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By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

An Interlude of Historical Romance...

A novel set among actual events involving a particular period of history... historical reminds me of ancient times, and not 2010, which is the modern world, much more my style, of course. It's the same element as with vampires, which I don't exactly care for, but less dark and more open, of course. As with Vampireland, I want to explore Historical-land in the form of romance, which is more my cup of tea.

I remember a long time ago reading a series of historical novels by a very talented writer, Rosemary Rogers. Okay, I have to admit that I did read historical novels, once upon a time, (hey, I forgot, so don't shoot me...)

Rosemary Rogers's latest novel is Bound by Love, and they've also just re-released one of her first titles, The Wildest Heart. The Wildest Heart introduces Rowena and Lucas and their turbulent ride through sexual liaisons and struggles. Written in the first person, the book is 736 pages, and full of romance, which is of course my passion. Bound by Love deals with dukes and royalty of Russian descent. Stefan and Leonida embark on a very dangerous ride where espionage and deceit relay into a romance novel where true love is both the goal and the ultimate sin. Out of all the historical authors taking center stage, Rosemary Rogers is the one who has captured me. I don't read historical romance often, but when I do, Ms. Rogers wins hands down.

So historical romance is just affection and a love story in a historical setting and style; are you interested now? When you read a historical romance novel there is a uniqueness that goes along with the form of historical culture it's set in. There are a lot of history lovers who are glued to the romance novels of this genre.

If you love dukes, the rebel and the lady, the midnight man, the wicked and the rustler, unmasking, seduce me at sunrise, the edge of desire, the king's champion and any of the many more such things, then guess what—historical romances are right up your alley. Try a Rosemary Rogers novel, which will wet your appetite, and keep you spell-bound and captive.

Historical romance is about the history of world war II, the dark ages, medieval times, the Tudor period, the Elizabethan period, the Georgian period, the era of pirates, and the Victorian period. If these kinds of periods interest you, then you are a natural to become a historical romance devotee.

There are so many avenues of romance to pursue, with historical, contemporary, vampire romance, and others, which I will be covering in future months. As for historical romance, try a little reading, and enjoy the ride with a historical saga and going back into time. Here's an excerpt from A Dangerous Man by Rosemary Rogers.

September 1845

"It was always exhilarating on the waterfront, but Victoria Maria Ryan had never visited this section in all her years in Boston. Her first glimpse of the bustling wharves and long-rows of red-brick warehouses and been six year ago, as a frightened, awed ten-year-old sent from her home in California to stay with her aunt and uncle. That arrival remained a vivid memory, but the awe had altered to a keen appreciation."


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