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By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

"I Confess"

I Confess 
							   by Carol Ann Culbert Johnson In the midst of the health issues that are plaguing me I find myself thinking about my first book I ever published. Why, I donít really know, but having a lot of time to think about my forty-six years, almost forty-seven years in May, I contemplate why this is happening to me, and what is my purpose in life? I was born for a reason, and I want to know why.

I remember growing up loving to read, and then writing my short stories about romance, my passion, and two people falling in love and finding their soul mate under the stars of the rainbow. What a treat, to know the person you want to spend the rest of your years with, someone to love and cherish, grow with, argue with, make love with, and die with. This is the ingredient of romance novels, and they are still my obsession.

I Confess was my first baby so to speak. On my journey to finding publication, I Confess came to life, and it brought my dreams to the surface in more ways than one. I am now a published writer. I donít feel like one for many reasons, and maybe this is a good omen for me.

I have many books written since then, but due to the devil in my existence, I find myself not thinking about my next book, or focusing on the other ten that have been written with my blood and tears. I am a published author/writer, but again, I donít feel it. Why?

So spending a lot of time thinking, and sleeping, and sleeping and then thinking, I find myself focusing on I Confess, that novel of electric and magical short stories about the realities of the world, and the beginning of my writing dreams. As I fast forward to checking my email one day, and seeing the letter that has changed many writers' lives, I thought I was going to die from the shock. A mild heart attack was on my surface, and I read this particular email more than one hundred times because I was literally in shock. This couldnít be happening to me. I had over twenty rejections for I Confess, so there was no way my dreams were coming true.

My boyfriend at the time was with me when I received that all-important letter, ďI want to publish your book. I love it,Ē the editor wrote. My heart started palpitating out of control, and I felt faint. I thought I was literally going to die on the brink of getting my book published. Can you imagine the thrills and other sensations running all through my body? Itís like a powerful orgasm, many of them, as your heart begin to tick like a time-bomb, and you think this is the end... I am going to see my mother, father, grandmother, and plenty of other relatives in heaven, sooner than later. What a twist of faith!

Anyway, I didnít die, and my dreams came true, and I was a writing celebrity as the publishing process entertained and frustrated me, but in the end, the most gorgeous book cover, and my words came onto life on December 14, 2004, and my writing dreams became a reality. How could I ever forget such a blessing as that day? What is literally wrong with me?

I know, the stresses of the world seize us, and we forget about the things that brought us joy, along with our trials and tribulations. I Confess has put a smile on my face as I am writing this column, and itís going to continue to remind me what I accomplished in my life, and the many journeys I still have in the publishing industry. I have more stories to tell, and more books to see published. I canít let my health or anything deter me from my heart palpitating in a very good way.

So I am re-introducing I Confess to my readers, and hopefully the world, where you can divulge in something romantic and worth-while to chase away the headaches that control you when youíre trying to survive every which way you can. I Confess is twenty-two short stories of romance, mixed in with some reality along the way. So take a ride with me, and my website at and sally on to I Confess. I guarantee, and I promise, you will not be sorry. The short stories are: "Lies by Association," "Bells and Butterflies," "Living Large," "The Tease," "The Ice Beneath the Fire," "The Five Day Separation," "I Slept With My Sisterís Husband," "The Religious Experience," "In Love With An Older Man," "Parting In Sweet Love," "The Jailbait," "Native New Yorker," "Business Love," "Iím A Slave For You," "You Cheating Dog!," "Exeís," "Twenty-Two Years Later," "Not Until Iím Married," "Iím Forty and Heís Eighteen," "Emailing Love," "Military Love," and "He Proposed."

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