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A Romance Column
By Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

Finding Romance in the Land of Vampires

What is going on with vampires and this crush of madness? I just don't understand what is so romantic about vampires. There is a craze on television and in the movies where vampires are taking over the role of romantics. How incredible is this? Can you believe it?

There is a show called The Vampires Diaries on the CW, Channel 9—a mysterious handsome new student comes to Mystic Falls High and he is drawn to Elena and she is instantly attracted to him. His name is Stefan, and he's a vampire, and Elena is mystified by his odd behavior, and his ending up at cemeteries. Stefan has a brother who is also a vampire, and the two are in competition with each other. This makes for plenty of romance between Elena and Stefan, fights, and a lot of mystery added.

I find this fascinating, the romance part, but when I think about the biting of necks, I freeze up, and this is my unattractive nature to vampires. Of course, I am not feeling this, but there are millions of teenagers, and some adults who love this series, and the characters are real to them. Who am I to fight vampires? But my neck being bitten is out of the question, of course! I need my blood, every last drop of it.

There's a craze for murder and death it seems to me, with Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and now The Vampire Diaries. I see the appeal, but why? There's also an author who writes books about vampires. I remember seeing Stephenie Meyer interviewed, and she said that these stories came to her in a dream, and now she's famous for her books which are the Twilight Series:

These books are also movies, and people camped outside to be front and center when the theatre doors opened to see the latest vampire movie. Ms. Meyer is well known for her vampire books, and she's making a lot of money in the process. Again, what is the attraction? Ms. Meyer's website is:

According to—vampires are—"a reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave to bite the blood of sleeping people; a person who preys on others like an extortionist; a vampire bat." These statements sound very scary to me. Why would I want someone to suck my blood so they can live longer, but I'm dead in the process? I don't think so.

But in the nick of things, and the way this earth has embodied the CSI series, and others, vampires are the biggest craze, and people are flocking to the movies to see Twilight and watch The Vampire Diaries on TV. Believe it or not, I am hooked myself because I am following the romance of Elena and Stefan. I can't possibly not watch a romance in the making, since romance is my name, and my game. Of course not!


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