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Beneath the Covers,Past
A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Introducing….Romance Christian Style

With the death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, it brings to mind for me God and the relationship of my life with him. If I died would I know that I was going straight to heaven? I wonder if the same thing or thought entered Mr. Jackson’s mind when he was taking his last breath. Did he believe in God, or was he afraid of dying? I don’t know why Michael Jackson died, but I do know that it’s time for me to focus on the main thought that, ‘LIFE IS SHORT’ and we don’t have time to fool around.

If I died today I want to know that I am on my way to heaven to meet God and others who are already present. This brings to mind romance, and the right way to find that heaven rainbow. I need to focus more on the spiritual side of life, and not the material or the attributes and contributions it brings.

Michael Jackson is gone, and his millions or lack of them, his mansions, and children are left behind. What did it all mean? He enjoyed his successes while he was here, but now his family and some friends will be fighting over his children, mansion and his money. The “King of Pop” is gone.

I want to focus on the romance of reading and the Christian beliefs of reading. There are books out there who have a spiritual and Christian background to make us realize that life is just on loan to us, and we need to get our minds and bodies ready for the spiritual being and the world beyond. The golden egg of heaven.

I find myself, when I have the energy to read, focusing on “The Finest in Christian Fiction.” Books like:

These books have that scripture for romance in the real world of reality. It gives you a taste of God and what he can do for you. The temptations that are present and the spiritual way you handle your business. There is an enticement of wrong, but there’s also an inducement of making the wrong/right choices, and having to settle for help from the almighty God to get you out of the situation when you make the immoral choices.

Of course the BIBLE is the number one book to read and focus on God. The scriptures will motivate and guide you to making those right choices and living the Godly way!

The authors of these loving and spiritual stories give you an insight of their troubled lives and how they handle their issues, on their own, which enabled more trouble issues; the grace of believing that God is the only answer to your prayers, and he’s the center of your universe. Without God, there’s nothing.

I pray and hope that Michael Jackson is at peace and that he knew God, and he was forever a presence in his life. I wish Mr. Jackson eternal happiness and plenty of serenity, and stillness as he takes his new journey.

My prayer to everyone is to pick up one of these fine Christian novels where romance is the key, but the everlasting faith of God is the only conquest we need to survive this world of pain and suffering; mixed with so much violence, and plenty of health issues and diseases.

Take a ride with “The Finest in Christian Fiction” and you may just realize that it’s not fiction after all, but the true kingdom of facts ever present in our lives, where God does exist…

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