. When I was working I used to take a week off for my birthday, but I am not working that much, so I am off by default.

Last year, I had planned to go to New York City for a couple of days this year, but since my health hasnít been the grandest thatís out of the question. I am feeling magnificent right now, so I am eager to write this column. I actually look forward to my birthday, my late mother, my sister, daughter, niece and brotherís birthday too. The month of May is a birthday celebration for my family.

On May 13th, I will rise up, and thank God for letting me see another day amidst my health crisis. I am alive, and well, and thatís the bottom line. The family will celebrate, later on that day with a birthday celebration for us all at Famous Dave's, a restaurant on Harlem in Chicago, Illinois. If you want some great muffins, and barbecue, this is the place to go. They have the best rib tips in the world, and then some. We will have drinks, and just commemorate on being alive and well, and toasting to our love ones, who are in heaven, waiting for the world to join them. It will be a rejoicing of thrills and sorrows, but again, weíre all together and thatís the main point.

Every birthday I tell myself that I will be closer to achieving my goals, and making them a reality. I have to admit that I am still on that path, but closer than ever. I know maybe next year, this will be it, if Iím blessed to survive. I have to be thankful for every day of my life and my birthday is like a renewing of my soul. I believe I am closer to God, and we talk all the time. I have to, itís imperative, mandatory, and a reality, to have a relationship with God. I am not one hundred per cent there, but I am making an effort. I have a long way to go, but I feel a bond and closeness. I know God has answered my prayers and my prayers for others, and he will continue to rain on my parade in a lot of positive ways. I know without God, thereís nothing, but with God, all things are possible. I am a living witness.

So on May 13th, I will conquer this day with a positive attitude, and enjoy another year of my life. 47 is only a number because I am getting older, but I am also getting better. I have some triumphs in my life, writing this column, and hopefully I can start reviewing again. I miss reading, but I will get back to my passion. I wonít let anything destruct in my path, and that means an illness, pain and suffering. I donít think so!

Happy Birthday to me, and my sister, and the many others who share May 13th. I wish us all success in our lives, and our goals; and I look forward to next year so I can do this all over again.

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